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Great guide, but could you if by any chance list (Endgame?) Skill Gem Setup in the guide? They are in PoB but the PoB Skills Page is really difficult to understand as it just seems to list every Skill this build could use and I have no idea which of them should be equipped and when.

Would help a lot and it would suit the "Notepad of things" style of this guide.
I think I will try this build in Legion. Great guide dude!
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The minion damage nodes that apply to you cuz of the "Spiritual Aid" node will apply to the totems as well?
In the 3.7, anything will change in passive tree, or items?
Or only the Ascendancy points? Patch notes coming in few days :) Im so curious, and hyped for the next league.
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This sounds like a buff for this build:
Blood Magic and Mortal Conviction
We've completely changed Mortal Conviction, the notable behind Blood Magic. It is now a keystone that restricts you to only one non-banner Aura skill, but removes the reservation cost. The mana cost of Herald skills and other specialized reservation skills will need to be paid with life in full.

This will let you take Blood Magic and an Aura without compromising available life, at the cost of limited options being available to you.

This will mean that builds that used Blood Magic and Mortal Conviction to reserve a very large number of auras while being protected by energy shield will be restricted to one aura. We may return this mechanic in the future on a more specialized source than the passive tree.

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