[3.6] Ranged Attack Totem + Elemental Hit + Chieftain / SC & HC - NOT SSF / All content.

This guide will be like notepad of best options, progress and changes. Not all things will be explained because it's based on other builds where you can read theory-craft blablabla. Links will be provided. I developed this build in last 2 leagues. If you got questions, suggestions or any type of feedback plz write it in this topic, here on forums.

1. Build

PoB link :


Bandits quest: kill all.

New players PoB intro

2.Minimum, must have gear for build works:


3. Endgame gear example

You don't need 6L or 5L on bow for more dps, its just luxury and QoL

This bow is 100% fine:


4.Links, past builds where I get inspiration for my Cheftian variant:


5. Pros and cons


+ you can do ALL map mods
just chisels + alch + vaal and GO
this build do 100% fire dmg and totems are 100% fire immune
any reflect is not existent for this build
no regen maps are easy because it's blood magic build
+ very high clearspeed
+ top tier dmg output
no need for gem, item or jewel swaps for bosses
+ one of best invested currency / build power ratio in PoE
+ league start build friendly
+ easy labs, you can carry ppl in lab on league start on budged gear
+ 8-10k life
+ life leech from totem dmg
+ totem self-heal from totem dmg
+ high life regen
+ this build use life as mana, so you will never have mana issues or need for mana flasks
+ totem play-style : easy " off-screen / corner / wall " betrayal mobs or other hard stuff
+ much more time for moving and dodging then self-cast builds
+ on comparable currency investment feels much stronger and faster then winter orb build
+ this build make PoE feels like easy game
+ you can do all content on 4 links
+ your golem is buffed, regenerate life and will die 10 times less often
( recasting it annoys me a lot, in this case a lot less )


- playing totems means each time you cast you are 0,24 sec slower then self cast build
- HOGM is NOT possible, in PvP totems die under 0,01 sec
- SSF is NOT possible, most ppl on SSF don't have luck to collect all basic uniques this build needs


6.Leveling process

Leveling guide is focused on league start, when you get 0 currency and no gear at all. It will be easy and fast process. This build is insanely strong for junk gear you will use on league beginning.

2-27 lvl part

Starting passive tree 1-27 lvl:

As main skill 2-27 lvl I suggest use this combo:

use dual wield 1h axes or 1h maces, and items with added phys dmg

2x quicksilver from quests are very usefull

you can craft good leveling items using this vendor recipes:

at lvl 8 you can add

( if you got lucky 2R1G links in item - if not don't try craft it just not worth effort )

at lvl 10 grab :

16-18 lvl add :


28-60/80 lvl part

just before 28 lvl you should be able to buy:

if you have Facebreaker Gloves unequip your main hand weapon and turn off auto equip:

at 33 lvl you can buy ( its usually quite cheap even on first day)

after 35 lvl its time to get slightly better leveling jewellery, like :

after 38 lvl i strongly suggest use this combo:

its saves my life multiple times and make leveling much faster
do NOT level phase run gem over lvl 3 !
keep CWDT at lvl 1

around 40 lvl you should have 4L somewhere
( preferably on helmet because its easy to get 2R1B1G colours )

This 4L can carry you up to 79 lvl. Fastest possible switch for Ele Hit bow style is 60 lvl, but very unlikely you have currency for Frostferno on first league day.

This is how your passive tree should looks like just before transition for Elemental Hit totem - bow playstyle:

..and after transition, you need to respec some points and have all
"must have gear" from #2 in this guide

Final tree will look like :

you can use this jewel for dexterity problems and put it where yellow arrow points


7. Usefull leveling items

This guide section is for those who start later in league or got lucky drops in first day.




minor: Sould of Ryslatha - very important one after 85 lvl

it synergies very well with this specific flask:

and will save you life , exp and time multiple titems

major: Soul of the Brine King - our stunlock prevention



Whan you end story and start doing maps easiest way to have resistances capped is astral plate chest like this :

later can be replaced for Belly of the Beast

then finally by Kaom's Heart

Getting 2R1B1G colours on Frostferno helmet is difficult and expensive.
I suggest do some Delve, get recipes for 2,3,4 sockets and 2,3,4 links.
Use Crafting Bench and make 2 sockets on Frostferno, then use 2R recipe on it ( 25 chromes ). Next step use 3 sockets Crafting Bench craft until you get blue 3nd socket ( 2-3-2-3-2-3.... ). When you got 2R1B use Crafting Bench and do 4 socket. it should be easy get green as last one, but if it fails continue as 3-4-3-4...
Finally you can make 4L on Crafting Bench.

Its good to have nicely corrupted quiver, those are best options
( left starts most affordable )

If you don't want waste jewel socket in passive tree, get some dexterity on boots, gloves and one ring.

Kaoms and Yoke are last upgrades.

If you do or buy double corrupted Frostferno this is rating:

best first

+2 level to socketed fire gems (boosts ele hit and combustion)
+2 level to socketed projectile gems (boosts ele hit and ranged attack totem)
+2 level to socketed cold gems (boosts ele hit)
+2 level to socketed lightning gems (boosts ele hit)
+2 level to AoE gems (boosts ele hit)
RAT Ele Hit Chieftain - best totem build since 2012

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RAT Ele Hit Chieftain - best totem build since 2012

Thank you for this, its going to be my FB starter. This was a lot of great detail and answered my questions and more.

Great job!

Thanks for a great step by step guide bro, GJ! You know I'm using your version for some time, it's really nice and I even tried your tree as a Hiero :) Hiero have more dps and faster mapping, but more glass cannon while Chieftain is really tanky, little bit slower and still have good dps. Didn't tried it only on Uber Elder/Atziri, but I think we have to swap Quill Rain for Chin Sol/Lioneye's Glare + point blank corrupted Skirmish. And now I wanna try it as a league starter build.

Thx for feedback.

I was tested this build on HC not far ago. Got 90 lvl in HC on it because I want unlock account achievements. Trading and gearing on HC is much harder them SC, but build works fine on very budged gear. I ripped after 90 lvl on Sepulchre Map Boss, because I not ported out and boss is immune for very long time there. But HC was valuable experience and I learned some new stuff :

1. Pyre ring is great. Playing on SC I was focused too much on DPS so I use 2x Opal Rings. Pyre ring is bad for dps and don't have life. But it have very high QoL : Pyre removes mob corpses - no more porcupine explosion, easy and chill Delve. It make PoE feels much, much safer.

2. Defensive flask after 85 lvl are better then dps ones.
PoE got that -10% exp penalty and swapping after 85 lvl silver and sulphur flasks for stibnite and quartz helps a lot. Playing totem build who is not facetank type but dodge / movement and having phasing almost 100% time helps a lot.
RAT Ele Hit Chieftain - best totem build since 2012

why are we taking the minion boosting spiritual aid and righteous army?

Elua wrote:

It works because Spiritual Aid gives "Increases and Reductions to Minion Damage also affect you"


This is most powerful dps combo in passive tree:

If you use Patch of Building tool and check box "show node power" you will see how strong all those 3 are.


Also you can buy very cheap corrupted jewels like this and boost your dps for easy 5% more:

and use powerful minion crafts like :

RAT Ele Hit Chieftain - best totem build since 2012

Flashback economy is very bad. Not many ppl playing it in this somewhat dead league and not many spamming prophecy's for profits. Still Frostferno is cheaper then most good 6L, but price is very high. In synthesis it was as low as 3-7c

We got updated lader for inspecting other ppl stuff :) Its update very slowly but its very nice tool.

RAT Ele Hit Chieftain - best totem build since 2012

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Small update: I changed slightly passive tree, added minion scaling attack speed nodes. It's small dps boost. So far in Flashback got 92 lvl and almost all important gear for making this build ultra efficient.

RAT Ele Hit Chieftain - best totem build since 2012


ty for this build i am lvling as holy flame atm till i move to synth and will use my templar gear on chief got inspired by your posts

those items r they better for more dmg boost or what do you think , also the boots with 35 inc totem dmg

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