3.6.3 Patch Notes

Stikbau wrote:
"Fixed a bug introduced in 3.6.2 which prevented several melee supports (such as Multistrike) from working when the skill they were supporting was also supported by a triggering Support (such as Cast on Critical Strike Support)."

the fix i've been waiting for.

Damn, i thought this fixed mjolner's problem with dualstrike not activating both spells, only one of them, seems like i assumed wrong.
Just crashing in Washington, then Texas, then California, in the UK, back in Washington and last of all in Texas.

Come on! I don't understand I have MONEY TO SPEND. Why don't you guys fix the damn disconnections. If you can play more than 2 minutes how do you expect us to give you money.

Get real, money is rewarded for service. There's no fucking service here.
Gearborn wrote:
It's sad that GGG listened to many of the complaints regarding the Synthesis mechanics being too confusing/difficult because they have turned a really fun and interesting mechanic that required some planning and strategy into a mindless "minimapping" experience.

Yes, the rewards before were sub par compared to other content and certain parts to it were a little buggy (such as not always being able to get back to the nexus) but if they just fixed the bugs and improved the rewards it would have been great.

Even with the poor rewards I enjoyed the mechanics so I still did it because it was fun to create long paths and set them up for big bonuses and be rewarded for careful planning. Now, there is literally zero planning or strategy required for the memories. All you have to do is create a 5 square plus sign basically and load it up with the max memories without having to connect anything at all. You can even move any memory you want without losing any of the modifiers (you only lose the yellow global mod thing).

I'll likely keep playing to mess around with some different builds with the new skills but I won't be playing any of the synthesis stuff anymore sadly because it's just not fun or any different from the main game. If I'm just going to go mindlessly grind stuff there is already other content in the game that allows me to do that.

GGG, please don't be afraid to try out new and more complicated/strategical mechanics in the future. There will always be lots of complaints regardless of what the changes are but making things actually unique and different is the best way to keep this game fresh and getting us to keep coming back for more.

Another day, same crap handed on a silver platter by GGG.

Went to wash. Crashed, went to texas Crashed, went to calif, Crashed.

Back to Warframe.

Which reminds me that I want to thank GGG for introducing me to Warframe. I'm rapidly replacing POE cause Warframe is playable and POE is a course in constant disappointment.

Also I dropped about a hundred dollars for stuff which I would have been happy to spend on POE but I'm not PAYING A DIME FOR A GAME THAT IS UNPLAYABLE.

Elf_97 wrote:
BrownTown86 wrote:
rxl wrote:
So the mechanic still sucks and map drops are even worse 10 lava lake runs chisels and alcs vaald and fragment 1 tier 11 map good one

LMFAO! 10 map runs told you it's worse? Okay...

Anyhow, this patch has made this league playable for me again. It's not optimal but oh well. I do fell for those still experiencing the Betrayel BS. I'm one of the few that doesn't effect for whatever reason.

Well maybe it's more playable but if map drop still suck so it's suck and if we always have to play map in party to get more map , it still suck ( viva LF leecher in map )

What does party play have to do with map sustain?
More players in the party give more bonuses for drop
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Hey GGG in the last 2 Leagues, the leagues were not as polished as they have should been on release. maybe it is time to expand the relase shedule to 4 Month basis, so u can test it a bit deeper. The bugfixes for Synthesis came far to late! many players just quit after the first 2 weeks.

Came back after a week. Went to Wash DC, crashed within 5 minutes. All crashes mean to me a hard reboot since the screen freezes with nothing working. Went to Texas, crashed within 7 minutes, went to Calif, crashed within 3 minutes, went to UK and crashed instantly.

Oh well, that's it for this league. I haven't been able to raise my guy to maps due to constant neverending everlasting eternal DISCONNECTION.

Disconnection is king, along with all the other problems plaguing this game. Why?????? It was running great! I went a bought a new computer for this game. I upgraded my internet to fastest possible.

My machine blazes thru all other games on high setting. Why can't POE last 10 minutes? Why???????

Do you suppose they have found a way to make money by driving guys away who've played since the game went online?

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