The Automaton Divine Ire Effect

stunning ! :D
Best thing about this is the aoe indicator. If this was a Stygian mtx I would buy it in a heartbeat. Can I get a Stygian desecrated gound as well?
BabyRage game is literally unplayable without Divine Ire MTX
BabyRage game is literally unplayable with premium stash tabs

Automaton Wings buuuuuuuuuuuuuuug!!!!!!!!!!!!
When use FlameBlast and wings not moving!!

u see when use flameBlast and wing moving ->
They will nerf a skill after giving it a MTX
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Nicu, very tempted to play devine ire now ...
This MTX does two very unfair things. It shows u clearly the aoe range and stacks of the skill. Well done.
I know all player come and say : "ahahah nice, u have try a bot u get ban, sooo nice" but i tell u its just for try, for see and for know. I have use this 10 minutes maximum and i have insta uninstall." - some not-too-bright dude, 2013; Joined 2012, † 2013.
BrownTown86 wrote:
Another Meta skill gets an MTX while there are others like Lightning Tendril that have been in the game forever now and have nothing. SHOCKER!

Why would they make MTX for skill that no one plays? Who would want MTX for Tendrils? 2 people?
Jaylock24 wrote:
Oh look, more mtx rather than making the actual game better. This company just keeps devolving by the day. GGG really should be renamed to $$$ at this point.

Do you think they work for free ?

BTW I'm playing Divine Ire atm so a word about the MTX showing the charge status : It doesn't really change anything since you are either watching the icon at the top of your screen with the stages or just used to know when to release it counting in your head. At some point with Arcane Surge and/or buffs from tree/gear you get to 20 stages in a sec.
By the time you get Divine Ire on A3 you already have what it needs.

People really complain about everything. You should take a look at other games, we are blessed with GGG.
Still no fucking stash promos, playing the game is impossible (new player, started this league late, lvl 93)

I am leaving, cya

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