3.7.0e Patch Notes (Restartless)

Everything was fine till last patch. I keep crashing when on change map loading... Win7 64bit 1060 gt
bipola wrote:
MythicsMT wrote:
Still awaiting some acknowledgement regarding Frostblink not being supportable by anything regarding its hit damage.

Did you really test it..? It definitely works with Faster Casting, Inc Duration, Efficacy (chill time) and Intensify (aoe). Also the Arcane Surge buff operates...

Yes, I really tested it. My concern is that the damage is not treated as a hit. Even though it is a single one time application of damage, as far as I can tell, the damage itself is being treated as damage over time in all scaling scenarios.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I'm hopeful it is a bug in functionality rather than a lacking description.

Void Manipulation links with it and increases the damage as an example, but Added Lightning Damage does not.
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You broke something me and other people get disconnected.
its not our isp even ping (50) are fine
also decoy totem aoe is abit too high, waving the whole screen, it even distracts me and with 2 barely can see stuff going on
The game is terribly jerky. Started in barracks and imperial gardens. Almost unplayable. And it started before this patch, but this patch didnt improve it.
I didn not have probs until this league.
pls fix flicker :(
Im still having instances issues..
channeling and movementskills are now broken again...
Still crashing constantly, at least once a map on average.
Permanent crashes and kicks using Cyclone!

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