3.6.2 Patch Notes

Hate to sasy it but 60 second thing did not seem to work- 1st bunch of mobs in a port map - intervention "appears" and lag ensued. Admitedly it was slightly better - I think I saw about 5-10 frames of action instead of none in a battle lasting over 10secs. Pure luck I survived but thought I better mention the 60 sec thing - unless you mean from the moment you activate in map device and include loading screen time. Maybe that would have been 60 secs.

Still way way worse than it was in betrayal league - that's what I think people can't understand - what have you done or changes made etc that has made this soooo laggy now?

Please GGG fix this soon as it is causing soooo many issues.

About to do rest of map now to see if any other bugs found with this - will edit this post if so.

Thank you for reading.

Dunno if it helps but have a theory that it is Jun causing the lag - she appears at all the scenes of lag crime - and yet she is useless during the event. Can you disable her until after event where she will at least serve a story purpose?

Update - Continued to find research lab which went ok - contained Janus and the "hte baaaws" Guff appeared and was still ok. After this found a caravan with noone there.
- trying to upload a pic - but my forum skill level is only 1 and I have not reached the upload pic node cluster yet.
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Still lags/freezes in Intervention encounter
That makes me kinda furious because
1. How come everything was ok in Betrayal but got broken now
2. How come a critical issue(!) in a core game mechanic(!!) haven't fixed for 14(!!!) days
You guys nerfed what people love to save the shity season content, and the game itself still crashes often while moving in zone/maps, moving between zone/maps, do nothing in zone/maps.
this fix hasnt worked still getting frezzes when brtal guys are in my map and i die ....
Intervention still isn't working for me.

Game crashes everytime whether I'm on lockstep or predictive networking. (Did not had this issue in Betrayal. I believe is related to DX11)

And also, I don't seem to see the "Release" button that was mentioned in the patch notes after I killed any of the bosses.

Kindly relook at the fixes again. If it is hidden due to some bug kindly inform the community about it.

Thanks guys. =(
Still the biggest meme league, sad face...
Intervention encounters can no longer occur until either 60 seconds have been spent in an area or until you have completed a different Betrayal encounter in the area. This is to help alleviate client lag and "freezes".

This was not put in correctly as the last two syndicates maps done have been around the 30s mark and they are still freezing to the point of crashing in my case. When does the 60s start? During load or once load has completed?

Since Betryal went core i lost my interest in PoE. I HATE Betrayal. I HATE to grind those crafting unlocks.
Delving is stupid too. Why i can not collect my sulphite with a mapper and spent it with my delving/bossing Char? Yeah, PoE goes downhill very fast... that youtuber was right.
Latest patch added a new crash to the shitfest that is 3.6.

Prior to it I was still able to farm Twilight Strand without crashing. Now I can't even do a full rotation (between my 4 farmer toons) without crashing at least once.

Forget the fact that if I enter Lioneye's Watch I can't leave town. I can't go to Coast or my hideout without crashing.

Forget the fact that ggg claims to listen to feedback and does jack shit to fix stuff that should have been good to go at league start (intervention crashes).

There's a 38 page thread in tech support with info on people's rigs and parameters. The only semblance of a reply in that thread is from a person telling people to reinstall their operating systems. Cuz that's why game runs like shit since 3.6: it's not the obsolete client and the shitty "improvements" ggg claims to be making constantly. it's Windows' fault. And yours for not reinstalling your OS before every patch ggg deploys.
The portal that is supposed to spawn for distant memories does in fact, not spawn. GGG's ascendancy is trickster.

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