An Update from Chris

No worries, you guy's work is much appreciated. Haters gonna hate and cry loud about it, don't give them too much of a stage. Synthesis itself does not catch me that much either, but it is not bad in any way. Patch frequency was/is good, maybe that bug early on where players could not enter Synthesis if they had not interacted with it until maps would have deserved a more immediate hotfix.
Thank you Chris

Keep up the good work
Synthesis not going to core.

I guess there is still hope for the game.
I represent only myself, my own thought and believes. I am individual, not a representative of the community.
I am not speaking on behalf of someone else and I don't get offended by things that have nothing to do with me.
ING: Marxone
Ty for scam <3
Love you GGG :*
"I will not run this company that way." (in reference to game development crunch).

That's why we love you Chris.
How is it that every league is shit because you work hard on the league after that? It doesn't make any sense.
zugster wrote:

I think that synthesis as it is can make it into core game,especially since people are not forced to go in memory fragment they can just ignore. While i agree that synthesis have some major design issue, i think it still have its place in core right now just patch it when you can. Im sad to see it go because i thought it was fun only thing that was really making everything a chore is the fractal algorytm for decay just way to random and sometimes it was silly.Only issue i ever had with it everything else was good in my opinion.Just a steeper learnign curve then usual that is all.

@Christ and the GGG team thank you for your hard work and making us feel like our opinion matter with post like this.
Rip lvl 86 Spectres. :(
this might be the first time in the history of this forum that i can actually write "hype". good decision and i love the transparency. all in all, im happy!
I would take one of your bad leagues over anything that Blizzard gave us with D3 any day.

Hyped for 4.0, PoE needs to keep showing them who's Boss.
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