FREE Shop - Legacy IIQ/Frac Items/JuiceMaps/White Socket bases NO FEE @BigJimSlade House of Wares

vouched for free haku quality bow service with provided beasts, fast and no hassle.

fast and cool <3
Can vouch for sure,excellent guy with the best rng,we just hit 3/3 splits :)
He also tells as cool veteran poe stories on discord which is always a plus
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+rep! Thanks again!
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Really nice guy! patient help me with the beasts and craft for me!
thanks man!
Thanks a lot for your quantity split, i took a full set of 20% iiq items and after 4 days of deli farming ...
drop !!!!!!!!
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
+1 vouch

Tried to split a mf ring, didn't get lucky, but i'll be back :) Cool dude
+1 Thanks for Golden Mantle
+1 for golden mantle and mf ring <3
Legit person
+2 golden mantle!

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