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FREE Shop - Legacy IIQ/Frac Items/JuiceMaps/White Socket bases NO FEE @BigJimSlade House of Wares

This is my item crafted on base BigJimSlade gave me, Thanks !
Did 4 imprints and succeed all 4 times and a golden wreath!
Legit dude! Keep up the good work
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Best in the biz. Amazing dude.
ty for Golden Wreath mate <3
Ty for all the beast split! No questions asked!
A legit class act! Highly recommended!

It's been months ago, but haven't checked out this thread before now. I got a jeweled foil with a legacy implicit, and here's what I've done with it so far... still needs some harvest crafting!

Not only did Slade make me a copy of his 6W Astral Plate... but then he also jumped on discord and proceeded to explain a bunch of stuff about beastcrafting to me because I'm a noob and didn't understand how it worked.

AND then he wouldn't let me give him currency for his trouble either! Thanks Slade, you're good people!
Vouch for split and imprint hubris.

Thanks you very much xD
just learn how to link item in forum again lol got

Thanks alot <3
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