In our recent Q&A (Part 1, Part 2) news post, we mentioned some changes that we want to make to past leagues based on community feedback. As we approach the launch of Path of Exile: Legion we want to provide an update about our timeline for these plans.

Our utmost priority over the last few weeks has been to guarantee a smooth and stable Legion launch with as few problems as possible. As we explained in a previous post from Chris, there hasn't been time to address every community concern during the development of Legion, and we have had to pick our battles and push some changes to 3.8.0.

When we posted the Q&A answers, we were vague about whether the upcoming changes would be in 3.7.0 or 3.8.0. We can now confirm that the majority of changes to Delve and Betrayal content will be coming alongside the launch of 3.8.0 in September. We understand that this is probably not what you wanted to hear, and we're sorry about the timeline but believe it is overall the right choice for the quality of the game and the health of our team.

The good news is that the additional time will let us find proper solutions to problems rather than be forced to apply quick fixes under time pressure. We are looking forward to improving the content from these old leagues and making sure that it is a very popular part of the Path of Exile experience going forward.
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Right is better than rushed.

Would it be possible, though, to get a comment from a dev as to why the betrayal lag seems worse outside of betrayal league? Do you guys have metrics showing the difference? Is it all in our heads?
Please don't screw up part of POE.
That's good to hear.
Fast solutions are good short term but well though out ones are good for the long term.
we trust you. Thank you for your afford.
I'd rather wait a little and have a proper solution/transition than a shabby bandaid fix that introduces more problems than it fixes.

Thanks a lot for keeping us up to date!
Well. More rippy betrayal.
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You all are the best. Thank you for communicating so often. Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast
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