Welcome to the Bladestorm Berserker Guide!

Patch 3.7 marks the great comeback of melee builds. Melee combat got reworked to be more satisfying and mechanical, and every melee skill received balance changes. There is also a variety of new skills to choose from, and we will focus on one of them; Blade Storm.

This build guide has been last updated before patch 3.7

This guide was heavily inspired by Enki's Arc Witch build! Check it out here

If you dont understand any of the terminology used in this guide, click here!



This section features videos of various challenging boss encounters.
All of the bosses (if possible) are red tier.



Skill Options

Bladestorm in action

Bladestorm is one of the new skill that performs a spinning attack, damaging enemies around you. It also leaves a spinning storm that hits nearby enemies for a portion of your weapon damage. This skill has a unique interaction with the new aura, Blood and Sand.

In Blood Stance, it will create a bloodstorm which causes enemies to bleed and grants you more attack speed while standing in it.

In Sand Stance, it will create a sandstorm which blinds enemies and grants you higher movement speed while standing in it. Sandstorm will also move forward, damaging enemies in its path.

Bladestorm = Brutality = Multistrike = Pulverise = Fortify = Impale Support

Lacerate is one of the new updated skills. User slashes twice, creating force waves which damage enemies caught in their path. These waves can overlap, dealing double damage. There's also a unique interaction between Lacerate and Blood and Sand;

In Blood Stance, waves will deal much more bleeding damage and have a higher chance of inflicting it.

In Sand Stance, angle of slashes will be much wider, increasing the AoE and making them more likely to overlap.

Lacerate = Brutality = Close Combat = Multistrike = Fortify = Impale Support

Cyclone is probably the most popular starter skill for Legion. Great area of effect, fast movement and really high attackspeed combined with the classic Whirlwind playstyle.

Cyclone = Brutality = Infused Channeling = Pulverize = Fortify = Impale Support

Cyclone also requires a tree that's a little different than our regular tree: Click here!

Need to update linked gems and pastebin so it has infused channeling.



Blood and Sand
Blood and Sand is a new type of aura introduced in patch 3.7. After activating it, you'll be able to switch back and forth between Blood and Sand Stance instantly by clicking. This build also utilises the Flesh and Stone aura, which stance is in effect depends on whether Blood or Sand is activated. Players are in Blood Stance (for Blood and Sand skills) by default (even if they don't use the aura).

Blood makes the player's Area of Effect smaller, but grants a damage buff. Flesh maims nearby enemies, slowing them and increasing the physical damage they take.

Sand makes player's Area of Effect bigger, but lowers damage. Stone aura blinds nearby enemies while lowering damage the player takes from distant ones.

Pros & Cons
+ Reliable leech rate due to high attack speed
+ High Damage output
+ High movement speed
+ Immunity to stun

- Cannot facetank stuff
- Cannot do certain maps
- Up-close combat may be dangerous

Mechanics Used
· Rage: Rage is a type of stackable buff, which level you can see next to your Mana. Rage is obtained by hitting enemies with attacks and has a default cap of 50. Rage doesn't last forever and you start losing it after 4 seconds out of combat.
Rage by default grants increased movement speed, increased damage and increased attack speed. We further increase these effects by picking Berserker as our Ascendancy class.
· Leech: is our primary way of regaining life. Every hit creates a 'leech instance' which heals us for 2% of our maximum life per second (if our damage is high enough), up to a maximum of 20% maximum life per second from all the 'leech instances' combined. We make this effect even stronger by picking the Vaal Pact keystone.
· Banner: Banners provide powerful benefits for attack based characters while reserving a small amount of mana. Banners build up stages as you kill enemies, and can be placed to grant more powerful effects increased by the number of stages you accumulated.
· Impale: Type of ailment directly connected with physical damage. It records damage taken from a hit and reapplies it each time that enemy gets hit again, up to 5 times.

Useful Links and Path of Building
Path of Building: A powerful tool for planning/sharing builds. To have all info from this build compressed into one simple character sheet, use this link in the 'import' section.
Get Path of Building here!

Socket Colour Calculator: Socket colours in PoE depend on the attribute requirements an item possesses. Strength items usually roll red sockets, while Dexterity+Intelligence items are more likely to roll blues and greens. This tool helps you with finding out the best method to colour your items.
Vorici Chrome Calculator

Engineering Eternity: In my opinion the best Path of Exile guide-oriented channel on youtube. Watching his videos will help you with understanding the basic mechanics of this game.
Beginner's Guide Series


Playstyle and Levelling


Levelling is a key part of your first Path of Exile experience. It's an engaging story that gradually teaches you new mechanics and gives you more tools to play with. I will try to explain what are the goals in each of the ten acts of the playthrough.

This guide is heavily inspired by Enki's levelling guide.

This section has been adapted from my Purifying Flame guide, please comment if you find any errors!


· Unique helmet Goldrim, which grants a high +%to Elemental Resistances bonus.
· Wanderlusts have the best price-quality ratio between unique levelling boots. Cannot be Frozen and high movement speed make them outclassed only by a rare, expensive option which is Seven-League Steps.
· For the glove slot, our earliest pick will be Lochtonial Caress, as it is a great early buff to attack speed. Another option could be the Ondar's Clasp gloves.
· Redbeak is a really good very early game weapon. Its stats outclass any rare weapon you can find in act 1.
· Lakishu's Blade is a very solid choice for level 28 and beyond. It has good attack speed and good average damage.
· The Princess is yet another great choice for early levels as it provides us with a lot of extra cold damage.
· Tabula Rasa is the best levelling Body Armour in the game, despite being severely underrated by newer players because it has no stats. It always comes as a 6-link filled with white sockets, allowing you to put any gems inside.
· The flask setup I like most for levelling is 2 Life Flasks, 2 Quicksilver Flasks and one Mana flask

General Tips
- Life is crucial in Path of Exile! A great rule of thumb is to have 300 more life at the end of each act.

- Elemental resistances are crucial to your survival. Try to keep them as high as possible (while still remembering that the maximum base amount is 75%) without too much investment. Acts are quite forgiving if your resistances are a bit lower than that maximum.

- You don't need to do every quest you get, focus on the ones that grant Passive Skill Points.

- If vendors give you a choice of one gem for a reward, remember that you can buy them from them later.

- Upgrade your Flasks whenever you get higher level ones.

Act 1
· Buy the Perforate gem and link it to Ruthless support.
· Buy Onslaught support gem from Nessa.
· Check vendors for any R=R=G items. If they have one, buy it and wait. If they don't - fret not, just keep an eye on items dropping.
· It's also advised to see if vendors sell any movement speed boots
· Get to the Coast waypoint and head to the Tidal Island.
· After completing the quest Mercy Mission and choose the Quicksilver flask and Onslaught support gem as your reward. Link Onslaught to your main skill gem.
· Head for the Submerged Passage and complete the optional quest Dweller of the Deep.
· Remember to buy the Blood and Sand gem from Nessa after completing 'Breaking the Eggs' quest.
· Get to the Prison.
· Complete Trial of Ascendancy in Lower Prison.
· After killing the boss, head to the Ship Graveyard and complete the Marooned Mariner quest.
· Go back to the town, grab Leap Slam as your reward and use it as your movement skill if needed. At the beginning it will be way slower than just walking, it's completely normal.
· You can try crafting a weapon by using Orbs of Transmutation or Orbs of Chance.
· Get the Chain Hook gem as your reward. Use it instead of Leap Slam (but don't throw it away).
· Pick up any sapphire rings you drop until you have two of them and equip them before you enter Merveil's Cavern.

· Tree for Act 1

Act 2
· Upon entering the Forest Encampment, head to the Old Fields
· Go to the top-right corner of the area and search for the Crossways entrance
· Upon activating the waystone, head to the top-left and enter the Chamber of Sins
· Complete the Trial of Ascendancy here
· Complete the Intruders in Black quest and claim Herald of Purity as your reward.
· Buy the Flesh and Stone aura from Yeena and use it with Blood and Sand alongside Herald of Purity.
· Come back to the Crossroads, head to the Broken Bridge and kill Kraityn here.
· Once again come back to the Crossroads, now aim for the Fellshrine Ruins.
· Complete the Trial of Ascendancy in the Crypt.
· Go to the Riverways and help Einhar there.
· Kill the bandit Oak in the Old Fields and remember to activate the waypoint here; it's critical to us!
· Your next goal is reaching the Western Forest. Kill the last bandit lord Alira here.
· Open up the passage on the left bottom.
· Find the Weaver's Chambers and complete the Sharp and Cruel quest
· Teleport back to the city, talk to Eramir to obtain the Apex and 2 Passive skill points. Come back to the Lioneye's Watch and talk to Bestel
· Talk to Silk and take Close Combat as your reward. Buy Faster Attacks and link it to Leap Slam or Chain Hook. Use Perforate linked to Melee Physical Damage, Close Combat and Faster Attacks.
· Make your way to the Vaal Pyramid by removing the blockage near the waypoint in the Wetlands.
· Kill the boss and make your way to Act 3.

· Tree for Act 2

Act 3
· Kill the Blackguards in City of Sarn and remember to talk to Clarissa.
· Go to the Slums, find the Crematorium.
· Complete the Trial of Ascendancy and the quest (both are in the Crematorium Zone).
· Go back to the Slums and open up the Sewers. Complete the Victario's Secrets quest here.
· Go to the Marketplace, find the waypoint and complete the Trial of Ascendancy in the Catacombs.
· Head to the Battlefronts and find the Ribbon Spool (it's in the bottom-left).
· Find the waypoint then go to the Docks.
· Find Thaumetic Sulphite, then come back to the Battlefront and go for the Solaris Temple.
· Talk to Dialla and open up the Undying Blockade in the Sewers.
· Complete Sever the Right Hand and claim Bladestorm as your reward. Use it instead of Perforate from now on.
· Head to the Lunaris Temple.
· Complete 'Piety's Pets' and obtain the key.
· Go to the Imperial Gardens, complete the Trial of Ascendancy and open up the entrance to the Sceptre of God.
· Finish the Act

· Tree for Act 3

Act 4
· After reaching Highgate head to the Dried Lake.
· Kill Voll and open up the gate in Highgate.
· Find Deshret's Spirit in Mines level 2.
· Reach Crystal Veins and use the waypoint here to go back to town.
· Talk to Tasuni and grab the Summon Ice Golem.
· Enter Kaom's Dream and complete this area.
· Enter Daresso's Dream and complete this area.
· Now you can craft a rare sword. Seek increased physical damage, added physical damage and increased attack speed. Remember that you can craft one modifier on a weapon using the Crafting Bench.
· Go to Crystal Veins, complete Belly of the Beast and head to the Harvest.
· Kill the three guardians here and open the Black Core.
· Don't enter the boss fight yet. Backtrack to Sarn and open up the Aspirant's Plaza.
· Complete the Labyrinth, use to see the daily layout.
· Choose Berserker as your Ascendancy and follow steps in the 'Tree' section
· Come back to the Black Core and fight the final boss.

· Tree for Act 4

Act 5
· Head to the Ascent, the entrance to that is to the right when looking at Oyun in Highgate
· Use the teleportation device found at the end of this area.
· Kill Overseer Krow.
· After getting to Overseer's Tower, go to the next zone.
· Kill Justicar Casticus and find the Miasmeter.
· Make your way to the Templar Courts and kill the head of the inquisition, Avarius.
· Talk to Bannon and find the waypoint in the Ruined Square.
· Go to the Reliquary and find all the Kitava's Torments here to complete the quest.
· Find the Sign of Purity in the Ossuary.
· Kill the last boss of part I.

· Tree for Act 5

Act 6
· IMPORTANT! Clear the Twilight Strand and talk to Lilly. Now she will sell you nearly every gem in the game. Buy all the gems needed like Fortify support, which is essential for this build.
· Remember to upgrade your weapons when needed.
· Get to Mud Flats and kill the Dishonoured Queen.
· Open the gate to the Karui Fortress and kill your first god, Tukohama.
· Head to the Prison.
· Complete the Trial of Ascendancy here and kill the boss.
· In the Prisoner's Gate, kill Abberath.
· Get to the Riverways and use the waypoint.
· Head to the Wetlands and kill Ryslatha.
· Go to the Beacon and light it.
· Sail to the Brine King's Reef and kill him.

· Tree for Act 6

Act 7
· Go to the Crossroads and head to the Fellshrine Ruins and then the Crypt.
· Complete the Trial of Ascendancy.
· Find Maligaro's Map and head to the Chamber of Sins.
· Enter Maligaro's Sanctum and complete it.
· Complete the Trial of Ascendancy and go to the Den.
· Kill Greust in the Ashen Fields.
· Get to the Northern Forest waypoint and go to the Dread Thicket (It's always near the left of the area).
· Gather all the Fireflies and kill Gruthkul.
· Find Kishara's Star in the Causeway.
· Go to the Vaal City and open up the way to the Temple of Decay.
· It's a long zone so use portal scrolls as a back up in case you die (you can choose 'resurrect in town' and then use the portal you've placed before your death).
· Kill the final boss of this act.

· Tree for Act 7

Act 8
· Teleport to the Aspirant's Plaza and complete Cruel Lab.
· Come back to Sarn and go to the Toxic Conduits.
· After defeating Doedre, go to the Quay and find Ankh here.
· Complete Clarissa's Questline by killing Tolman.
· Go to the Grain Gate, kill the Gemling Legion and head towards the Solaris Temple to get the Sun Orb.
· Now come back to Doedre's Cesspool and go the other way and reach the Grand Promenade.
· In the Bath Houses, find the entrance to the High Gardens (It's another long zone, use the same trick as in Temple of Decay and make sure you have your CWDT + Immortal Call setup ready).
· Come back to Bath Houses and head to the Lunaris Temple via Lunaris Concourse.
· Now go right-bottom from the Lunaris Concourse waypoint to reach the Harbour Bridge.
· Go to the middle of it and activate the plaque which will lead you to the final boss fight of this act.

· Tree for Act 8

Act 9
· Complete the cold-themed zone and go to the Vastiri Desert
· Find the Storm Blade in a storm-weathered chest.
· Search for a blocked entrance in this zone.
· Teleport back to town, talk to Petarus&Vanja, then Sin, and again to Petarus&Vanja.
· Come back to the blocked entrance, and it will automatically open.
· Kill Shakari.
· Get to the Foothills waypoint, go to the Boiling Lake and kill the Basilisk.
· Go north-east from the Foothills waypoint and enter the tunnel.
· Complete the Trial of Ascendancy.
· Go to Quarry, reach the waypoint.
· Find the arena and kill Garukhan.
· Head to the Refinery and get the Trarthan Powder.
· Open up the entrance to the rotting beast near the Quarry waypoint and complete this area.

· Tree for Act 9

Act 10
· Kill Plaguewing and talk to Bannon.
· From the rooftop, head to the Ravaged Square and find the waypoint.
· Go east, find the Control Blocks and get your revenge on Vilenta.
· Enter Ossuary (right next to the waypoint).
· Complete the Trial of Ascendancy.
· Get to the Torched Courts.
· Kill the resurrected Avarius.
· Before heading for the final fight of the story mode, complete the Merciless Lab.
· Now go and finish the main villain!
· You have officially reached the endgame. If you want to know the basics of the Map system, watch Engineering Eternity's video on the atlas (channel linked in the 'Useful Programs' section at the bottom)
· Tree for Act 10

Exping Zones
This section has been made thanks to Enki!

Whenever you feel too weak for the zone you are supposed to clear next, level up in these:

Act 1 - The Ledge
Act 2 - The Northern Forest
Act 3 - The Docks
Act 4 - The Dried Lake
Act 5 - The Chamber of Innocence or The Ossuary
Act 6 - The Southern Forest
Act 7 - The Northern Forest
Act 8 - The Harbour Bridge
Act 9 - The Blood Aqueducts
Act 10 - The Desecrated Chambers or The Reliquary

This build is made for close quarters combat. Legion update introduced animation cancelling, making melee much more enjoyable for both single target and clearing. You should probably use Sand Stance for general clear and Blood Stance for bosses and tougher rares. You definitely can throw one sandstorm on a boss and then quickly switch to bloodstorms.

One of the most important defences in PoE is being on the move. Standing still usually means getting sniped by ranged spellcasters or ranged monsters.

Map mods
Physical Reflect is the most deadly modifier for this build. This mod makes maps virtually impossible to complete, so it's better to reroll them using currency. Other mods you should watch out for, because they may make maps more difficult than it usually is:

· Less Recovery Rate of Life, Mana and Energy Shield
· Players cannot Leech Life and Mana
· Players are cursed by Temporal Chains (you can counter it with a flask with 'of Warding' affix on)
· Monsters have additional physical damage reduction paired with Monsters gain an Endurance Charge on hit


Class, Tree, Pantheon

Passive Points

· Tree for level 70
· Tree for level 80
· Tree for level 90
· Tree for level 100

The main version of the build

Import this link to Path of Building.


The Ascendancy (subclass) used in this build is the Berserker.

· Aspect of Carnage (Normal): Gives a huge buff to our damage, nothing more, nothing less

· Crave the Slaughter (Cruel): Grants us a way to generate Rage stacks, speeding up the process of levelling.

· Rite of Ruin (Merciless): Greatly increases the effects of rage and makes us immune to stun.

· Pain Reaver (Eternal): Huge increase to our survivability and attack speed. Lets us save points usually spent on life and mana leech.


· Soul of the Lunaris: Gives us additional defences while surrounded by enemies.
· Soul of Ryslatha: Higher recovery of life from lasks while on low life and passive life flask charge generation. A must-have if you pick Vaal Pact keystone!

Other Ascendancy Choices

· Tree for the Champion class

Champion fixes the accuracy issues, meaning that you don't need to look for it on any of your Rare items. He also grants a survivability buff (First to Strike, Last to Fall) which instantly recovers your life when it drops below a certain threshold (30% of your Maximum Life).


· Tree for the Slayer class

Slayer may be a viable choice because of high crit chance, increases to Area of Effect and Physical Reflect immunity.
Remember that as a Slayer, you should craft Global Critical Strike Multiplier instead of Increased Critical Strike Chance on your weapons.


· Tree for the Gladiator class

Unlike regular Gladiators, this build doesn't focus on Block. Instead we pick the nodes that are most useful for clear speed and single target damage.



Helmet, Gloves, Boots


We are using helmet slot mostly to fix our resistances and stack some more life. Helmets have probably the most notable Enchants of them all.
Note that increased Energy Shield or Evasion are mostly useless to us.

· The Brine Crown is a solid Unique Helmet choice. Grants respectable bonus to maximum life, makes us immune to freeze and gives a huge boost to Armour while stationary (we are always stationary when we attack, unless we use Cyclone)

Mods you should look for on rare helmets are:
- +90 to Maximum Life
- Nearby enemies have take 9% increased physical damage (it's a fossil-exclusive mod!)
- +% to Elemental resistances

Fossil-exclusive mods are available only via crafting an item using Fossils found in the Azurite Mine. This particular mod used in this build comes from a Jagged Fossil.


For endgame you want rare boots. A great base worthy of a look at is Two-Toned Boots, which have higher resists than any other boots. This item slot should require Strength (of course you can use a base with hybrid Str/Int or Str/Dex requirements).

Mods you should look for on rare boots are:
- 25% or higher increased Movement speed
- +70 or higher to Maximum Life
- +35% to one elemental resistance
- +35% to another elemental resistance


· Tombfist are on of the most popular gloves for melee builds. Socketing one with a Murderous Eye Jewel will make us intimidate enemies on hit, increasing our damage greatly.
· Haemophilia is one of the best items when it comes to scaling this build's clear speed. While wearing those, bleeding enemies explode dealing immense amount of damage to other nearby foes.

In the endgame, rare gloves are another viable choice. The best endgame base being Spiked Gloves, which grant increased melee damage.

Mods you should look for are:
- +70 or higher to Maximum Life
- +35% to one elemental resistance
- +35% to another elemental resistance

You can also look for:
- % Increased Attack Speed

Body Armour

· Rare 6-link is the cheap endgame option. You can easily buy a 6-linked base (make sure it requires Strength because that is going to make colouring the sockets easier) and craft it with Essences of Greed or Pristine Fossils to get high +# to Maximum Life. You can also use Serrated Fossils to get 'Socketed gems are supported by level 1 Maim', which is going to be our most endgame option.

· Daresso's Defiance is a really underrated, cheap option for our body slot. to generate Endurance Charges steadily and discharges them while hit in exchange for a potent attack and movement speed buff.

· Loreweave is also a viable choice. When buying one, remember that you want 'Your maximum resistances are #%' at the maximum (78%). Other mods that matter on this item are;

+# to Maximum Life
#% Increased Critical Strike chance
Added # to # physical damage.

This build dual wields weapons instead of using a shield or a two-hander. Dual Wielding comes with an innate bonus of 15% block chance, 20% more physical attack damage and 10% more attack speed.

· Ichimonji is one of the most fun options on this list. It has high attack speed and okay average damage. The modifier which makes it shine is 'increased effects of buffs on you' - while dual-wielding these swords, our Frenzy Charges, Blood Rage or Vaal Ancestral Warchief buffs will be 20% stronger.

· Ahn's Might is another definitely viable endgame option. It has kind of low attack speed, but higher than usual critical strike chance, critical strike multiplier and accuracy make up for it. Remember to use it alongside one Pacifism jewel.

· Dreadbeak - another underappreciated weapon. It is a fated version of Redbeak, one of the lowest level weapons in the game. Medium attack speed and high average damage put this weapon on our list. The biggest problem with it is that it lacks critical strike chance.

· Paradoxica a weapon which scales greatly with any source of added damage to attacks - and this build gets plenty. One of the strongest endgame options, on par with a rare foil. Drops from Catarina, Master of Undeath.

· Rare Foil - this will be our endgame weapon. It has great average damage, attack speed and critical strike chance, making it a perfect weapon for this build. In 'crafting weapons' spoiler, I will go into detail on how to craft a foil like that.



Rings are a great source of elemental resistances, flat life and various other useful stats.

· Rare Rings are our default choice for filling up ring slots. You should seek those with some of these stats:

- +60 or higher to Maximum Life
- +35% to one Elemental Resistance
- Adds 5 to 10 Physical Damage to Attacks
- +250 Accuracy Rating

· Shaped Rare Ring is a special type of ring obtainable from high tier content. Shaped items have an additional, exclusive pool of mods to roll from. You can easily spot them because of their starry background. I advise using one of these.

- +60 or higher to Maximum Life
- Curse Enemies with level 8 Assassin's Mark on Hit
Pair these mods with either:
- Adds 5 to 10 Physical Damage to Attacks or
- +250 to Accuracy Rating

· Mark of the Elder has a great synergy with our Assassin's Mark on Hit ring. If your other ring is a shaped item, it will provide you with a significant increase to attack damage. It also has a chance of triggering Tentacle Whip on kill, which works as an additional area of effect for clear purposes.

· Thief's Torment is a really unique ring. It uses both of your ring slots, in return granting the halved effect of curses on the player, quantity of items found and a bonus to all resistances. It also provides high sustain due to its Life gain on hit and Mana gain on hit. An option to consider if you feel like your damage and effective health pool are high enough.


· Ryslatha's Coil could probably be called one of the most underrated uniques. High bonus to Life, More Damage and a added physical damage make this belt a solid choice for this build. Try to search ones with the smallest penalty to Minimum Physical Damage and highest increase to Maximum Physical Damage

· Soul Tether is probably the strongest belt for leech builds. It basically makes your leech last for 5 more seconds after hitting full life (normally, it's removed when you get to that point) which is a really big boost to defences.

Rare belts are a great source of maximum life, so we care about two bases only: Leather and Stygian, the latter being an endgame upgrade.

- +90 to Maximum Life (130 if Leather Belt)
- +35% to one Elemental Resistance
- +35% to another Elemental Resistance
- +35% to yet another elemental resistance if possible

- 20-30% Increased Physical damage (fossil-exclusive)
- 10-20% Increased Recovery of Life

Note that the last mod is obtainable only on ELDER belts which drop in elder-influenced maps (part of the endgame mapping system). Stygian Vises cannot be elder.


These items are often used to fix Attributes (Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity) of our characters if we lack any to use a particular item. Really strong mods, like Global critical strike multiplier, can appear on amulets but not on rings and are surely a thing we should look for while searching for the perfect 'neck'.

Look for these mods:
- +70 or higher to Maximum Life
- +to Attributes/Dexterity/Intelligence/Strength
if necessary
- +250 to Accuracy Rating
- Adds 10 to 20 Physical Damage to Attacks
- 25% increased global critical striike chance
- +25% to global critical strike multiplier

Betrayal content allows us to transform an amulet to a talisman. Talismans are a type of necklace that is inherently corrupted, but provides us some very useful implicits. They are a thing to consider when looking for endgame upgrades.


Flasks in Path of Exile are different from other games. Not all of them are made for regaining life and mana - a lot of them are more offensively oriented. This build's setup looks like this:

· Life Flask of Staunching - eternal flasks are the highest level version of life flasks. They provide high life recovery, and can also serve as a bleed removal paired with bleed immunity for a brief period via Staunching mod.

· Lion's Roar is the strongest offensive flask we can use. High armour bonus paired with more physical damage makes this flask a must-have.

· Basalt Flask of Warding grants us additional reduction against physical damage. The 'of Warding' mod provides immunity to curses, making it a huge quality of life upgrade.

· Diamond Flask of Heat makes our Critical Strike Chance lucky, basically increasing our critical strike chance greatly, which is further explained in the Wikia article here. The 'of Heat' mod may appear on any of the other magic flasks we use (it doesn't matter in the slightest) and grants us immunity to chill and freeze; probably the deadliest ailments enemies can inflict on us.

· Experimenter's Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline provides a high movement speed buff beneficial for both clear and dodging bosses' various skills.


Jewels are items socketable in Jewel Sockets found on the passive tree. There are two types of them: Regular jewels and Abyssal jewels. We are much more interested in the second ones. The best base for us is the Murderous Eye Jewel.

Mods you should be looking for on these:
- Adds # to # physical damage to attacks with Swords
- +30 or higher to Maximum Life
- Adds # to # physical damage to attacks
- +#% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
- #% increased Attack Speed if you've dealt a Critical Strike Recently
- #% increased Attack Speed


Crafting Weapons

Crafting in Path of Exile may seem intimidating, but it's still a lot of fun to create your first item all on your own.

1. Buy a Jewelled Foil with at least 83 item level.

2. Use Orbs of Alteration on it until you get ONLY Dictator's mod 75–79% increased Physical Damage and +135–169 to Accuracy Rating in one mod).

3. Use a Regal Orb and turn this item into a Rare.

4a. If one of the mods listed below appeared, go to step 5

Mods you want from regaling (one of these);
18%+ Increased Attack Speed
25%+ Increased Critical Strike Chance
Adds 15 to 30 Physical Damage
100%+ Increased Physical Damage

4b. If the mods that aren't on that list appeared, use an Orb of Annulment on the item. If the unwanted mod disappeared, go to step 5. If the Dictator's mod disappeared, use an Orb of Scouring on the item and go back to step 2.

5. Ask a trusted player to craft Can have multiple crafted modifiers on it.

6. Craft these mods (or ask the same trusted player to craft them for you);

· (95–105)% increased Physical Damage +
(18–20)% chance to Impale Enemies on Hit with Attacks
· Adds (13–17) to (26–30) Physical Damage
· (16–20)% increased Attack Speed
· (21–25)% increased Critical Strike Chance +(13–18)% to Quality

7. Good job! You have now created your dream weapon!

Sidenote: You can get crafting recipe for 'Can have multiple crafted modifiers' in the Pale Court


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Gem Setup



Bladestorm = Brutality = Pulverise = Multistrike = Fortify = Impale Support

These gems are listed based on their importance.
Body armour is our only piece of gear capable of being a 6-link. Therefore, we put our Bladestorm in here. Remember that Brutality makes us unable to deal non-physical damage. We use Fortify in our main setup to upkeep the Fortify buff (reduced damage taken from hits).



Herald of Purity = Herald of Ash

We use Herald of Ash not for the physical damage added as extra fire damage part (which is nullified by the Brutality gem) but for the overkill burn effect, which makes clearing maps much more enjoyable. You can swap it with Herald of Purity on bosses, but it's only ever useful in really serious fights like the Uber Elder.

Links in this setup should be R=R, other sockets don't really matter.



Blood and Sand = Dread Banner = Flesh and Stone = Maim

We need a slot to place our auras in, and the helmet is perfect for this purpose. They will reserve our mana to provide us with strong offensive buffs. To switch from Blood + Flesh to Sand + Stone, just click the keybind associated with Blood and Sand aura on your toolbar.

Maim Support will work with Flesh and Stone, empowering its maim effect - and we definitely want that.



Leap Slam = Faster Attacks = Endurance Charge on Melee Stun = Blood Magic

This will be our movement skill setup. We link leap slam with blood magic to easily sustain it. Since patch 3.7 Leap Slam always stuns enemies on full life - that's why we link it with endurance charge on melee stun, to easily sustain endurance charges while clearing.


Off Hand

Vaal Ancestral Warchief = Blood Rage = Berserk

Here we put our Active skills. We will use Blood Rage for the attack speed buff and frenzy charge generation. Vaal Ancestral Warchief is a skill we put down for supplementary damage when we face bosses. Note that these don't have to be linked with each other.


Main Hand

Cast When Damage Taken = Summon Ice Golem = Steelskin

Unlike other builds, we don't keep our Cast When Damage Taken at a low level. We don't do it because we want it to trigger our high-level Steelskin to get extra defences from it. Ice Golem grants a bonus to critical strike chance and accuracy.



Gems in Path of Exile benefit from a stat called 'quality'. Quality adds different bonuses, which vary from gem to gem. That's why it is important to check the wikia before 'qualing' a gem up. Usually, you would use Gemcutter's Prisms to do that, but that is way too expensive ever to be worth it. Alternatively, after levelling your gems to level 20, you can vendor one along with Gemcutter's Prism to change it into a level 1 gem with 20% quality, which is excellent.

Gems you should use this method on:
- Faster Attacks, Blood Rage, Maim, Multistrike, Brutality, Melee Physical Damage.

Thanks for reading until the end and I hope you enjoy the build!
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Hi Uly, I played your PF Inquisitor build last league and really enjoyed it. I was wondering, do you think this build would work swapping out bladestorm for lacerate, and if so how well? Thanks!

Edit: lmao nvm lacerate is a dex gem

Edit 2: nvm the first edit, i assumed lacerate would require too much dex for a berserker but it doesn't
Last edited by TOOfunkedUP on Jun 6, 2019, 1:41:01 AM
Great job on the build! Very well organized. From the videos bladestorm aoe seems kind of small, which will make clearing slow, and you don't seem to scale aoe at all. Is that not a concern? Also, 570 life degen is pretty massive, even with high life leech, and could be rather annoying in between packs
Last edited by an1drag0n on Jun 5, 2019, 10:45:43 PM
TOOfunkedUP wrote:
Hi Uly, I played your PF Inquisitor build last league and really enjoyed it. I was wondering, do you think this build would work swapping out bladestorm for lacerate, and if so how well? Thanks!

Edit: lmao nvm lacerate is a dex gem

It can definitely work with Lacerate :) After seeing the gems, I am thinking of switching this build from Bladestorm to Lacerate or Reave.
UlyUly wrote:
It can definitely work with Lacerate :) After seeing the gems, I am thinking of switching this build from Bladestorm to Lacerate or Reave.

That sounds sick, looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
Last edited by TOOfunkedUP on Jun 6, 2019, 1:37:09 AM
TOOfunkedUP wrote:
UlyUly wrote:
It can definitely work with Lacerate :) After seeing the gems, I am thinking of switching this build from Bladestorm to Lacerate or Reave.

That sounds sick, looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Pulled guide for now since I am working on transforming this guide to a general guide with Pure Physical attacks.

Going to include these skills:
Dual Strike
Vaal Double Strike

just need some time to finish things up :)
SO this will be not a certain build but a generic guide for melee marauder?
partyonacid wrote:
SO this will be not a certain build but a generic guide for melee marauder?

Yeah, because with this tree and gear every pure physical melee skill may work: its more like a 'choose your own adventure' thing I guess.
Will work on updating the pastebins and info after Path of Building is patched.

Brought the guide back form the Shadow Realm.

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