[3.6] Divine Ire Inquisitor

Do you like blowing up most stuff in the game in one giant wind up attack? Then this is the skill for you. I tried a bunch of the new and reworked/rebalanced skills at the beginning of this league and fell in love with Divine Ire. Nothing felt as satisfying as beaming stuff down all at once.

I recorded 5 videos detailing different aspects of the build. I am going to try and summarize the information here in the forum post, but you can click on the related video to see a slightly more detailed explanation. Here's all 5 linked in a playlist.

Is this build for you?
This build has respecatble clear, but insane single target damage output. As per usual with my builds, it's pretty tanky; I don't think I died once going from level 96 to level 97 and all my Uber Elder kills so far are deathless. This video of a Phoenix map clear should give you a decent sample of what it looks like in action. I've also added an Uber Elder kill for your viewing pleasure.

Archetype: Channeled caster.

Mobility: Shield charge is the main form of movement we use. However, we also can get around with flame dash, as we have pretty darned high cast speed. We also use a quicksilver flask. Thus, this character has a pretty well rounded mobility setup.

AOE clear: It can be pretty good depending on map layout. Maps with long hallways are best, and crazy open maps with scattered enemies are worse. You can use secondary skills (Orb of Storms and Holy Flame Totem) to smooth out those less than ideal layouts a bit.

Single target damage: Stupid. You can just phase Uber Elder in a couple of beams and one shot the portals. Guardians take about 3 beams.

Hardcore viability/tankiness: I think this build is hardcore viable. I have certainly died playing it numerous times, but I am always experimenting with stuff. Once I settled on the current setup, I don't think I died once including tons of Guardian maps, T16 corrupted maps, etc. There are probably ways to go even tankier if you really want to play it safe.

Ease of play: There is a little bit of buff management, but nothing too intrusive. Cast speed is pretty high with the setup I have, and attack speed is respectable, so nothing feels clunky. Early on it might feel a bit clunky until you get some cast speed though.

Gem Setup
For a bit more detailed discussion of the gem setup, check out this video of me going through the gems and all their links.

Divine Ire
Infused Channeling
Energy Leech
Increased Critical Strikes
Concentrated effect
Arcane Surge

Orb of Storms
Power charge on critical

Shield charge
Faster attacks
Additional accuracy

Vaal righteous fire
Immortal call
Cast when damage taken
Increased duration

Holy flame totem
Multiple totems
Minion and totem elemental resistances

Herald of ash
Flame dash
Faster casting

Passive Skill Tree/PoB
For a more detailed look at my choices on the passive tree, check out my video discussion.

Passive tree on official site

POB pastebin - https://pastebin.com/Pf0SeQSr

This video goes through my gear choices and discusses other gearing options.


This video describes gearing and passive tree routing during the leveling process in a bit more detail.

Ascendancy order
Pious Path
Righteous Providence
Inevitable Judgement

Leveling skills
Level 1 - Storm Brand
Level 28 - Divine Ire

Useful leveling items
Standard leveling gear, but a couple of notable mentions aside from things like Goldrim.

This ring with a warlord's mark gem in it will solve a lot of sustain issues until you are able to craft an Elder ring with warlord's mark on hit.

I also feel these two skills linked are essential early before you get the ability to ignore enemy resistances on critical strike. Hit bosses and tanky rares with this first to reduce their lightning resistance.

Please, if you have any further questions or comments let me know; I would love some feedback. I hope this guide format makes it easy to get the information you want without having to go through a bunch of information that doesn't interest you. You can also find me streaming at https://www.twitch.tv/cowpimp to maybe see the build in action and ask me questions live. Cheers!

Check out my other guides here:
List of forum guides
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clean, efficient guide, thumbs up!

could u explain the interaction between divine ire and conc effect?

i still dont get, what conc actually does to the skill.
derzornige wrote:
clean, efficient guide, thumbs up!

could u explain the interaction between divine ire and conc effect?

i still dont get, what conc actually does to the skill.

Divine Ire has two parts to it. There's the part that happens while you are channeling. It's kind of like Orb of Storms. There are beams that shoot out of you at your casting interval. So, if you have 10 casts per second, beams fire out of you 10 times per second (and there are up to 5 of them). Also like Orb of Storms, the distance those beams can travel and hit an enemy is determined by AOE radius. However, they are not area damage. So, in summary, for the channeling portion of Divine Ire AOE will increase the radius around you these tendrils will hit, but is unaffected by area damage (Just like Orb of Storms).

The second part is the beam. The only thing that affects the size of the beam is the number of charges you accrue while channeling. At 10 charges the beam AOE is maxed out. So, AOE increases do no affect the beam size. However, area damage increases (like from conc effect) do impact beam damage.


Channeling part: Tendril range affected by AOE modifiers; tendril damage unaffected by area damage increases.

Beam part: Beam size unaffected by AOE modifiers; beam damage is increased by area damage modifiers.

Thanks for your kind words, and hopefully that helps!
thanks mate!

was looking for exactly that information. its actually pretty helpful!

will try that later.

Hi, I looked through the POB and I have to ask. Where do the red, green, and blue charges come from?
Hansworth wrote:
Hi, I looked through the POB and I have to ask. Where do the red, green, and blue charges come from?

Endurance charges come from the Warlord's Mark curse, which I cast on enemies on hit because of my Elder ring. It has the mod that curses enemies with level 12 Warlord's Mark on hit.

Frenzy charges are from the +1 to minimum frenzy charge mods on my amulet and one of my rings.

Power charges come from the power charge on critical strike support gem on Orb of Storms, which I cast very frequently.
Trying this build right now, let's see how it will go
Echador wrote:
Trying this build right now, let's see how it will go

Come let us know how it turns out!
Hey there, made a character yesterday and started to follow your guide. So far it feels pretty good. Using a bunch of mediocre gear for the most part. Was able to craft an OK sceptre. Was wondering what items that I should prioritize upgrading.

Thanks :D
Hi, is there any benefit to using orb of storms instead of storm brand?

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