3.6.2 Patch Notes

Synthesis monster Summon Spectre no fix? :-/
I don't like this change:
Reduced the value of the "x% increased Maximum total Recovery per second from Energy Shield Leech while affected by Zealotry" modifier found on the Watcher's Eye Unique Jewel from 180% to 30%. This modifier was unintentionally six times higher than intended. This affects all existing versions of this item.

SIX times? Excuse me? How is it even possible? Mod is garbage now. 60% would still be ok.
I spent a lot of currency just yesterday to buy a jewel with Zealotry mods! Probably wothless now.
And you change it NOW? When the rushers already had over a week to abuse it since the league start? Why not wait untill the end of league?

Thanks GGG.
Macharielle wrote:
"Intervention encounters can no longer occur until either 60 seconds have been spent in an area or until you have completed a different Betrayal encounter in the area..."

Does this mean I may have to run through the parts of the map again I already have been to, just to find the intervention encounter? Or does the encounter happen in a part of the map I havn't been to?

Since Intervention is a rather valuable Encounter, this would be kinda bad.

that part troubles me too.
- in a non-map you wont find that one anymore, sticking around 60 secs in the hope of it poping up (cause theres no indicator it would spawn later) is just not efficient.
- in a map area i see the same problem where intervention needs other mobs to activate and when you go fast and have to complete other syndicates first there might be interventionlosses.
another thing, with only one encounter on the non-map area the veiled items might get very rare (dropratecheck plz) and getting the crafts might take way longer.

but the rest of the patch seems quite fine for a weeks work, keep it up :)
oh super cool, happened to be wondering about spell cascade earlier, thanks for the quick fix to make it work with triggered spells again

Feels bad. Still lags a ton when they spawn.

Two hotfixes later and it's still way worse than it was back in Betrayal.

Also once you die and they despawn you can't do any other Syndicate encounter because the intervention is still in progress even though they de-spawned.

Oh, wow, judging from those shots that is a HUGE improvement.


Come on already, please fix this. This is a game breaker now.
Another 1.5 Gig patch. The patches since release are about half the size of the actual patch now. Might want to try beta testing.
unable to make a patch that corrects the betrayal lag ... ggg it's like blizzard it was better before

genial haha not only we always lose 10% each time but now the next quest remains blocked and impossible to make great mouahah!
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What a great patch! Sooo to sum up:

- Mastermind is bugged, gains over 100% intelligence and cannot be activated.
- Intervention has literally no change in lag/freeze.
- Release option is missing from Syndicate members.
- Portals are still not working about half the time in the Nexus.

This is getting embarrassing... Honestly, what the hell are you people doing?

EDIT: On the bright side, my $64 wings no longer look like a low res 8 bit color graphic artifacts after I get out of phasing, so there's that...
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Not only betrayal is still laggy but now when you die from the lag you're also unable to do any other betrayal encounters in the same map.

Is this some kind of joke at this point or what?

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