Streamer Interview - Octavian0

TY was good read
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"This garbage" ...

In fairness, ...I am a moderator in Oct's chat


please stop it


plz dude stop
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He's so hot kreygasm
the Path of Exile related memory that stands out most clearly to me is the first time someone popped up in my chat thanking me for a build I made, saying it had taken them all the way up to Shaper and they were really happy with it.

If this was semi-recent, this might have been me. Followed his RoA/Scourge Arrow Scion build last league, had 1500+ hours into the game, but never made it to Shaper. Not only did I take down Shaper, but I ended up taking down Uber Elder with it (took all 6 portals to do so, but it was my first time ever attempting the fight).

Chris is an awesome dude, with a ton of knowledge, and one of the few people I have ever subscribed to on Twitch. Glad to see him get some recognition here!
Now I know what an "Interview" looks like when it is conducted on someone that has less personality than stale white bread.

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