[3.9] YABB (Yet Another Bow Build) +5/+6 Ice Shot Chaingunner Delve 600+ Upto 40Mill DPS

Due to quite a few people having issues I'm gonna expand the guide a bit more if there's any extra sections you'd like please PM me and I'll do my best to add it in

YABB (Yet Another Bow Build) A Potentially +6 Chain Ice Shot Deadeye that can peak at 40mill DPS and outclasses pretty much every other bow combo, Tornado Shot has always been weak in my opinion, relying on so much help it's insane. Lightning Arrow can get there, especially if you do some Non-Chaos as Extra-Chaos with Call of the Brotherhood and Cold To Fire shenanigans. The upper ceiling of this build in my opinion is about 6 mirrors which will be covered below but can be started for about 20c (how much I spent in Legion to get started)

So let's freeze Bitch!

With 6L Damage on Full Life and Flasks in Hideout

Fully Buffed in Map with Flasks and Charges

Main 3.9 Changes

Ice Shot:
No longer leaves Chilled Ground on impact.
Now deals 130% of base damage at gem level 1 (from 120%), up to 174% at gem level 20 (from 147%).
Now Chills enemies as though dealing 100% more Damage at gem level 1, up to 195% at gem level 20.
Now gains increased effect of Chill as the gem levels, up to 19% at gem level 20.
Awakened Chain Support added to the game making getting a +5/+6 way more realistic.
This has led to the PoB gem level numbers being incorrect as getting a +1 Socketed Gems Hyrri's would be insane, and a Level 6 Awakened for all that goodness.

Hyrri's Ire has been minorly nerfed so getting added cold on a Searching Eye Jewel became a little more important but the buff to Ice Shot should also balance it out (Does make the enchantment more powerful too)
This is the damage difference between 3.8 Hyrri's Ire and 3.9 Hyrri's Ire (although Level 6 Awakened Added Cold will make up for it)

Gloomfang is going to be much harder to get hold of, making the current two replacements Yoke of Suffering (Annoint with Throatseeker or Constitution),
*I will test Fury Valve out to see how it responds with Chain during the league so that is pending.

***YABB 3.9 - Day One Build Log / Highlights***

***YABB 3.9 - Day Two Build Log / Highlights***
Apologies for the music in the first two clips

***YABB 3.9 - Day Three Build Log / Highlights***
Timestamps due to many more clips

***YABB 3.9 - Day Four Build Log / Highlights***
Didn't get as far into the atlas as i'd liked due to time

***YABB 3.9 - Day Five Build Log / Highlights & Lowlights***
I done forgot about Detonate Dead

***YABB 3.9 - Day Six Build Log / Highlights & Lowlights***
Timestamps due to many more clips, sorry about the music for first 5 mins

***YABB 3.9 - Day Seven Build Log / Highlights & Lowlights***
More lowlights trundling along now, starts off with some good item gathering though

***YABB 3.9 - Day Eight Build Log / Highlights***
This has music all the way throughout as I got tired of the normal OST

Levelling Tree variants, these are only rough guides based on how I levelled this league with:
No.1 - No Taming, Opus (Only Harp), Lioneye's Fall, Green Nightmare, Watcher's Eye
No.2 - Lioneye's Fall & Green Dream/Nightmare Acquired
No.3 - All Gear
No 4.- Raider Variant

***YABB 3.8 - Video Build Guide, Act 1 to Shaper in 4hrs with tips.***

I will be adding highlight videos from each day like 3.7 but this time I will also be playing as much as I can so they will be regular.

If a video version is not for you then below should suffice, we'll cover most of the same things, with a bit more detail but I will probably reference the video for examples.

Finally for 3.9, edited for Patch Notes Released 11/12/19

Part 1: Introduction to Ice Shot and Chain


The Mechanics of Ice Shot
-How Does the Gem Work?

Ice Shot converts 60% of physical damage to cold damage inherently, so say you do 100 physical damage 60 of it will now become cold. As gems take first priority this does mean anything that affects weapon physical damage first will only affect 40%.
With the 3.8 Changes Ice Shot now has added cold damage that increases per level and with 3.9 Changes the Base Damage % is even higher
It also has a base damage modifier that is quite high, especially for a bow skill, making that base phys on the weapon even more important.
The Gem also has a quality bonus upto 20% increased cold damage, it's not a big buff as it's increased not a more multiplier but it's nice nonetheless.
The chilled ground created by where the enemy is hit has two uses, one is to slow movement speed by upto 30% of the enemy stood on the chilled ground, but for those with no resistance it also sets them to "Chilled" allowing for support gems such as Hypothermia to be effective. (Which will be covered later)

-How Do You Build Around Ice Shot and Why Chain?
Ice Shot is a physical conversion bow skill, that's centered around cold. This leads to a few main ways to build around the skill, this will be in easiest to utilize to hardest.

1. Easy: Phys Conversion Crit Based with Added Flat Damage
This is by far the easiest and most common variant, with Ice Shot being a bow skill it's crit or bust. The weapons just don't have the flat damage to go for any old increase.

By using a decent phys bow with a good crit roll (or potential to be) you're limited to pretty much three options, Death's Opus (and Legacy Variant), Legacy Reach of the Council (New ones still weak, would need like 7-8% base crit to be worth it) or a Shaped Bow with hopefully these two mods "Socketed Gems Chain +1 Times" and "Adds 3 to 5 Cold Damage per 10 Dexterity"
So with that info, Opus is the main choice. For this you want to start with a Death's Harp (125% phys roll if possible, you can blessed orb the implicit pretty easy) and the Bowstring's Music prophecy (kill Nightwane in the dried lake) this will "fate" (upgrade) your Harp to an Opus, it does also raise the level requirement from 32 to 44 but does add flat phys and a second additional arrow. Which can be double the base pDPS (peak is 210.8 with chance to be higher if you get above 20% quality, how that's possible will be explained later)

As the bow has a base critical strike chance of 7.5% at a perfect implicit roll it acts as a good starting number to get that Increased Critical Strike chance up. So we take a tonne of crit nodes on the tree, most of which are there with the idea that as a bow player you'll go crit.

2. Hard: All Added Flat Damage
This is done with Hopeshredder or a Shaped Thicket Bow and a tonne of searching eye jewels. It works great for Scourge Arrow only, not so good for Ice Shot without silly investment. I found even with a Mirror Tier bow you can get maybe 15% more dps over Opus for 40x the price. NOT WORTH IT.

Chain mechanics are fascinating in how they allow for you to shoot round corners and with the Gloomfang's mechanics it allows for you to do more damage the further away.

This is a very simple explanation of how chaining works and can get you insane clears. The difference between +2 and +3 is more noticeable than +3 to +4 but will leave one standing now and then.

The one at +1 Chain will do the 2nd most damage due to Ricochet having 10% more damage per remaining chain
The one at +3 Chain will do the most damage due to Gloomfangs upto 20% non-chaos damage gained as extra-chaos per time chained.

Making +2 the average best but you can situationally setup for some insane damage


Why Play Ice Shot
-Nerding Out: Potential Damage Scaling and Conversion
Due to the high % base damage of Ice Shot vs other bow skills it allows for quite useful scaling of flat damage. By taking two nodes on the tree (Winter Spirit) it becomes a 100% phys-cold converted skill, generic damage and elemental damage become to two main methods of scaling.
-Ice Shot vs Other Ranged Skills
I've never been the biggest fan of Tornado Shot, too many people have taken it at face value that it scaled the best for clear speed but it's simply not true. I compared Grimro's video footage of 5 Way Emblem Legion encounter and was able to do just as much and slightly quicker with Ice Shot, it's all in the chain mechanics.
Lightning Arrow is one you can use comparatively well, especially if you include, Call of The Brotherhood and Cold To Fire, this'll bump your Gloomfang damage up massively by the 2nd Chain, but the initial hit will be lacking that major Extra Chaos punch.

The Pros and Cons of Ice Shot

Highest Base Damage of any Bow Skill
Allows for Added Cold Per 10 Dexterity to be used (or whatever it's been changed to now)
Searching Eye Jewels often roll Lightning and Cold so easy to get gear for
Uniques are made for it, Hyrri's Demise, Taming, Hyrri's Ire etc.

Attack Speed is much harder to get as you're 99% of the time using Death's Opus or Legacy Reach of the Council
Is so dependant on Crit it's unbelievable 80%+ to feel good
Ele Res enemies
Can't use busted Poison Shenanigans

Raider Variant
The Raider Variant makes more use of Frenzy Charges and Ice Bite Support, as at 7 Frenzy Charges you gain more Added Cold from Ice Bite than you would from Added Cold Gem of the same level. You do also gain far more defense, having higher move speed, phasing, 10% more Attack and Spell Dodge and more Evasion, but loose out on APS increase, +1 Chain, +1 Arrow and the 10% More Multiplier per remaining chain.

The tree is the same, but taking all the frenzy nodes instead of the last two life nodes on the Duelist wheel, and going Avatar of the Slaughter, then Avatar of the Veil.

Part 2: PoB and Gearing

Now Using LocalIdentity's Path of Building:
Updated PoB 13/12/2019 For 3.9, No real changes to tree, mostly changes to gear and gems. This is the league version, no Standard items.
Point Blank Version Lvl 95: More HP, lil less damage

Deleted Far Shot Version, it sucks in comparison to Point Blank version after testing.

Stupid Min/Maxed Mirror Tier Hypothetical Version

End of Day 2 Gear:

End of Day 3 Gear:

End of Day 4 Gear:

Day 6 / Day 7 Gear:

For my Standard char as is check my profile ChaingunnerMkIV

Bandits: Alira

Pro's & Cons -

+ Can do all content (so far, I've usually died due to not knowing the mechanics)
+ 70% Evasion (or capped with one extra defensive flask)
+ 54/40 Dodge (More with Vectors or Quartz Flask) (capped with Vaal Grace)
+ Up to +7 Chain with 10 arrows, insane clear.
+ Can use Vaal Breach to make Bossing charges easier
+ Nice 20-30 mill Shaper Deeps (PoB cant do Mirage Archer)

- Uses Gloomfang so needs Elder Ring or Thief's Torment to not an hero
- Ranger so squishy when actually hit
- Requires hit and run and piano flasks
- Is a 100% crit build so really needs 1.8% Hatred Watchers Eye to feel great (alternative is Diamond Flask of the Order and Rat's Nest

Example Gearing (Standard, will add league when I finally have time to play, been at work too much recently)

Alternative Gear and Weapon Swap:






Level 18 Roth's Reach is so useful it allows you to have only one active skill and do content fine, Ice Shot even with +1 Chain makes levelling feel nice.

From level 33 you want Death's Harp, it's a 2c unique, but try and get one with a 125% phys roll, who cares about the crit chance, you can blessed orb that later. (You'll go back to pierce till Level 38)
Bowstring's Music is the prophecy to upgrade and 9/10 it works out cheaper especially when going for max rolls. It's how I ended up with the highest pDPS Opus in the game that isn't corrupted. Well unless someone has 28% quality'd a perfect rolled one.

Hyrri's Bite is a great quiver to use from Level 10, I wouldn't upgrade to Demise unless it's ilvl80 though as it requires ilvl80 to get a chance to corrupt to +1 chain. (Prophecy; A Dishonourable Death)

Ring's it's pretty simple
Le Heup of All / Lightning or Cold Berek's for levelling, Praxis for mana.
Elder Ring is your first stop, as I mention a LOT it's necessary for Gloomfang to not An Hero you. If you can't get 18-20 Life Gained for Each Enemy Hit By Your Attacks, DO NOT FUCKING USE GLOOMFANG

Gloomfang: Corrupt it to use 10 levels earlier, the mana regeneration rate is wanky so you want Ele Damage With Attacks / +1 Frenzy Corruption / Quantity of Items Found

League I start with Wanderlusts, Wake of Destruction is great if you level with Scourge Arrow, or Seven-League Steps if you got the dollah, eventually settle into a rare set of boots with Move Speed / Dodge / Res / Life, Enchantment is any of the damage ones or ele pen. Move Speed if you feel you're going too slowly.

So I use Starkonja's just due to how fucking good it is, it can be beaten out by a rare with nearby enemies have reduced Cold & Chaos resist, but that's majorly difficult to attain so I say fuck it. Rat's Nest is a viable alternative until Watcher's Eye for the 75% crit roll.
Enchants to look for: 40% Ice Shot / Scourge Arrow additional Pod / Scourge Arrow Damage / Frost Bomb Debuff Duration for Bosses / Hatred Reservation if you wanna crank Precision up all the way

I level with Lochtonials for Charges, otherwise Hrimburn for the Cold can Ignite or Ondar's for Attack Speed, to me charges are better though.
Later on you want gloves with Attack Speed, Life, Res, Phys/Cold Damage to Attacks, and "of Fury" enchantment. With all the added cold we have Fury is fucking broken.

HH Is King, but it's expensive as fuck so. Levelling it goes, Prismweave or Rare, Bisco's for Rampage, Rare Elder belt or whatever the Conqueror version that gives proj damage is.

Hypothetical Mirror Tier Gear that makes your damage like 50million +

This is why Green Nightmare is so good:

***** Screenshots from the video for those who don't fancy watching *****


Part 3: Questions and FAQ


So first things first, the mandatory items for the build

Death's Opus - The build is centered around this bow, for it's clear and crit multi and two arrow potential. Easiest way in my opinion is to buy a 121-125% Increased Phys Death's Harp and use Bowstring's Music Prophecy to upgrade at level 44.

I've had a lot of questions about single target and there are three options with pros and cons

1. Barrage / Ice Shot setup
Ice Shot's clear is bonkers good so that'll remain the same throughout

Barrage, this is the easiest one to get started with but has the most min-maxing, Barrage is multiplied by amount of arrows, meaning getting additional arrow from Quiver and +1 enchant is 20% more damage than without, but it is the easiest to set up if you have the bow and enough crit. (Be warned, because it's lots of little hits, the Freeze and Shock potential is much lower)

2. Scourge Arrow / Ice Shot / Ice Shot Culling Strike Weapon Swap
This setup makes use of Weapon Swap with Chin Sol and a Hyrri's corrupted with flat ele damage on it, using Scourge Arrows stupidly OP multiplier and Chin Sol for the 100% more damage when nearby we get a nice 20 million plus DPS hit for bossing.

Having Ice Shot with Culling Strike and Cold Penetration in the bow on weapon swap helps with the end of boss fights, if in standard add in IIQ too.

Main Downside: Amulet swapping to Yoke of Suffering

3. Ice Shot / Ice Shot
This one has Ice shot for Clear and Single Target

Not much change but has about 3x damage of the clear version with the setup
Ice Shot - Ele Damage - Added Cold - Damage on Full Life - Hypothermia - Cold Pen

This setups only downside is having quarter the maximum DPS of Scourge Arrow, but has the advantage of no weapon swap or gear swap.


Cheaper Items;
The only things mandatory is Opus and Demise, if you only have Hyrri's Bite then Taming isn't needed and focus on freeze only. This build is adaptive it's a phys to cold with added flat ele on top build, the complexity only comes from Life Gained For Each Enemy Hit By Your Attacks being higher than Gloomfangs loss. If you do not have that, use anything else.


Personally I go in this order
Harp with a 125% phys roll and 50% crit implicit, then get the prophecy and upgrade.
Hyrri's second to upgrade. The added flat damage from stats begins to mount up by about level 70
Lioneye's Fall
Elder Ring with 18-20 Life Gained For Each Enemy Hit By Your Attacks.

Do NOT use Gloomfang until Elder ring is done

Then get Gloomfang, if you don't have the Elder, skip this till you do

Taming next to get the 120% increased ele from Demise and upto 40% res.

Green Dream / Nightmare next

Watcher's Eye ^ Ire last.

Can I League Start with this?
Yes, I have done for many leagues, especially with how cheap some of the items get (most are never considered meta even if they're way stronger than a lot of meta stuff

How do I generate Frenzy charges?
Green Dream / Green Nightmare is the final way to generate, but before that you can use Ice Bite support in your Ice Shot instead of Added Cold, just be sure to take Frenzy Charges earlier on to get the most from the support gem. As Level 21 Ice Bite does more damage than Level 21 Added Cold when you have 7 Charges and is about on par when you have 6. So them Glove Corruptions can be handy, (and is the only one better than the projectile damage implicit)

What defences does this build have?
Near max Evasion
10-20% Blind Chance
50/40 Dodge, with 75/75 Dodge when using Vaal Grace
4.2-5K HP
Fully upgraded pantheon means Immune to Poison, can't be hit by chain proj and 10% chance to avoid projectiles

What's the maximum damage potential?
At most I've got my scourge arrow setup to about 30million DPS, with a mirror bow it becomes about 42million

Ice Shot you can get to about 4million on clear, 9million on single target.

Why Deadeye?
Ricochet Node gives 10% more damage per remaining chain, this means with fully specced gear you get a 50% more multiplier on your damage which is bonkers.

Where's the leech from?
Lioneye's Fall Gem causes Claw nodes to become Bow nodes when placed in the jewel socket above Acrobatics. Nuff sed

Do I need a 1.8% Crit Watchers Eye?
No, but it will make the build feel a lot nicer, if you do not have one, take King of the Hill earlier. You wanna have 60-70% base crit without Watchers eye, 85-95% with.

Why not Voidfletcher?
So Voidfletcher only adds Flat cold and ES (which is Halved from having Acrobatics, so it's defensive gain is also weak, as we're clearing entire screens the enemies are dead before the void shot's have a chance to go off. For bosses it's true that they can pack a punch with Barrage but, and a big but, you lose out on a tonne of ele damage from The Taming and it's Shock as well (due to having little to no lightning damage) this does not offset the amount of damage Void Shot gives, especially not compared to a stacked Scourge Arrow shot which can peak over 35million DPS.

What about the Cold Damage Changes
Currently level 21/20 Added Cold Damage is 187 to 280 added cold damage, the upgrade to Added Cold Damage Plus will more than pick up the slack for the nerfing of Abyss Jewels from previous league and also team up better with the Scourge Arrow
Plus at Level 5 is equivalent to Level 23 Added Cold so a Level 6 is gonna be manic (if a +1 socketed gems on chest to make Level 7 it's gonna be fucking nuts)

This will make up for Hyrri's Ire's minor nerf.

How Far Can It Delve
I've gotten down to 600 without any issues, if I min maxed my gear I could easily pass 1000

I'm looking to play with a friend who's playing aura bot, would this build gain anything from that?
Yeah, Anger and Wrath both add a fuck tonne of damage to Scourge and Ice Shot, Haste and Grace are lovely too, Flesh and Stone is good for defense and crit, Purity's for deep delving are nice too.

Lunaris / Shakari

***YABB - Build Guide, Act 1 to Shaper in 4hrs with tips.***


***OLD 3.7 Videos***

3.7 Tree Test: (Standard)

3.7 Ice Shot Only Test: (Standard)

3.7 Ice Shot / Frost Bomb Test: (Standard)

3.7 Ice Shot / Scourge Arrow Uber Elder and UE Guardians (Not Deathless)

(Down from 5 to 3 deaths)

Sleep Deprived Ice Shot Only, No HH No Scourge Shaper

This is what happens when you put GMP in place of Added Cold, all the clears:

At this point getting the +1 chain Hyrri's a boss killing belt (essence crafted Stygian makes the most sense for the 5% pen and abyssal slot), the last jewel socket on the tree and the next Hatred Watcher's Eye the damage becomes ridiculous but that is major min-maxing

Will eventually hit Godhood

For I am become Death the Cleaving Destroyer of Mobs.
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For I am become Death the Cleaving Destroyer of Mobs.
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Updated: Added 2 new videos to replace the purposefully annoying levelling videos to show the clear. (Still needs Hyrri's and was done with IIQ Gem in slot instead of Cold to Fire)

Updated: New PoB, way better now
For I am become Death the Cleaving Destroyer of Mobs.
Added: Delve level 320 Abyssal City test. Now I've got Uber Lab done all that's missing is Green Nightmare jewel and to 6L my Hyrri's for Single Target (Although Ice Shot is doing nicely)
For I am become Death the Cleaving Destroyer of Mobs.
Added: Main build compilation video
For I am become Death the Cleaving Destroyer of Mobs.
Hello, i've been following your build for the Flashback event, im still a new player overall, but how does the Claw node affect the Bow dmg/crit?
SagnaX wrote:
Hello, i've been following your build for the Flashback event, im still a new player overall, but how does the Claw node affect the Bow dmg/crit?

via "Lioneye's fall viridian jewel" placed in the closest jewel slot to the claw wheel.

Lioneye's fall: melee and melee weapon type modifiers in radius are transformed to bow modifiers.
If you do not have that available to you drop those nodes and take the Vitality void nodes near duelist wheel and the mana leech.

Instead of the Green Nightmare cos it's gonna be expensive, swap in Blood Rage or Ice Bite for the Cold gem (and use Darkray Vectors)
For I am become Death the Cleaving Destroyer of Mobs.
Hi fairly new player here. Could you screen shot the rest of your tree? The 2 pics you have only have 60 points
Hi fairly new player here. Could you screen shot the rest of your tree? The 2 pics you have only have 60 points

The rest is available in either the PoB link or if you click my profile you can see my character Synix_ChaingunnerMkIV and look at the tree
For I am become Death the Cleaving Destroyer of Mobs.

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