The Automaton Divine Ire Effect

Another pay to win microtransaction. Where's the AOE indicator on vanilla Divine Ire?
i mean you dont have to get it nor do you have to play the others.
looks cool, but bad luck for u, im buying winter orb :p
well bust out your wallets if you want a clearly visible area of effect outline cause you can barely see that shit in a dark room on the normal gem. this just moved into pretty much pay2win.
I'm really upset if what others say about AoE indicator is true.
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Oh look, more mtx rather than making the actual game better. This company just keeps devolving by the day. GGG really should be renamed to $$$ at this point.
Storm Brand/Recall, GGG.
I have three phones, Blizzard. Three f***ing phones.
done divine ire MTX, now nerf?
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Oh cool, so if i pay i will know AoE range of the skill, awesome!

It could be next mikrotransaction scheme, buy an effect if you want to know what your skill actually does.

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