3.6.2 Patch Notes

So it seems like the only thing that was accomplished here was the Quarry farm nerf (the only reliable way to unlock your bench crafts). Thanks so much....
I was one of the lucky ones that had no issue with Betrayal freezes/lag/frame rate drops whatsoever, but now after this patch I get MASSIVE lag spikes (with or without betrayal) completely randomly from what I can tell. It is not my internet as I have ran multiple test to confirm. My usual 50-100ms ping jumps to over 1000ms at times, making it completely unplayable. All actions are lagged 2-10 seconds during these spikes, and sometimes I get an "An unknown disconnection occured" after getting booted from the game.

Currently the whole game is unplayable for me. Can I vote for rolling back the patch that didn't break the whole game for some, and deactivate betrayal so we can finally move past this nonsense?
Went into Syndicate maps.
Laggy maps.
Syndicate members all spawned.
BUT.. Research will not activate.
Twice in a row. Imma kill myself now. FML
I was trying to search for this being mentioned, but I couldn't find mention of it.

Before the patch today I could use Fortify to support Cyclone in a Cast on Crit link setup with Ice Nova. I was spinning around after patch and noticed the fortify graphic wasn't showing up at my feet so I took the gem out. When I mouse of the gem it shows a red X by Cyclone, but when I remove the Cast on Crit gem from the body armour it gives it the green check mark again.

Was this change intentional or some kind of bug with this latest patch?
Nope, syndicate interventions are still unplayable. Just finish testing it, and now as I think of it, it didn't look like it was a whole minute before they appeared... But that may be my wrong perception, so nevermind. What do is objective is the freezing, the slideshow, and the irrevocable death.

I going to give a try to that --noasync parameter. And there is an SSD coming almost exclusively for this, so as to exhaust options as you work on a solution.

I'm going to https://es.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2454098 so maybe I can be more helpful than just complaining.
Came to this thread to check if the release betrayal target was indeed in the patch notes. Please move the button to the target itself, it took me several minutes to find the damn thing.
Syndicate intervention still strong and when i enter map fps is soooo low. There is no change. This game is dead now...
Lagged hard on encounter, died ... thought I'll get a dc, but that didn't happen, got huge loading time to my spawnpoint afterwards. At least some improvement, maybe - doesn't look like it.

Let's get some other 3.6.2 patch notes discussed as well . . .

"Added a button that can be used to release Betrayal Targets at the completion of an encounter." -> Dind't see any button!

"Intervention encounters can no longer occur until either 60 seconds have been spent in an area or until you have completed a different Betrayal encounter in the area. This is to help alleviate client lag and "freezes"." -> This is so not true as well. When I entered the map today, it didn't pass even 20 seconds, I got an encounter very near my map entrance without so called "release" button, and with hardcore lag that killed me.

Intervention still causing massive fps drops and game freezing... big chance of getting killed and losing 10% exp... wtf is going on? The game is becoming unplayable with all these bugs and performance issues.
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