[3.6] Eternity Shroud Winter Orb Trickster (the best one)

3.7 Changes:
As expected, we took a pretty big hit in 3.7, and the vast majority of it is to the quality of life of the build. Let's go over the patch notes:
Winter Orb
Deals 30 to 37 cold damage at gem level 1 (from 25 to 31), up to 232 to 291 at gem level 20 (from 232 to 289).
Base duration is now 1.2 seconds (from 0 base duration, building solely on stages).
Now states that increases and reductions to cast speed now also apply to projectile frequency (actual behavior is unchanged).
Now has a 20% reduced target acquisition range.
Now fires projectiles every 1.6 seconds (from every 0.8 seconds)
Now gains 25% increased duration per stage (from +0.4 seconds to base duration per stage).
Now has 100% more projectile frequency while channeling.

The biggest impact is the projectile firing speed change. When you combine this with the "100% more projectile frequency while channeling" this means that we do full old DPS while standing still channeling, but half the DPS while running around. The 20% reduced target acquisition range just means we have to get a little bit closer to the enemies, putting us in more danger. It also will lower our clear speed. The duration changes actually net out almost unchanged (4.2 second base for 10 stages, 4.8 for 12 vs. 4.0 second base for 10 stages and 4.8 for 12 previously), but this is a nerf to the scaling. Increased Duration Support, Potency of Will, and other sources of skill effect duration will now scale off the 1.2 second base instead of the 4.0 or 4.8 second base, making it harder to get higher duration. Shaper's presence and temp chains will still behave the same though, as their slow time mechanic will still scale off the final duration calculation.

Infused Channeling Support
Now works correctly with the new Physical gem type.
No longer implicitly provides a reduction to physical damage taken, and will only provide such a reduction while channeling a skill with a physical gem tag.

We're a bit squishier now without the phys mitigation

Ghost Dance: Now causes you to gain a Ghost Shroud every 2 seconds (from 1).
Escape Artist: Now grants 10% chance to dodge hits from Spell Damage while you have Energy Shield (from 20%), and 6% increased Attack and Cast Speed per Ghost Shroud (from 12%).
Each of the small passives on the Trickster Ascendancy tree now grant 5% increased energy shield (from 8%) and 14% increased evasion rating (from 8%).

Loss of cast speed is a loss to DPS and QoL. Ghost Shroud and spell dodge are just more nerfs to survivability.

Indirect changes to Unnatural Instinct from passive tree changes
The Critical Multiplier passives near the Scion starting area provided far too much power through the Unnatural Instinct jewel. They have been changed to Accuracy passives instead.

Another DPS hit.

Powerful Unique Item Rarity
Certain very powerful unique items will be harder to obtain now. This includes Headhunter, Eternity Shroud and Solstice Vigil.

A cost increase to the build.

The values on Life, Mana and Energy Shield modifiers on Abyssal Jewels have been reduced, and the top tiers made rarer relative to lower tiers. The top roll for these modifiers is now 40 (from 50). Divining existing jewels will update them to these new values, so don't do that unless you're hoping to create one of those 'viral videos' that are all the rage these days.
Added damage of all types on Abyssal Jewels has also been lowered, by about 30% at the top end, scaling down to lower tiers. Top tiers of these have also become rarer. This is true for all top-tier added damage modifiers on Abyssal Jewels, including caster and summoner ones.

A minor, but still important DPS and eHP nerf. The best jewels were already the 3+ crit multi regular jewels, and they still will be the same. Abyssal jewels used to provide a budget replacement that no longer exists.

Winter Orb itself got nerfed pretty hard, as expected, but mostly just to it's quality of life. While standing still toe to toe with a boss, channeling, you're going to do almost the same damage. This build as written was somewhat of a glass cannon though, and the intent was never to be standing still for an extended period. Due to the quick-pause-only-to-channel-then-keep-running playstyle, this means you'll feel the 50% DPS loss a lot! I don't really recommend this as a league starter for 3.7 as it stands now. The core item of the build is a now even rarer Uber Elder drop, so its price will be astronomical until later in the league. The nerfs to quality of life of Winter Orb will also make it much less enjoyable to play while you're leveling and before you get the core gear. We had fun everybody, time to try something else.

If you want to build it as a second character after you're super rich, it will still work. Who cares if your Shaper DPS is 5 mil instead of 10? It'll really sting for the people who have a 20-50 exalt character with the core items but none of the god tier ones. Cutting from 1-2 mil DPS down to .5-1 mil feels way worse.

Everything below was written in 3.6 and has not been changed. I added my thoughts about 3.7 above. I'm leaving this title as a 3.6 build because I'm not sure I'll update it all. TLDR it's still technically playable, but less powerful, less fun, and more expensive.


I've searched many build guides on this site dealing with the Winter Orb Trickster, but I can't seem to find any that detail what seems to be the most powerful version of the build. If I've missed it, I apologize. This is also my first time creating a build guide, so I apologize in advance for mistakes I'll make. I used Ghazzy as a formatting inspiration, so if it looks similar, that's why :)

I'm in the middle of building this myself, but most of my understanding of the build is based on analyzing the builds atop poe.ninja. Just filter for Winter Orb and Trickster, then sort by DPS.

A few streamers have created youtube videos detailing this build, but nothing has seemingly been documented here. For example, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-_2p2eiKdQ


- Insane clear speed.
- Insane single target (yes, I really mean it has both).
- Crazy fun.

- Still can't do ele reflect. You're doing some ele damage still.
- Very expensive (10-20 ex to start, can get to 100+ ex quickly)
- Melting the end game so easily might take the fun out of it after a bit and/or ruin other builds for you.

Flashback Event/General League Starter Tips:
The build presented is tailored for the end-game, and it's expensive. It is possible to gear into it slowly over time, but it won't be as easy as another build specifically designed to be a league starter. Here are some suggestions to work towards as you're just starting out:

Ignore the damage conversion until level 70+. The damage conversion serves to abuse the "Gain elemental damage as extra chaos" modifiers on items like Eternity Shroud, Shaper weapons, and the Harness the Void Ascendancy. Since you're unlikely to have any of those when you start, just run Winter Orb as a pure cold build. Your 6-link becomes Winter Orb - GMP - Infused Channeling - Concentrated Effect - Hypothermia - (Inc. Duration, Ele Focus, Controlled Destruction, Arcane Surge, Cold Penetration).

Don't spec into EB or MoM initially. Run Hatred + Herald of Ice as your Auras. With Alira quest, Arcane Surge, and Lucidity, you shouldn't have mana problems. Your Ghost Dance and Escape Artist along with not using EB will give you a decent effect health pool as well.

Budget starting gear suggestions:
- Cerberus Limb + Lioneye's Remorse. This combo costs less than 50c in Flashback three days in. The synergy here is pretty great. You get 100+ ele/spell damage, cast speed, life leech, 200 life, 300 energy shield, 30% block, and some physical projectile damage reduction.
- Malachai's Artifice with Lightning/Flame Golem.
- The Gull is a nice all purpose Trickster helm. Shrines are fun.
- Sacrificial Heart amulet gives nice DPS and mana regen.

Once you're completed Uber Lab to get Harness the Void, you can start targeting Shaper weapons. Search for a rare with 16+% ele as extra chaos damage. You'll likely be able to find random rares with this and a bunch of other random mods for about 1 ex a few days in to the league. Hopefully you can get another useful mod or two, maybe an open slot to craft, etc. You'll want to swap Cold to Fire gem in at this point as well, and pick up Atziri's flask. At this point, you should have enough dps to get you fairly deep on the atlas. Eventually grab Eternity Shroud and start upgrading all your slots to garbage Shaper items with life/resist for a few chaos each.

Bossing vs. Mapping/Quality of Life:

The build choices I'm outlining below are heavily stressing the ultimate min-max damage output, specifically for end-game bosses. For another video demonstrating how silly this build makes uber-elder look, here: https://youtu.be/Mtr8yrSO-eQ

I will try to mention places where you can cut corners and save a ton of currency or improve quality of life at the expense of DPS where possible, but I guarantee I won't get them all. If you only have 10-15 ex to throw at a build, you can still play this build, melt t16 maps, and generate currency over time to improve it! You don't have to be super wealthy to get started. Most players will be much happier with the quality of life adjustments and the cheaper options.

The main difference will come in whether or not you go full Shaper gear to get the Eternity Shroud secondary bonus. This bonus is only useful vs. ultra late-game bosses who have 25% chaos resistance. For general purpose mapping/delving/nexus running, you won't need this buff and are better off using QoL gear.

Build enabling interactions:

This build centers around the way that "gain elemental damage as extra chaos damage" works with damage conversion. Basically, when you convert damage, you get the extra chaos at every stage. To take advantage of this, we try converting most of Winter Orb's damage from cold to fire using cold to fire gem and Pyre ring. Then, we stack "Gain % elemental damage as extra chaos damage" from one-handed scepters/wands, trickster ascendancy, and the Eternity Shroud unique chest. The end result is 5 mil+ DPS PER ORB.

Note that this build can actually work with almost any cold skill. There's nothing particularly special about Winter Orb except that it's an incredibly easy mechanical skill to use. While it's a channeled skill, the time to channel is very quick, so you basically pause for a moment, then run around blowing everything up. This makes it especially safe for end-game bosses as well.

Skill Gems:

6-link chest:

Winter Orb - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Cold to Fire - Infused Channeling - Concentrated Effect - Elemental Focus/Increased Duration/Controlled Destruction

It is possible to run Herald of Ice with this build if you don't have Pyre. If you do, though, make sure not to run Elemental Focus, as you wouldn't be able to trigger the on death explosions.

4-link Auras:

Zealotry - Hatred - Herald of Ash - Enlighten

With the reduced reservation nodes we take in the tree and using Eldritch Battery, we can run all three of these. The point here is just to keep stacking more spell damage, more cold damage, and more fire damage.

4-link Wither:

Wither - Spell Totem - Multiple Totems - Faster Casting

It's questionable whether you'll ever really need this, since the build does so much damage anyways, but it might be helpful for boss fights since you mostly deal chaos damage.

4-link CWDT:

Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 1) - Immortal Call (lvl 3) - Increased Duration - Phase Run/Vaal Haste/Vaal Grace/Vaal Righteous Fire

Pick whichever utility skill you want to benefit from Increased Duration to be the 4th link. CWDT and IC are kept low level, but Increased Duration and your 4th link can be maxed.


The rest is flexible as far as where you put it, but good things to choose from:
- Flame Dash
- Lightning Golem
- Phase Run
- Vaal Righteous Fire
- Vaal Haste
- Vaal Grace
- Orb of Storms - Curse on Hit - Assassin's Mark/Warlord's Mark (you get power charges while channeling, but for bosses you still don't want to stand still that much. Warlord's Mark gives some nice life leech for bosses if you need that)

Skill Tree:


This is a level 76 tree and is what I consider to be a mandatory base. Beyond this, you have several spec options to your liking. In no particular order:

- Blood Drinker & jewel socket to the right of Shadow (comes with bonus dex which comes in handy)
- Scion jewel socket next to Harrier if you have an Unnatural Instinct (which you probably do if you're rich enough to play this build)
- Melding and/or Quick Recovery for more life
- Dark Arts for cooldown/cast speed mapping QoL
- Purity of Flesh for life/chaos res
- Singular Focus for more channeling cast speed/damage reduction
- Potency of Will for a(n expensive 6 point) QoL upgrade to WO duration
- The last life node next to the Devotion/Cruel Preparation/Blood Siphon/Discipline and Training notables.

The base tree only has 102% to max life, so you will definitely need to pick some of these life nodes. You'll want to decide based on what other requirements you need to fill out the build (chaos resistance, more ES, some dex, etc.).

Quality of Life Tree:


This is a nice tree that you can use if you are poor and just getting into the build, or if you just find yourself preferring quality of life over top end DPS. It assumes you are wearing Devouring Diadem. Major differences:
- More life (187%) and thus survivability.
- Potency of Will.
- Tons of cast speed and cooldown from Dark Arts.
- With the dex from routing to Blood Drinker and the adjacent jewel socket, along with a dex veiled mod on Devouring Diadem and the +attributes from Solstice Vigil, you can max level Vaal Grace/Phase Run/etc. with no additional dex on gear.

This build will still melt the endgame, but feels much smoother and cuts costs considerably by dropping Unnatural Instinct and de-prioritizing jewel slots.


Trickster. Swift Killer -> Ghost Dance -> Escape Artist -> Harness the Void

For bandits, save Alira. A case can be made for taking the passives as well. The resistance and mana regen are super helpful while leveling, but the mana regen is useless once we switch to EB. The resistance and crit multi are basically a decent 2.5-3 property jewel. Since we only have 3 point jewel sockets left in the final stage of the tree, this is close to a wash.

Major Pantheon:
- Lunaris is an amazing "set it and forget it" choice here. Physical damage reduction, movement speed, and some extra dodge/avoidance are all spectacular. Avoiding chained projectiles also makes your golem less dangerous to you.
- Solaris can get special consideration for specific boss fights. Specifically, if the boss you're fighting is solo and doesn't spawn a lot of adds.

Minor Pantheon:
- Yugul for end game bosses. A lot of Elder/Shaper damage is cold.
- Garukhan for mapping. More evading and move speed.
- Gruthkul can be useful as you build your character up and is more defensive.

Tukohama seems like it should be good, giving bonuses while standing still since Winter Orb is a channeling skill, but this to be a trap. If you're standing still for 4 seconds, you're doing it wrong and will end up taking wayyyyyyy more damage instead of mitigating it. I would only use this for uber lab, since the regen is nice for when you're resting between trap rooms.



You're looking for two ilvl 85 shaped wands/scepters (not daggers, crit chance is beaten handily by the other implicits) preferably with as high an implicit as you can afford. The stats you want (shoutout to blg_RealiZe for pointing out my underrating of cast speed in the earlier version):
- Gain 20% of Elemental Damage as Extra Chaos Damage
- Multimod
- Spell Damage/Gain 4% of Non-Chaos as Extra Chaos
- Cast Speed
- Global Crit Multi
- Adds Cold Damage to Spells
- Critical hit chance for Spells

A few notes here:
- Cast Speed increases the rate of Winter Orb hits as well as channeling speed. Massive DPS and QoL boost. Just get it.
- I've listed crit chance last above for a reason. It's the one to drop if you can get the other 6.
- Sceptres are slightly better than wands with identical damage implicits. Elemental damage scales Herald of Ice explosions (if you don't run Ele Focus), and sceptres allow you to use leap slam if you want to proc Fortify. Just remember you can't wield one wand and one sceptre, you have to choose one. The cast speed on profane wands probably makes them the best overall though.

For a budget option, search for any one-handed weapon with "gain 16+% elemental damage as extra chaos". These go for < 20 chaos, and having just this one stat along is perfect to get you started.

Body Armor:

Eternity Shroud is mandatory. Divine it until you get the 5% Elemental Damage as extra chaos per Shaper item.

Solstice Vigil:

While any shaped amulet will work, this allows you to run Blasphemy -> Temp Chains for free. It also provides "Shaper's presence" which causes buffs/debuffs/effects on you to expire 33% slower (meaning they last 50% longer). This is a really nice QoL amulet for Winter Orb as well as all your frenzy charges, power charges, immortal call, phase run, etc. It's a great choice.

Shaped Pyre ring:

Pyre really only serves the purpose of converting a bunch more cold to fire. Because of the way extra chaos damage works, it gets added at every stage of the process. The more conversion the better. However, it is very hard to get a Shaped Pyre. They are listed for ~20 ex now, but you're welcome to try your hand chancing.

No Shaped Pyre ring:

If you don't have a shaped Pyre, you can:
- wear a regular Pyre
- wear Elder Pyre with Mark of the Shaper
- wear Elder "Warlord's Mark on hit" with Mark of the Shaper
- wear any other rare Shaper ring

Shaped Pyre is the max damage output vs. end-game bosses with their 25% chaos resistance, since ignoring it is basically 33% more damage multiplier. For anything else though, it's suboptimal. Elder Pyre with Mark of the Shaper is likely to be both cheaper and MORE damage in generic mapping/delving/nexus running. Grabbing an Elder "Warlord's Mark on hit" ring paired with Mark of the Shaper is the most defensive option on the list, with a convenient way to leech and generate endurance charges.

Devouring Diadem:

Another worthy mention here is Devouring Diadem. With +1 to gems, 20% mana reservation reduction, and EB, this thing can save you a ton of skill points or allow you to run a 4th aura/aspect. Being a Mastermind drop, though, it is impossible to obtain a Shaper version of it. If you don't plan on doing many end-game boss runs, this is another great choice that again will likely feel better for all but the top 1%. Once you go this route, obviously don't bother trying to acquire a Shaped Pyre ring.

Everything Else:

Everything else just gets bucketed into rare Shaper items to get Eternity Shroud synergy. You'll want your bases to be EV or ES due to trickster ascendancy (the helm needs to be pure ES or EV/ES). You're free to fill in stats as you need:

- Life/resists
- Cast speed
- Anything that boosts Winter Orb damage (cold, spell, aoe, duration, projectile, channeling, elemental)
- Crit Multi > Crit Chance
- Flat elemental damage to spells (cold preferred)
- Fossil crafted 0.2% chaos or fire damage leeched as life on your ring is a really nice mod for QoL

Some nice synergy here is to look for "Supported by Level # Slower Projectiles" on your shaped gloves. The gem does nothing since Winter Orb is in your chest, but the mod also comes with global projectile damage. Other utility options include getting "Supported by Level # Blind" for your Orb of Storms or "Supported by Level # Faster Casting" for your Wither/Flame Dash gems. Boots can have "Supported by Level # Life Leech" and can be another defensive option to place your Orb of Storms.

Additionally, if you've already given up on the full Eternity Shroud secondary set bonus, you can get some nice Synthesis Onslaught boots too. Be careful how many Shaper items you drop though, since running Devouring Diadem, Elder rings, and Onslaught boots will now be 15% ele damage as chaos you're losing. Don't go too overboard.



Stats are largely the same for the "everything else" gear section. Fill in what you need. There are some good watcher's eye synergies with Hatred and Zealotry. You can also get an Onslaught on kill abyss jewel for more QoL.


Cinderswallow - nice "recover" mechanic allows you to run no leech/no regen maps.
Bottled Faith - consecrated ground synergy with Zealotry is nice.
Atziri's Promise - more ele as chaos damage and some leech.
Life flask with bleed immunity.
Quicksilver or Diamond flask to finish it off.


Helm you want +2 stages (told you at the beginning this wasn't a cheap build).

Boots have several nice ones. Any can be kept unless you want to keep running labs:
- Added elemental damage if you've killed recently
- Attack and Cast Speed if you've killed recently
- 0.6% damage leeched as life and mana if you've killed recently
- Regenerate 2% of life and mana if you've been hit recently
- Chance to dodge attack or spell hits
- 10% increased movement speed if you haven't been hit recently



In order to make sure your PoB is calculating correctly, double check:
- Configuration page - Frenzy Charges, Power Charges enabled, consecrated ground enabled, Infusion active, and Winter Orb stages set.
- Switch Main Skill to Wither, designate an appropriate number of stacks.


Hope you enjoy! Constructive criticism is always welcome.

This build really can be modified to fit just about any skill relatively easily. It's just elemental damage conversion + gain elemental damage as extra chaos. Harness the Void + Eternity Shroud + stat sticks. There's a trickster doing 10 mil DPS using Wave of Conviction with phys to lightning, 2x call of the brotherhood, and cold to fire with almost identical gear and tree. There's a 5 mil DPS blade vortex trickster using exactly the same phys to lightning, 2x CotB, and cold to fire. You get the idea :)
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Life Leech Tip:
And if anyone has a concern about life sustain, or flip flopping between using warlords mark or not, I crafted

The 0.2% life leech feels very good. It aint no Vaal Pact, but it very much does the trick.

This can also be done with Chaos damage instead of fire if you prefer, but fossil crafting Shaper rings is a great way to get some leech

Synthesis Explosion Implicit Wands:
blg_RealiZe wrote:
I really underestimated this implicit, feels super nice in maps. Kill one monster and the whole screen explodes. This implicit is even better than inpulsa's since it can chain from it's own explosions.

I personally have never used one of these wands, but everybody who has had the pleasure has this same reaction. Feel free to try it out in maps if you want to have some fun.
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How did you level this build?
Akatsuki61 wrote:
How did you level this build?

I used freezing pulse right off the bat and switched to Winter Orb at 28. It's my second character this league, so I had tabula, fossil gloves, goldrim, sacrificial heart, darkness enthroned, etc. With all the stacked flat damage, leveling is a breeze.

The skill tree paths relatively linear, so you pretty much just follow it along counterclockwise. I took MOM around level 50, but waited until I got Escape Artist before skilling Eldritch Battery. I only used one aura before that. I probably could have gotten EB sooner, but it really shines with the evasion and energy shield boosts granted by Escape Artist. Plus your evasion and es levels are going to be low with leveling gear.
rlauren2 wrote:
Akatsuki61 wrote:
How did you level this build?

I used freezing pulse right off the bat and switched to Winter Orb at 28. It's my second character this league, so I had tabula, fossil gloves, goldrim, sacrificial heart, darkness enthroned, etc. With all the stacked flat damage, leveling is a breeze.

The skill tree paths relatively linear, so you pretty much just follow it along counterclockwise. I took MOM around level 50, but waited until I got Escape Artist before skilling Eldritch Battery. I only used one aura before that. I probably could have gotten EB sooner, but it really shines with the evasion and energy shield boosts granted by Escape Artist. Plus your evasion and es levels are going to be low with leveling gear.

Okay thanks! Was it just hatred aura?

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The immortal call and CWDT just make it till level 20 is it?
Also you didn't mention pantheons.
Akatsuki61 wrote:
rlauren2 wrote:
Akatsuki61 wrote:
How did you level this build?

I used freezing pulse right off the bat and switched to Winter Orb at 28. It's my second character this league, so I had tabula, fossil gloves, goldrim, sacrificial heart, darkness enthroned, etc. With all the stacked flat damage, leveling is a breeze.

The skill tree paths relatively linear, so you pretty much just follow it along counterclockwise. I took MOM around level 50, but waited until I got Escape Artist before skilling Eldritch Battery. I only used one aura before that. I probably could have gotten EB sooner, but it really shines with the evasion and energy shield boosts granted by Escape Artist. Plus your evasion and es levels are going to be low with leveling gear.

Okay thanks! Was it just hatred aura?

I used Zealotry. Its 10-15% more spell damage is lower than Hatred's 14-18% more cold damage, but I think the crit chance and consecrated ground make up the difference. That may not be true immediately at level 24, but it certainly becomes true as you start grabbing crit nodes.

Akatsuki61 wrote:
Also you didn't mention pantheons.

Thanks. Added them.

LugiaVi wrote:
The immortal call and CWDT just make it till level 20 is it?

CWDT and IC are level 1 and 3 as usual. The increased duration can still be maxed and work. I had lightning golem slotted in there still intending for it to be maxed, but it would just be self-cast.

Having said that, I updated/re-shuffled that part a bit anyways. You get more utility out of adding a utility skill in the 4th slot and double dipping the Increased Duration support.
Would a discipline watcher's eye with ES on hit + ES recharge rate go well with this build? Found one.. and an eternity shroud. seriously considering rolling one of these characters
babyskins wrote:
Would a discipline watcher's eye with ES on hit + ES recharge rate go well with this build? Found one.. and an eternity shroud. seriously considering rolling one of these characters

Congrats on the find first of all!

I don't think it's tremendously useful on this build unfortunately. By running around, stacking evasion, picking dodge pantheons, and picking up Ghost Dance/Escape Artist, you don't really get hit too often. Despite being EB+MoM, you don't really find yourself ever low on ES. And even if you do, you can just allow yourself to get hit once and recover it all from Ghost Dance. The only time I can see it saving you is if you were just standing in a degen or running around while bleeding so you were constantly drained of ES but not getting "hit". In that case, any Winter Orb that you had charged up could still hit stuff and recover some ES for you. That's such a corner case, and you'd have to drop one of the damage auras to get it.

You'd almost certainly get more bang for your buck selling that to a CI player and grabbing yourself a Hatred/Zealotry based one.

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