Balance in Path of Exile: Legion

hell yeah
Great changes all around!
lmao they nerfed headhunter droprate, the absolute madkiwis
aerotsu wrote:
lmao they nerfed headhunter droprate, the absolute madkiwis

No Nemesis on map device also.
Veeery nice, loving the changes so far, hats off !
As usual... nerf this, nerf that, but let's not bring things up to the power the we're accustomed to now. Nope, let's make everything feel bad now by comparison. It's the GGG way!

It is particularly hilarious that the crit multi nodes around Scion were replaced with Accuracy, the worst stat in the entire game, because you introduced Unnatural Instinct. Might as well make those nodes read "this passive point grants you 0 passive points".
(2-3-2019) Buff underused skills + selfcast, stop nerfing defense, build in threshold jewels, implement D3-style looting, add death log + MTX preview, actually rework flasks, stop balancing around the .01%, unnerf Harvest, ADD NEW WAYS TO LEVEL, finally implement Loot 2.0
You nerf our fun every single league.
For fuck sake, what was wrong with storm brand?
Even with high investment it was hard to kill uber elder.
Winter orb is now nerfed to the ground.
Obtaining hh is now just a dream, not mentioning that 50ex cost was more than 99.9% can afford.
Bb shroud and trickster.
Seriously what is wrong with you.
Very nice, ty.
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So you are nerfing ES because of the items that are no longer here? -_-
Oh I see. The Blizzard way. Nerf to the ground ftw.

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