3.6.3c Patch Notes

Anethma wrote:
Very soon we are not clapping anymore about these kinds of patch notes, I am telling you GGG...

We want to read the following:

Fixed issues with Syndicate freezing your game when encountering any Intervention or other Syndicate encounters.
Fixed issues with huge lag spikes that just encountered in this league and have not been seen like this in a long time.
Fixed zones not loading at all ending in an endless loading screen.
Fixed the whole game (except some minor bugs), so endgame is playable and enjoyable again.
Fixed spawn rates of Niko so you guys can actually delve again.
Fixed spawn rates of the Syndicate so you guys can actually farm them again.

Who is this "we"?

Hideout crashes still occuring at complete random.

You thought there was content here? Nah. Just spaces.
MogwaiOfEvil wrote:
Thank you but I'd appreciate Betrayal spawning fixes as a priority. Not only does it spawn much less than every other master right now, it spawns only 2 or even 1 when I have valid targets in each house. Getting safehouses is like pulling teeth atm.

true, true
Oh well, another patch mostly devoted to fixing MTX bugs, nothing that fixes the problems making the game unplayable.

At this stage of the game I have given completely up on this league as I haven't been able to play. Can't deal with Syndicate, can't deal with ever present eternal evil constant disconnections.

I expected nothing less. Way to go guys!
Betrayal absolutely deserves to be a top priority to fix the lag it creates.
remove betrayal from core game !
PSYnonym wrote:
remove betrayal from core game !

No. Betrayal is great. They just need to fix the lags.
My big issue (and the only one) is that I get endless loading screens CONSTANTLY now. Every 2nd zone I try to enter I have to restart the game.

On a good note, one viewer of mine said, he doesnt have the syndicate lag issues anymore since the patch came out.

Another one said he had micro lags caused by the game in the siege maps causing him to die and ragequit cause he was 7% towards 95 and now due to the micro lags back to 50% xp. (he's a softie but still, lags are NOT fun!)
He said running 4 Siege maps is completely smooth, then the 5th and microlags into death constantly. Unplayable he said, he hates the game he said. He didn't mean it that harsh, but I can completely understand. He said the leagues before absolutely no issues.

Just telling you what I am hearing from my bois in the stream.

But yeah, these endless loading screens are KILLING my patience slowly but surely too. Rerunning labs over and over to hopefully get no endless loading screen can't be good for anyone.

Bless us with a REAL patch, prayers go out.

Yours truly

I was watching CGNGlen's stream lately at which he thoroughly explained that and at which point he had issues with the POE-client lately.

At that point I had no issues. But with the latest patch I started to get random FPS drops too although I updated my RIG recently to:

CPU AMD Ryzen 5 2600
Motherboard ASUS ROG Strix B450-F Gaming
RAM 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-2400
SSD 250GB Samsung 860 EVO

The technical issues are FPS drops which occure randomly. They are not specifically in a zone, map etc. Happening every now and then while GPU is running at 50% usage.

I hope you can resolve the described issues by CGNGlen and me.

Thank you!


Majingu Uganija
IGN: Majingu

After that patch my game crash all time in oriath, instances hideout. Today 8 crash i don't play that game right now unplayable...
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