Streamer Interview - Octavian0

Hes probly the most intelligent sounding streamer out there, even lord chris commented how smort he was.
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Who cares? Whats special about him? Why?

Such useless interviews only serve this guy, not the game or the community.

Not need!
[Removed by Support] no one cares about twitch streamers only 3k people watchign that trash right now

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He is a pretty decent youtuber and his videos are generally quite informative. Though admitedly i seldom watch him stream.
leniusxue wrote:
Great content!

But you know what we really want to see, melee rework information! 2 weeks ago you said you will release more information the week after! I still remember!

im with this guy
The not asked one: How much $ was invested in rmt by your gang
oh i see what you doing

You ask for a streamer who dont damn synthesis and made a interview with him. :-) Thats a good strategie for marketing. As synthesis dont go core a have no problem with it.
For me synthesis is the first league i had no fun in poe since open beta. The decay and the implemention of the synthesizer was the reason for the most frustrating moments i ever had in poe.

And if i play poe it should be fun. But synthesis mechanic are mostly frustrating moments. Decay destroy your long made way to reward points to often. bosses are totally crazy in some kind. RNG gatet stuff is fucking bullshit. (cortex boss spawning many recipes in temple, 6 inc attri with hilloc .....

but thats only MY sight of the league. If guys like it i am ok with it.
Thanks for the interview. Octavian0 is my favorite out of all the PoE streamers out there (and i watch a lot of different ones).
Check him out if you haven't!

Best PoE Streamer by far, keep up the good work Octavian!
Phenomena such as streaming and the Kardashian clan only reinforce my feeling that Armageddon is near.

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