Yes, Anger is a better option than Haste, especially together with an Anger Watcher's Eye Jewel
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thanks for this cool guide and your continiously work on it.

As I stopped synthesis early I gave this build a try in standard and I am realy impressed, it is smooth and easy to level and realy fun after transition.
Although for just trying whether this could be my legion starter build, I havent spent the currency for a Frostferno so I am running the ele hit in a bow i had
together with GMP I do 6 arrows each totem and the clearspeed is insane when 3 totems melt everything in seconds.

For bossing I use a second bow in the other weapon slot with slower projectile instead of GMP and a Skirmish with point blanc, that doubles nearly the dps and astonishing my PoB shows me a better dps result this way than with a Frostferno +3Fire/+3Cold and quillrain

I tried various optiones regarding auras and for me it seems that blasphemy/flammability is much better than anger,even when I gave anger an Watcher's eye with 15% fire penetration.
Problem with the other anger mods are that phys to fire conversation and phys as extra fire dont do nearly anything as we dont have phys.

So I am running flammability as aura atm.

I hope get some comments and suggestions for improvements about this approach


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hows the build looking for 3.7 ?
why gems on bow is only lvl 1 20% quality what happens if we use 20lvl gem one i see some have even less lower dmg lvling them up
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Is it possible to play this build with regular ele hit attacks and casting totems only when it neccesary? like if i will have 2 items with linked gems for totems and regular attack
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THis seems to be a nice build to start with, I will do it in 3.7, thanks my friend, I hope it scale nice in advanced league...

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