[3.7] Occultist/Trickster Bane SSF SHC lvl 100 Rank 3 Build guide / All Content / lvl 100 viable

@ScarletDestiny1 Had a good time playing this during the last event; thanks for the build!

@Anyone I'm planning on starting 3.7 with this. What's your opinion on the Occultist and Bane changes? Literally unplayable, significantly worse, or still ok?
Updated some parts for 3.7 on the first post if you got any questions I'll try to answer all before 3.7 Launch.

I'll also stream my Racing Practice with Chaos Skills and my race on:
Still ok imo. 20% or so less damage and the hit to survival from occultist changes takes some shine away
will you release Trickster and Occultist PoB 3.7 trees before league starts?
I run bane in 6-link in legion and love it. Less damage than before but works. ED/contagion used mainly for "painting" the statues. Bane is awesome at taking the edge off the (very) dangerous statues. With enfeeble/temporal chains they are much more manageable.

I chose trickster since it´s less heavily nerfed.
I see you mention swapping to Vaal RF for the final push to 100...

Is this still viable in 3.7?

And if so can you please link a pob / give some advice as to how to do this
especially in SSF as I know the ES regen of occultist was hit pretty hard so RF as occultist is a struggle.

Thanks in advance.
I see many bane/es build now recommends trickster instead of occultist, curious what cause this?

Also CI doesn’t seem to be recommended. Would low life based on Shavronne's Wrappings work ?
thecure999 wrote:

I chose trickster since it´s less heavily nerfed.

What’s getting nerfed ? Energy shield ?

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