[3.11] Berserker Cyclone RT Axe Impale Full Physical - Cheap, SSF friendly

Harest wrote:
felipel2 wrote:
... [see above]
You're missing way too many life rolls on your stuff (ans still some life nodes in the tree to take). 4k life is too low for red tier maps in most cases.
Easiest will be your belt. As said earlier Daresso's Salute isn't as useful at it was anymore so you could also try to use a good amulet with life roll. Better life roll on gloves too. Unique chest without life roll is a bit problematic considering how much you can get on it but it should still be fine. Will be a bit hard with your gloves since a lot of res come from it.

I changed some things man, i think i'm better now...
I know it's boring to keep analysing builds... but i'm new to the game and i'm trying to do all it's content.

Can you look again and tell me if i'm better?

felipel2 wrote:
... [see above]
That's a substantial life increase for sure, it should help you a bit.
Know that on a belt you can get a huge amount of flat life just by getting a leather belt with both a good life & strength mod tier.
Good luck to clear everything. You should be fine as long as you keep improving your survivability to ideally reach 5/5.5k life at least. Not sure if you can get more with this current chest vs one with like a good flat life roll & +% max life one.
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Best annointments for the build?
Piquet75 wrote:
[...] see above
There's many good ones, it's really up to you and what oils (or currencies in non ssf) you've.
i enjoy ur build man insane clear for delirium and legion a bit low on def part i try cyclone build after done with league everytime try diff cyclone ur build way cheaper then strong cyclone builds my advice for thisbuild tabula and praxis until end of story after that stick with 5 link axe then buy atziris 6link way chaper 3 ex wtih corrupt so far i try 6 links with fusing its waste of time and fusing(maybe im worst luck in universe :( ) total wasted more then 2k fusing for 6 links for items thnx for thisbuild 7k life cap res(chaos still hard)easily 2-3 min red maps my total invest tihsbuild maybe 5 ex until red maps tabula and prexis and around 5k life no resist is fine long as u have good flask and eyes
Is there a skill tree for 3.11 somewhere? The one posted is from 3.9 and uses some nodes that aren't the same in 3.11 anymore. I think, at least. Complete noobie looking for a 2h Cyclone build that is viable in 3.11 :)
Loregar wrote:
... [see above]
There's not much changes in 3.11 on the tree, it only costs 1 more node to reach the impale stuff we want. That's why i didn't updated it.
An easy way to see it is by using PoEPlanner link instead of the official where you can't easily switch between the versions.

Edit: Here's a 3.11 tree for instance, just taking the node needed to be connected to the impale ones, and removed a "Life and elemental resistances" one middle left of the tree to keep the tree at a lvl 93.
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