Streamer Interview - Octavian0

Octavian is a really intelligent guy with actually loads of knowledge around the game.

He is my favourite PoE geek by far. Keep doing what you are doing mate!
My fav streamer!

Helped me out so many times with mechanics stuff i could not figure out myself, always calm, always informative, so happy to see him here!

keep the awasome work dude!
Great guy! Nice interview!
Harvest > TotA > Sentinel > Delirium
One of the most informative streamers out there
Oct is by far and away the best streamer for those of us in the over-30 crowd. Intellectual commentary for the discerning PoE player. Keep it up Octavian, wish you nothing but the best.
"Accountability is the perfect counter-weight to ambition." -Dominus, High Templar
By far my favorite of the current streamers. Articulate and knowledgeable with zero junior high drama or rage. Keep up the great work sir!
Sunrah wrote:
By far my favorite of the current streamers. Articulate and knowledgeable with zero junior high drama or rage. Keep up the great work sir!

I don't know many streamers except popular ones (e.g. ZiggyD or Mathil) but your comment is very distinctive. I've played poe for years and I'm a "mature" poe player. "Zero junior high drama or rage" is definitely a quality that I'll appreciate topped with "articulate and knowledgeable".
wtf is this garbage?
"This garbage" is the reason I'm still playing the game instead of writing it off back during Bestiary League.

I ran into Oct's streams at a time when the other more well-known PoE streamers were not available (I think it was Twitchcon?), and his matter-of-fact, positive manner of handling the material was just what I needed to make me stay with the game and try new ideas. The chat is lively, but not abusive or uninformative, and the general air of helpfulness there is quite pleasant. And good grief, his Rainbow Trapper build still wipes the floor of anything I put it up against.

[In fairness, I should state that I am a moderator in Oct's chat, and thus have a natural bias, but I have also been using Twitch since it was still called JustinTV and have found it's the streams that keep it chill that end up with the strongest followings and most interesting games to play. How I got to be a mod remains one of the Universe's great mysteries.]

As for why bother with streamers and other forms of games broadcasting at all, it's 2019 and Twitch and other streaming media can no longer be ignored by game devs who are trying to make a living. [Again, been watching this sort of thing for a long time.] I can and have gotten into numerous games specifically because of what I saw being streamed, including this one. And I know from various publisher and developer information sources like the Game Developer's Conference that I am far, far, far from alone. In the most extreme example:

Why can Epic Games afford to buy so many exclusive releases for their games store?


Why did Fortnite get so big?

Because Twitch streamers like Ninja helped bloat the game's user base way beyond anyone's wildest dreams.

People With Money tend to notice such things.

Octavian0 is pretty much my favorite streamer to watch/listen to - extremely thoughtful and really good at getting you to understand the why of a certain point, not just the what.

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