MrHer3tic wrote:
Hey UlyUly , are you planning to make any new build for 3.8 ?

Yeah, probably going to make a Pyroclast Mines guide.
Sorry for no replies to anyone in the last 5 days, if you still want to know the answer just ask them again (I assume most of these are too old to still be an actual issue again, because you've probably solved it :D)
Are you going to update this build for 3.8?
Hotspur1980 wrote:
Hi, I have probably a really dumb question about this build. I just hit 72 and beat the game, and so far it's working great. But there are way more activated skills in this build than I have room for on my skill tab. I've got Cyclone, Berserk, and Leap Attack on the top row; on the bottom row I have herald of purity and herald of ash, blood and sand, flesh and stone, and vaal ancestral warchief. I get that a couple of them (steelskin and ice golem) are connected to a gem that makes them go off on hit. But how am i supposed to use dread banner and blood rage? Is there a way to have more skills hotkeyed?

This is my first character, thanks for answering my noob question!

You only need Dread Banner and one of Blood & Sand or Flesh & Stone in slot, the rest is just switched out when activating them (Heralds and one of the aforementioned) after death or before bosses and such.

I got me a Vaal Ancestral Warchief (Double Totems on bosses is great), thats a headache to fit if and when I start using the Blood Rage in end-game...

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