[3.7] MoMMeme | facetank it all | >2.5M Shaper DPS, >13k eHP, >13k eHP/s recovery

hey, great build. Could you show the tree of passive, please??
hamhok wrote:
Thank you for making the build, I used it as a league starter but I am running into some issues. I don't seem to have very much damage, I had a 4 link of the required chest but dropped it for a 6L and picked up MoM in the tree but even with a 6L the damage seems sub par.

Can you please take a look at my season character and let me know if you see any glaring issues for why the damage is low. Its low for even T1 maps and ive invested about 40c into gear so far.

This seems strange to me. I have imported your build into PoB and you have above 500k Shaper DPS. While dual wielding Shimmerons you should be able to basically obliterate the content except end bosses. The only thing I am missing is the diamond flask.
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ChaosPizzas wrote:
Hi, thanks for sharing this Build!

could you maby get a POE-Planner tree up ?

I'm running on Linux and have no PoB :/

would be really nice =)

Lord_Abigoor wrote:
hey, great build. Could you show the tree of passive, please??

I have added the trees to the leveling section.
MoMMeme hierophant: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2487766
silverdash wrote:
I got 2 'el cheapo Shimmerons' (huge DPS increase!) but sadly now I lose all of my ES all the time. I can't outleech the 400-30%=280 lightning damage/second on my ES and thus I don't have it during combat. Is this supposed to be?

Unfortunately, you cannot outleech Shimmerons' (not without discipline watcher's eye). When I started building this I also used Shimmerons, and I relied on mana and life more than on ES. My priority was to shock everything with high crit multi. I will change the guide to include this issue.

silverdash wrote:

I have only 2.4k life at this point and well erm even though I have MoM (no cloak of defiance yet) that HP pool is really low without the 2k ES that I am missing now.

This is terribly low indeed. If you do not have cloak of defiance yet, it is better not to put healthy mind jewel. I will also update the guide for this.
MoMMeme hierophant: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2487766

Btw, any tips for activating those Legion statues at the obelisks in within the time limit with this build? Do we have to put in a GMP or something? The problem is mostly that our area coverage is way too small and thus regardless of DPS we often won't be able to activate them all. Also Spell Echo delays us a lot here.

Huge waste of XP & Loot if you can't activate them all in higher tier maps.
I was thinking of some off-hand bigger AOE skill at the cost of DPS to handle this? Maybe some sort of 2h staff? But what gem-setup?

Also I have problems with Legion physical damage since: 0 armor, no dodge, no eva. We could use a granite flask with the extra armor mod maybe until we get better gear? Not sure yet.
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Also another tree optimization:
Use the Precision node (left of Templar) instead of the cast speed nodes near witch since they give the same + more.
Skyforth are expensive atm. Any other options?
How I solved the physical problem:
CWDT + IC + Inc. Duration + L-golem and Conviction of Power Ascendancy. No more deaths by porcupines and Legion physical spam. You will still die to one-hits though.

Currently with Tabula I have 3800hp, 2500ES and 1300 unreserved mana (out of 4050 because of HoT still) for a combined total of 7600 'hp' but no dodge/eva/armor and get stunned easily. So overall survivability is still crappy compared to other builds but this build is relatively cheap.

I still need a solution for quickly clearing Obelisks with a larger AOE skill.
Ir Works with ARC instead of Lightning Ball?
Small alteration.

You mean to say Increased Crit Strikes instead of Increased Crit (there are two blue crit gems)
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

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