3.6.6 Patch Notes

I don't have problems with stability or lags in Poland (except the ones caused by my graphic card). Is ping for Poland ~20 ms really that bad?
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Yeah next gataway in Poland please!!!!
1 week ago, 2GB patch for nearly nothing.
Today 1GB patch again to prepare a new server (seriously, it should be two lines in a property file).
Next week, probably 3GB patch for 3.7.

Annoying :/
SSF for ever :)
안녕? 가즈아ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏ
Zphyr wrote:
let me guess, a 4 gb update just for this
Oh Steam, it's "only" a 2.1 GB patch.

On the standalone client it's 1.05 gb :)

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On the standalone client it's 1.05 gb :)

*dramatic gasp*
That is... is... unfaaaairr! Deh horroooh!

Zphyr wrote:
let me guess, a 4 gb update just for this
Oh Steam, it's "only" a 2.1 GB patch.

im on steam too and mines only showing as 875 megabytes.

seems legit for a patch which was only supposed to add future support for a button to connect to a korean server.

i think theyre feeding us a bunch of horse manure in the patch notes. just like when they put out the announcement about how theyre gonna get the map tab conversion feature out before 3.7

i guess theyll wait until the last day, just in case a few more people cant hold out any longer and decide to go buy another map tab for the next league.
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Another patch? This one is for Bulgaria.
Wait, I downloaded this patch already before playing today.

will you fucking stop forcing us to download gb+ patches every day? i have data caps and i dont need the korean servers or language or anything else. i could just get those updates next week when legion patch happens? why do i need a patch 2 days in a row for this?

ISPs are charging us money for data more and more all the time and you guys are not data conscious at all.

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