[3.8] Aquarism's Ice shot/Barrage [All Content] [21m shaper dps]

Ice is nice!

Disclaimer, uses some legacy items, can still be played in temp leagues with substitutes but lower DPS, includes budget version too.

Do you like massive clear? Do you like ludicrous single target DPS? do you like ice? do you want to be like Sonic the hedgehog?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, then this guide is for you.

Pros and cons

+ Insane clear
+ Melt bosses
+ High move speed
+ max attack/spell dodge

- Squishy, one shot if you do get hit from big attacks
- Expensive
- Can not do elemental reflect maps
- No leech maps will be a pain

With my bossing setup, I do 21.8m barrage Shaper DPS, and 7.3m(4.7m shaper) ice shot clear.

-Shaper phases are done in .5 second unless he goes into Touhou mode or summons
-Uber elder deathless in 3 min
-Delve easy 500+
-3 row of loot from 5-way legion, on an ultrawide monitor

Idle in HO

In map with full Frenzy/Power/Flasks, no HH buff

POB https://pastebin.com/WG4DpYDg


So how do we scale our damage?

- Additional arrows
- Critical Strike chance
- Ailments
- Taiming
- Frost bomb
- Frenzy/Power charge
- Assasin's Mark
- Aspect of Spider

Barrage is a skill the scales incredibly well with additional arrows, by default it fires 5 arrows, we can bump that number to 14 without any links. The Taming is a powerful ring that scales well with reliable ailment application, because we have 100% crit chance we always inflict ailments, thus getting the full benefit of this ring. Frost bomb applies 25% cold exposure, use this at bosses for a nice damage boost. Frenzy and power charges provides attack speed and crit chance. Assasin's mark amps our crit potential. Aspect of Spider slows enemy movement speed by up to 90%, and 15% increased damage taken.

My end game gear

Explanation and swaps

For bow we use a legacy reach of the council for its +4 arrows. esentialy adding a 7l GMP to iceshot and barrage with no drawbacks, this helps clear and adds about 80% dmg to barrage. In temp leagues the next best would be Death's Opus, +2 arrow and quiver +1 negates the need of GMP for ice shot, it increases weapon physical dmg by 100% and adds a woping 100% crit multi, all around a sold bow

Helm, we are looking for the enchant "Barrage fires 2 additional projectiles" this is legacy, for temp league look for +1. For the base, you can use devoto for 20% more ms, more attack speed. or Starkonja for some attack speed, crit chance, and life. Ideally, you would use a rare helm with the delve suffix, "nearby enemies have -X% to cold resistance. If you cannot score a barrage enchant, the next best would be "30% increased Assassin's Mark Curse Effect" "40% Increased Ice Shot damage" or reduced Hatred/Herald of Ice mana reservation

Chest piece Hyrri's Ire is the undisputed best DPS option, it provides cold damage topping a 20/20 added cold damage support, combined with Reach of the council, gives both Ice Shot and Barrage a free 8 link. In my case, however, I am resist struggling so I opt for a legacy Queen of the Forrest, gaining a nice life boost as well. swapping out qotf for ire in POB drops my Barrage DPS from 21m to 17m, still enough to melt all bosses

On quivers we want crit multi, crit chance, ele with attacks, +1 arrow on shaped, and one open suffix to craft crit chance/frenzy on crit hybrid, this will serve as our primary frenzy generation. The 5% may seem low, but we have 100% crit chance, attacks 4 times a second, every attack fires 11-14 projectiles, you would usually achieve max frenzy in 3 seconds from bosses, or 2 pack clear with ice shot. Void fletcher is viable too at 7 arrows with corruption, 9 with dying sun, but that means we need to swap out one of our abyss jewels for green nightmare and take resist nodes within its radius. The void shot damage is not in pob, it can be calculated by adding an LVL 1 unsupported Ice Shot, divide DPS by attack speed, times 2 then times number of arrows, this number will be the voidshot damage, finish by adding void shot DPS to Ice Shot/Barrage to see what it gives you

Double Abyss tombfist is still the best DPS options, the downside being low life and no resist, make sure you have a Murderous eye to intimate enemies, that's a 10% inc damage taken. The next option is any gripped gloves with resist and life, you want at least t2 life, if not t1. If you can spare resist elsewhere, aim for attack speed, inc projectile dmg and flat added dmg

Synthesized boots with onslaught implicit are what we want, try to buy or roll good life, resist and move speed. for temp league or cheaper alternatives, we can use Darkray vectors, in std buy a +1 max frenzy corrupted Darkray. next best would be rare boots with life/resist/ms. if no ms is present you can craft ms/onslaught hybrid

Rare shaped amy with crit multi, ele with attack, gain x% physical as extra cold, life are all good rolls, We use onyx here to alleviate some stat requirements. Multiple T1 rolls can get quite expensive, if your budget does not permit, go for pandemonious. it gives inc cold, cold pen, and blind, the chill when hit is mostly useless as we have 100% crit, and when we crit we shock, ignite and freeze, but the Perma blind is helpfull with survivability. for annoitment, get "Throat Seeker" for DPS, "Freedom of Movement" for more ms, "Cruel Preparation", "Purity of Flesh", "Discipile and Training", "Constitution", "Soul of Steel", or any other defensive nodes you want.

A rare shaped ring with the suffix "Curse enemies with LVL X Assasin's Mark on hit" is insanely good, it gives a huge chunk of crit chance and some crit damage, killing cursed enemies will also have decent chance to get power charge, further boosting our crit potential. An opal ring is the best base but can get quite expensive, can sub for a diamond ring, stats we want are life/resist/damage. Taming for the other ring slot, as we always crit, we always freeze, shock and ignite, thus getting the full benefit from taming, 60% inc damage, 30% inc ele dmg and 30% ele with attacks and up to 40% all resist, a solid ring. if you cant get curse on hit for some reason then any ring with resist and life will do

For a clear speed build, HH is the obvious choice, gaining a rare monster's mods is the single most powerful ability in this game. For bossing or lower budget, a stygian with life/res will work just fine

A lot of options when it comes to flasks. Firstly it is mandatory to get an instant life flask, with bleed immune on it, a quick double-tap will bring you back to full life from near death. Atziri's Promise is the cheapest and biggest DPS boost you'll get from a flask. Bottled faith is really strong against bosses as well as more hp regen, if you can't afford or for general mapping swap for a taste of hate, wise oak if you can over cathe p cold res as dying sun gives 50%, getting a nice chunk of cold pen. then the mandatory Dying Sun for the +2 arrows. If your crit chance is low, squeeze in a Diamond flask, "Lucky" means you roll your crit twice and takes the higher value, this will help you cap your crit chance. Have two quicksilver flask on hand, one for suffix inc movement speed, one curse immune, swap them if you get temporal chains

A big bulk of our dmg comes from abyss jewels, prioritize resist first, then if you are under 4k life you need at least t2 life on them, for the damage we want crit multi, flat added dmg, inc dmg if we killed recently, we also need some fire and lightning damage, this is to proc ignite and shock. Lioneye's fall is mandatory, it goes into the socket directly above the "Acrobatics" keystone, this allows us to grab some powerful claw and dagger nodes, notable "Soul Raker" provides the much-needed mana leech. Then we want a watcher's eye with crit chance hatred, if you can afford double get flat dmg, we don't use pen because we already shave off a huge chunk of the resist with frost bomb. If you do decide to go with voidfletcher, you need to use green nightmare under "survivalist" or "Golem's blood" and take the respective resist nodes. an alternative to green nightmare would be a well-rolled brutal restraint, try to look for gain frenzy on kill, as all timeless jewels are unique, plug in the ones you have into pob and see if yours is better than the green nightmare


I opt for more damage, sitting just under 4.1k life, which is really low. you want to aim for 4.5k life at least since you can already one-shot the atlas.

We also want aspect of the spider somewhere on our gear, it takes 1 suffix. it cannot be affected by enlighten but will by other support gems, take that as you will

Gem Link
In order of Priorites:

Ice Shot



Mobility/Frost Bomb


Things to note, because we are running Hatred, Herald of Ice and Aspect of Spider, enlighten needs to be level 4, this will leave us just enough mana to use ice shot twice, and once with barrage. we do have enough leech to sustain both skills. To test, in POB, divide max mana leech rate by attack speed, the closer it gets to your mana cost of these skills the better. Fight against basilica map boss, you will perma freeze him during phase transition, allowing you to test mana leech, alternatively, you can craft -mana cost on rings.

I set my CWDT to be 25% of total HP, you can set them however you like.

We do not use grace in our setup, only vaal grace during tough encounters to max out our dodge chance.

The portal gem is not needed, you can add in LVL1 precision if you have the mana but that's just how I play.

Phase run can also be swapped with Withering steps, it provides a stronger move speed boost for a shorter duration as the effect of elusive slowly wears off, it also has a shorter cooldown. This can be better if you only fire 1-2 arrows per pack, then run to the other pack

Level 100 Passive Tree


We take Gathering Winds first to take advantage of the 20% action speed modifier, which makes us move faster, attack faster and cast faster.

Farshot next to help clear with ice shot, this won't help barrage that much as we want to be as close to the target as possible.

Ricochet to again help clear, also boost barrage DPS, melts twin bosses too.

Lastly, we get fast and deadly for some attack speed and projectile damage, the reduced blink arrow cooldown is a nice QoL change, allows us to be much more mobile.

Help Alira

Mostly down to preferences, but I took:
Major: Lunaris
Minor: Garukhan
These two combined gives a nice speed boost while mapping

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yey ty man <3 -MONGO
Ty man, was looking for a long time for a good ice shot build. I'll definetly look into this !
it's a good build, i copied it
Great build, looks very fun!!

I tried to copy it, quite limited with currency atm, but I think I am only reaching half your dps, can you please have a look?


ripslyme00 wrote:
Great build, looks very fun!!

I tried to copy it, quite limited with currency atm, but I think I am only reaching half your dps, can you please have a look?


If you swap out farrul's fur for Hyrriss Ire you'll get 18m barrage, swap herald of purity for precision, with your watchers you'll basically be a pathfinder. You dont need diamonds flask it seems, get quicksilver to move faster, or more damage. I'm working on a raider variant that could use farruls, but need some frenzy corrupt and perhaps icebite, still WIP.
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what do you think about taking endless mutation instead of fast and deadly for one extra projectile
badhack88 wrote:
what do you think about taking endless mutation instead of fast and deadly for one extra projectile

Even when using death opus (+2), shaped quiver (+1) and dying sun (+2) no helm enchant, we are firing 10 projectiles. the +1 from ascendency gives way less damage than fast and deadly.

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