3.7.0e Patch Notes (Restartless)

still constant crash while trying to kill anything doing a full reinstall but it started crashing non stop once i got to the ledge and try to clear the area and reset. Non playable still at this time
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Ya hate to say it but like i crash like every 10ish mins now....also betrayal still way laggy when the pop out.
Still crashing every 2 minutes just trying to cast spells on packs of mobs. Not doing anything special just throwing spells
Would love to play cyclone in maps, not currently possible due to the "you've performed too many actions..."
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taypan123 wrote:
Fix for "too many actions" when?

Still constantly crashing, at least once in every single map. GGG what have you done.
"Sound Effects" volume fix when?
I know u guys have to put all your effort into legion fixes atm but going forward it would be great if GGG focus's on better enhancing their current features rather than just constantly pushing new buggy content every season. Syndicate is still really laggy and can still crash me if i rush in too fast. You should just do that extra month flashback every season. Give you an extra month to fine tune your oversized patches.
Try predict mode if you crash frequently at changing zone (going into next area, porting to town)

My ping is around 30-50ms and it worked.
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Will the freeze immunity of legion mobs be fixed?

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