3.6.2 Hotfix 2

  • Fixed a bug where other Betrayal jobs would not start if you died during an Intervention encounter.

We have deployed this as a server-only hotfix.

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>Dying. Pls
I assume absolutely no one play tested that 1.4 Gig patch (3.6.2.).
no change in intervention encounters and load times seem to have increased as well for whatever reason........
litterally just lost to maps to game crashing and both times all portals are gone after loading the game up again? what is going on yall?
Still low fps.
Still high lags.
Still strong.
Still nothing change.
We ever getting a fix for all the intervention/betrayal lag? Since the patch I'm getting the horrible lag with not only intervention but even fortification as well. I didn't have a single issue with load times during Betrayal League, so whatever you did to make Betrayal content fuck up, could you just resolve it already?
Combat is simple.
Keep your blood in.
Take theirs out.
Don't shoot the messenger guys.

This game and it's patches having change things for me. I still lag death to each and every intervention. Sigh.

Still AFTER ALL THIS TIME the game simply disconnects. Doesn't matter if there is a mob or not. Happens in town, in my hideout, on maps, in fact everywhere.

I give the fuck up. I will come back in a couple of weeks. THIS SHIT IS UNPLAYABLE.

That is my report. My computer is new with 17 cores. It far exceeds anything this game can throw. It blazes thru all my other games with no problem.

Don't waste you time guys. Come back in a couple of weeks. This shit is skitzoid.

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