FREE Shop - Legacy IIQ/Frac Items/JuiceMaps/White Socket bases NO FEE @BigJimSlade House of Wares

Lots of Exiles have put trust in me; and I appreciate it, but a proper vouch thread was way over due. Craft services and duping; carries and tips/tricks + free tutorials on tools for new players; BigJim is here to help. IGN - BigJimSlade or DM me here and I'll respond asap! Tons of vouches; not many bumps; which makes me continue this free service; bc of you guys! karma boys; pay it fwd! appreciate you all

Dupe Service --- Frac Services --- NO FEE --- Tips are appreciated though ;)

Frac service on maps -

**TIPS - Bring Frac fossil + corroded to block ele reflect or metallic to block phys reflect. Can use sextant on watchstones to block reflect; and you can add bloodstained fossil to add prefix on your copy that will net more corrupted item drops! If you need further info on the fossil or sextant combinations to run; feel free to ask! i've ran these maps in all sorts of methods. divine farming to unique farming; the possibilities are huge!

FRAC MAPS - Big Thanks to player @Mixiie who 35% Hillock'd the T5 Port for free! Thanks to player Vjjhgj for letting me add the t16 Promenade map to this free service! Thanks to member N4rk0tyk for adding the 2 promenade maps to the shop! 1 is bugged quant / 1 bugged packsize. (which are now t16 Burial Chambers!)

Free beast split service on 30 Qual all white six link Astral thanks to member onikava and a Vaal Regalia from Exosta - Legacy minion bone helmet thanks to member Wissle - All white recurve 30% qual 6l'd bow from member Aeterix! N4rk0tyk for the fleshripper/exquisite blade/twotone boots and +1 Spectre regalia! Rusodetuiexplorer kindly donated the Ornate quiver / Thicket / Harbinger bow and the ecplipse staff / assassins garb! NEW Hubris Circlet and Elreon Steel Ring donated by member Jix_91 - thanks to them for kindly letting me add these great bases to my shop!

Free Beast Split Bases

Free Legacy Haku Bow Dupe Service (the craft is just showing the finished product - works the same way as IIQ gear - need imprint/split and trash beasts) NEW 3w/Abyssal Socket Two-Tones ready for harvest memes!

Free Legacy IIQ Dupe Service

Just need mats - Craicic Chimeral / Fenumal Plagued Arachnid / 6 trash beasts and 1 regal:

PLEASE - 6x Trash beasts = Hit H; goto Bestiary Tab - Click Captured beasts. Trash beasts are beasts with black/white outline. NO ARTWORK! I've contemplated stopping this service bc this step is KEY and it's missed VERY regularly making this process come to a crawl.

20% Quant Legacy items -

NEW BOOTS! 35%ms! NEW GLOVES w/t1 life and Amulet w/life! 3W Sockets!

Open Mon-Fri or whenever you see me online ;)

These bases CANNOT be beast split; the only way to make a craftable base is to fracture x5 and vendor the 5 mirror'd copies to get a clean back. If you want a base; NO FEE as usual - please have 5 fractured fossils and 5 single socket resonators.

Example of some finished bases I've made:

Lastly this goes out there to all of my CoC players; NO FEE just bring x3 trash and x1 Fenumal Plagued Arachnid for a copy of:

If you want to fully meme with legacy crit multi and be ET Shroud capable or just to have another crafting base with legacy implicit.

Process was costly; but simple. Once the base is acquired; gild fossil/conq orb of your choice/woke orb and finally trash to treasure it and call it a day.

"Actually as the #1 Slayer's Banker..."
"Actually as the #1 Guardian's Banker..."
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Dupe his ring and boots no fail . Would recommend . also gave a discount on his imprint beast. dude's nice . Would dupe his ammy next time
Can vouch for. message me in game for more detail
Can 100% vouch. Best dude I've met in PoE, without any doubt. Feel free to message me in game. I'm on tons mon-weds :)
"Actually as the #1 Slayer's Banker..."
"Actually as the #1 Guardian's Banker..."
"Actually as the #1 Slayer's Banker..."
"Actually as the #1 Guardian's Banker..."
I second all the above vouches, and I also vouch on behalf of myself. I cannot vouch this man enough.
Can vouch for this guy, tried to dupe ring, was unlucky, but that's how the split goes sometimes

{[RNG]} t( -___- ;)t
"Actually as the #1 Slayer's Banker..."
"Actually as the #1 Guardian's Banker..."
Would highly recommend, very thoughtful and helpful. Vouche +1

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