3.6.2 Hotfix 2

REMOVE THE FUCKING INTERVENTION FROM THIS LEAGUE UNTIL U HAVE FINALY FIXED IT. stop annoying us with this idiotic idea of us being "assassinated" by a random syndicate spawn, like what the fuck. Noone cares if we miss some super duper unveiled mods or if we can't go to mastermind boss fight until you fixed it. This shit is EXISTING since 14 days and first u haven't done shit, then u "fixed" it but nothing changed. Dude, just make it stop and remove it for now. Please, stop forcing people to quit this league.
Intervention still causing massive fps drops and game freezing... big chance of getting killed and losing 10% exp... wtf is going on?
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Dear GGG,
If something never works as properly intended, just remove it.

Here's how I do it:

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First map when i logged in. First steps in the map : Terrible lag/freeze.
Oh, an Intervention !
So the patch changed nothing. Was i unlucky that it happened almost at the begninning ?
Honestly, I appreciate the attempt at fixing the intervention crashes/lag as annoying as those bugs are, it's clear they made a solid attempt at tweaking alot.
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Thanks for trying to fix the Intervention freeze/lag GGG but it is still freezing up big time on me when there's an Intervention. In fact after this 3.6.2 patch it not only froze but disconnected on me too which is the first time it'd done that. So it actually got worse for me.

I already posted my DxDiag dump in the tech support forum regarding this problem.

I certainly don't have a fast 17 core machine though, I've got an old Millennium Falcon - amd phenom 2 quad core 3.2Ghz, with 7200rpm hdd, 8GB DDR3, Win 10, radeon rx 560.

After this league I think I am needing to upgrade to an SSD though, because the loading times and loading lag has gone through the roof.

It takes me so long to load someone's hideout that traders start asking me if I still want the item ha ha and I have to wait at least a half minute after loading a map for the game to become properly responsive.
On the plus side at least the Intervention guys are more realistic now. They really are good at carrying out their mission and assassinating me, they must be the envy of their buddies in Forts, Research and Transport, I am sure they laugh at what a bunch of losers those guys are.
Hotfix the premium-map-stash-tab issue in standard !

yeah, I know I'm being silly....
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is working as badly as it worked before the patch, the truth is that if they tried to fix this problem they did not solve it, thank you very much. solve it soon
Nope, nothing changed. My brother has better pc than me and crashed with Intervention, like me.

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