[3.7UPDATED] Sidefx Rage Blades! - Berserker Frostblades - Great League Starter!

Hello, I'm Sidefxmayinclde
I played Frostblades since (2.5) (100% fire conversion 2h) I have been making frostblades builds ever since, I asked the community what they wanted and they spoke up! :
so with that said I present the 3.7 version of Frostblades Berserker edition!. This guide will be updated overtime with more information as i progress into the league.

This is the Berserker variant of the original guide - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1848749

Guide is updated with the most optimal gem slots to be using in the Path of building, Sadly most of the new gems do not effect us better then the good on true tried way.

We did make some changes like using Fortify over Melee Phys and Swapping Ancestral Call with Multi for bosses. (Multi is HUGE dps PoB just doesn't calculate the 2 separate hits.

Now the biggest Change to the guide is the ascendancy . We will no longer go Pain reaver or Rite of ruin. As we need attack speed to feel super OP - We are going Blitz charges now over Pain reaver and Carnage over Rite of ruin. We grab leech nodes in tree to make up for missing leech.

I also added a Path of building Skill tree for those who want to duel wield swords over 1h and shield. Now imo this is not the most optimal way at league start as you lose a ton of defensiveness BUT The endgame number pushing will be better. So enjoy and anything Else I think of I will add :)

3.7! Berserker Variant PoB [updated:06/10/19]

**Download Path of building here: https://github.com/Openarl/PathOfBuilding/releases**

https://pastebin.com/JVyPVQQe <---- Primary and preffered
https://pastebin.com/1xyZZSjn <-- Duel wield Path of building
3.4m dps Clear and 2.5m Shaper with league starter gear and 13.4m Clear/8.6m Shaper (with high endgame gear) - LETS RAGE!
To see the lower end gear and the higher end gear follow this image:

Some of this guide made seem out of place or not in the Path of building. It's hard to 100% upkeep every guide I have. Always follow the POB any questions you could always ask!

I AM PLAYING THIS AS MY LEAGUE STARTER 3.7 and will be live doing so!

"The Dex Jewels dont have 40 allocated"- For the jewels YOU DO NOT NEED 40 dex taken. Just in the jewel circle.

"I don't have enough int" - Roll it on your gear if you are short or take a temporary fat node and respect out later.

" What starter weapons should i use" - Ewars in your MH and grab a early Lycosadae You keep upgrading the foil as you level. You can switch to Ichimonji blade later if you want.

"Can this build do uber lab" - Its deff doable just take your time

"How can this build kill shaper or uber atziri?" - Knowing the fight for shaper, with POSITIONING correctly you can 100% clear it. For uber atziri on the ele reflect stage. Aim your spray to shoot BEHIND the mirror so it doesn't hit the other ones and kill you.

"I cant clear higher maps I keep getting killed" - This was a issue with the raider version but not anymore!! this version is way stronger and far tankier.

"Does this build require tons to get started" - Nope not at all

Any other questions that get asked frequently will be added here. Thank you


+ High dps
+ Super fast map clear
+ Crazy tanky

- Cant run ele reflect map
- Maxing out gear could be expensive but not needed to clear.


OLDER VIDEOS: (Champion)
3.6 Chimera Guardian kill - https://youtu.be/QpVZv4Qq6SY
3.6 HH showcase (show how much fun it is with a Headhunter - https://youtu.be/6___xOm9a1Y
3.6 t15 map (with Hard map mods for the build) - https://youtu.be/6sBrGAWV21s



This build focuses on high attack speed to unleash a series of projectiles high crit chance and amazing attack speed in a almost 360 radius around you , killing everything that dares come close.
The weapon range increases with each level of Frost Blades , so even if it is a melee skill , with good positioning , you will be out of harms way most of the times you`re in a fight.
It is a full Elemental build at 100% cold conversion , dealing no physical damage , therefore physical reflect mods will not affect you.
Clear speed wise , This build is one of the fastest builds out there.
Just a 4-Link setup can get you up to T10 maps if you`re careful.
This is a Softcore build. If you want to play Hardcore , just make sure you pick more Life nodes rather than Damage nodes.

Any questions please feel free to ask on my stream! Www.twitch.tv/Sidefxmayinclde or Click this image! please dont forget to FOLLOW to know when i go live!

3.7 So FAR
- More will get posted here as we go into the league for example -

Bandits :

We are going to kill all, those 2 skill points are very good!

Required Uniques:

**Will add ASAP**

Jewel - Fight for Survival x2
- jewel that gives us increased cold damage, cold pen and proj speed. amazing jewel.

My current items 3.7

**Updated as league progresses**

Stat Priority/Flask
Life - Elemental Resistances - Crit chance/multi - % Physical Damage - attack speed

Gem links

**Follow PoB (will update when PoB gets updated* for now follow gems there. (They will change with new gems in 3.7)
6-Link Setup:

4-Link Setups:

3-Link Setups:


Berserker: Crave the Slaughter - Pain Reaver - Rite of Ruin - Flawless Savagery (Switch to Aspect of Carnage when your gear gets better with more crit/crit multi)

Leveling Trees:/POB's
To see the different tree's please follow the picture:

This node is super important early until you grab Pain Reaver

- Duel wielding tree for those who do not want to use a shield - https://pastebin.com/1xyZZSjn

Tips and tricks:

1. Make sure you position yourself correctly at ALL times , it will make the game easier and safer. Good positioning is key and will come with experience.
2. The passive skill tree is a guide , if you at any given time feel that you lack either damage or life , feel free to pick it ,this will not affect your progression at all.
3. Use Frost Blades for leveling
4. You can use ANY weapon to level! ( I recommend 2x Foils for crit/attack speed) Feel free to pick your leveling weapons yourself,whether it`s an Axe , Mace or Sword.
5. Your tooltip DPS will NOT show your true damage as it only counts Frost Blades initial damage which is not a projectile attack. Your true damage will be almost triple what your tooltip dps says.

Check out my other version of this build!

My other builds

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Thanks for getting it up in time!
How do we think the single target will be with this Zerker version.Do we need the Vall Double strike for single target or with zerker will we have enough? I am so Hyped!
Last edited by jaredtexasrebel on Jun 7, 2019, 2:57:05 PM
How do we think the single target will be with this Zerker version.Do we need teh Vall Double strike for single target or with zerker will have enough? I am so Hyped!

Honestly I think it will be pretty solid, Esp with the amount of double damage we gain from rage and multistrike + all the MORE multipliers
Thanks for getting this done in time.
Is the life/mana leech node enough or should we take pain reaver as a first ascendancy node?
Last edited by jaredtexasrebel on Jun 7, 2019, 3:05:40 PM
Why do we take 2 passive points instead of alira with this crit build? ^^
going to play this, was looking forward to your FB zerker!
Thanks for getting this done in time.
Is the life/mana leech node enough or should we take pain reaver as a first ascendancy node?

The life mana node is enough for early lv's its only for the mana gain. Take Pain reaver as second and then unspec out of the life/mana node

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