grastos wrote:
Milk103 wrote:

Does anyone know why using vaal haste removes "haste" aura then you have to re-apply the aura when it runs out. Is this functioning as intended ??

Should be because of the Mortal Conviction Keystone "You can only have one Aura." So working as intended.

Ah this makes sense - I hope they change this in the future !
AnubixcZ wrote:
Milk103: Ty for tips. But he is not using immortal call, but steelskin.

Viewing the build again today it appears he has removed immortal call and replaced it with flame dash. also removed dash and replaced with enduring cry while at the same time re-specing ascendancy into "cover with ash" one instead of endurance charge gaining.

I guess maybe he was just testing some stuff out.

either way interesting to see what other people are doing!
Is "Ironwood" node the best choice if I want to increase my damage? What do you think?

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