An Update from Chris

I hope to see more minions and life buffs! More craft mods and more spectre/minions AI options to make agro or defence minions
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Deklnu wrote:
This needs to be stated 100 more times:

Beta test before launch
Beta test before launch
Beta test before launch
Beta test before launch

The last thing we want as dedicated POE community is content that doesn't work or works for half of the people.

Please don't let the next season big ANOTHER big wet turd. TEST TEST TEST delay release if needed. DON"T release it broken.

100% this! Possible to disappoint some with a delayed release,but many more will be upset over another bugfest,take the time to do it *right* please!
Some mornings it's not worth chewing the straps off...
creating all those gamemodes one after another must be very taxing in all the staff... it could be good if u do a new league, followed by a legacy league, just to give u more time, and we can do some other stuff too, like perandus, talisman, fisures, etc

i have a bad time with betrayal cause my game just freeze each time i get visited by assassination team, so 0 victories against those guys

synthesis make my inventory so clustered that i'm still trying to order

the new league feel like will be a little nicer in my poor toaster pc

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