3.6.3c Patch Notes

Intervention freezes FIX??????????????????????????????????????????????????
IGN: Wildernezz
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Thanks for the updates, but for the love of Sin, please fix the Betrayal bugs!
Still can't even get a response from you guys about the bug where unlocking veiled mods isn't unlocking them on the crafting bench. So you make it difficult to engage with core content YOU put in the game and when you grind to unlock something, I can't use it to craft. Absolutely done with this game, there's so much potential, but bad game design and a litany of bugs makes it borderline unplayable. Try to avoid adding more novel content next season and find a way to integrate the content so people can actually target farm, then focus on fixing all these bugs because we've basically been playing a beta this league.
I've never had lag spikes, it is insane this league.

...and yes I have a solid state drive
Seriously though GGG, it's now been over a month since Synthesis began, it's been over a month since Betrayal became broken, please for the love of everything put all your focus into fixing the issue already, leagues only run for about 3 months and we have already lost 1/3rd of it to this issue with Betrayal, several crashes and freezes ruins the fun that can be had here, because you know... say for instance from what I personally have experienced... up to 37 crashes in one day due to Betrayal spawns, the issue needs a fix... and it needs it now =(.

Hate to say it as well, but if it can't be fixed, then please just disable Betrayal until a fix can be found.
-70 fps btw
I only there because want see lag fix still nothing :(
Se a corregido muchas cosas pero la más importante ni caso que es el bug del idioma mezclando español e inglés cuando el día de lanzamiento en PS4 lo jugué al 100 por 100 en español y cada día ay menos español y más inglés ya es casi imposible ni comercial pues se mezcla todo
Its going to sound dumb and obvious but if you can get a direct connection to your router/modem do it. Most of the lag was related but I had to use WiFi for last month and nothing was ever a problem until this patch.
AsbelFar wrote:
PSYnonym wrote:
remove betrayal from core game !

No. Betrayal is great. They just need to fix the lags.

No it’s not. You might like it but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s not a good content just as Bestiary and Incursion aren’t. The difference between them is that the former (Betrayal and Bestiary) are mandatory and the latter is optional (Read in Izaro’s voice)

There are many problems with them. They are useless for most since they are mainly for crafting. Betrayal “brings all the boys to the yard”, makes people lag and many times they offer a xp loss. How thoughtful they are bringing gifts.

It would be an easy fix for Betrayal though. Just have Jun around and they would only appear if you talk to her, just like the old masters.
To make this even a more serious matter, they are forcing us to play the crappy Synthesis mechanics since maps drop rates are low and Delve is gated behind those map’s Nico encounters. Isn’t it amazing that they made a mechanic where you basically need to run for your life if you choose a self casting build as they wanted this league to be?

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