[3.7] RavioliMusick's Divine Ire Totems - League Starter - SHAPER DOWN - Kamehameha All Content!

Mathil officially made a version of this build, so RIP this guide - follow his: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2164070

Hey guys, my name is Rav and this is my first build guide I am still leveling this build due to university/work/life but I wanted to finally have the courage to post a build and hopefully have it grow with help from the community!

This build is a league-starter and is meant to get to high tier maps on a small budget. If you're looking to invest further and push to U-Elder, I would recommend checking Apoc8's version of the build. You can find his build here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2475241

3.7 Nerfs/Buffs
Edit 1 (Nerf): "Added damage of all types on Abyssal Jewels has also been lowered, by about 30% at the top end, scaling down to lower tiers. Top tiers of these have also become rarer. This is true for all top-tier added damage modifiers on Abyssal Jewels, including caster and summoner ones"

That's it! And to be fair, all the videos posted in 3.6 were with garbage gear, not even full ascendancy, and no jewels so... CLEARED FOR 3.7 SHENANIGANS

General Notes on 3.7 version of the build


Leveling tree is a guideline, adjust to whether you need more damage or survivability based on your gear and how your gameplay feels.

Changed Bandit Choice - Extra skill points go further than Alira

DEX nodes are optional to save you some grief in swapping around leveling gear. Or just get a Jade Amulet with a lot of DEX on it.

Cast speed just makes our giant beams come out for frequently and is absolutely critical to a smooth experience with this build, try to aim for a Cast Rate of 10 in PoB (Vaal Haste helps)

Tested build with 6L +40% effect of shock Inpulsa, made little difference... focus on your survivability.

Life is the most important thing on jewels, added spell damage has been nerfed on abyss jewels so go for crit chance + crit multi, cast speed, or totem damage.

When you made adjustments don't look at DPS, look at average hit... When an enemy is shocked and chilled, you're dealing 1.25mil damage per beam PER TOTEM!
That's a lot of overkill for minimal investment.

And yes, I am aware you can use Soul Mantle with two Kikazaru rings, however this is meant to be a league starter and other than a Tabula, the essence worms are just good DPS options.
Otherwise, you shouldn't need any chase uniques making it a viable starter for anyone.

If you want to go the Soul Mantle route, please check Apoc8's version of the build which is Uber Elder viable: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2475241

Upgrade Guide.

1. Get more links! Only have 4L? Get 5. Got 5L? Get 6L.
2. Life, Mana, and Resists on everything you can - CAP YOUR RESISTS!
3. Get two essence worms.
4A. Quality your main setup gems in this order: A. Phys to Lightning. B. Faster Casting. C. Controlled Destruction. D. Concentrated Effect.
4B. (Divine Ire and Spell Totems do not require quality for this build to work well)
5. Get a +1 to all socketed gems Tabula
6. Get a Watcher's Eye with either Hatred or Zealotry mods
7. Upgrade each item to as god-tier as you can get!

All gear is listed as God-Tier, you are not expected to get all these items but they do show you what stats to look for.
Beneath each God-Tier item are the actual items I used in 3.7 and they cost less than 100c all together.

Atziri https://youtu.be/kW99E_2jNrI
T14 Reef https://youtu.be/WzmzhobGVPo
Xoph https://youtu.be/vk9f_RBiyyY
Shaper (First ever attempt, many deaths...) https://youtu.be/EaVElFUAeqA

3.7 PoB PASTEBIN *** This is as it was at the start of the league!
3.7 PoB PASTEBIN *** This is as it was after the 3.7 test & re-work!

+ Cheap league-starter
+ Can run all map mods
+ Can scale very well with investment
+ Completely melts bosses
+ Minimal chase uniques
+ No need to try and 6L any uniques
+ HC viable with adjusted tree
- Totem style is consistent, but slow


This is the gear I finished 3.6 with and was more than enough to clear all the videos you saw. Always room for improvement but it's a league-starter. Easy to use, minimal chase, upgrade as you go. Much better gear than this exists! Check the PoB Pastebin for examples of God-Tier equipment.

Detailed leveling path in path of building pastebin. ***SLIGHTLY EDITED AS OF JUNE 16 2019***
Level with Freezing Pulse until you get Arc. Level with Arc until you get a 4L then attach it to Spell Totems. Swap out Arc for Divine Ire when you get it. Begin Facemelting.


1. Pursuit of Faith - +1 Max Totems
2. Ritual of Awakening - QoL + Damage Boost
3. Divine Guidance - More Mana = More eHP
4. Sanctuary of Thought - More Mana = More eHP

Soul of Lunaris (Major)
Soul of Shakari (Minor)


See PoB, I hate having to update this all the time and if you don't have Path of Building (PoB) you're doing yourself a disservice anyway...
As far as mechanics, you run around throwing totems and spamming Conductivity because it'll keep your Arcane Surge up. Once you get to a boss, do the same but add Storm Brand for BLIND + POWER CHARGE GENERATION and Wave of Conviction for Lightning Exposure. IMPORTANT! Your Wave of Conviction Lightning Damage must be higher than all the other elements, if it isn't, you are not properly applying the debuff.

Kill 'Em All

June 18, 2019: Reworked this entire build. PoB and details have been updated to reflect this. Please PM me with any inconsistencies/errors.

June 16, 2019: Pretty much revamping this build thanks to @Apoc8 and collaborating between our versions of the build. If you're running the current version, you're fine... Updates to the new version will be coming soon.

June 6, 2019: Updated PoB Pastebin for 3.7, adjusted skill gems, adjusted leveling tree, updated upgrade guide and general notes... and added a cover photo because I'm a total dork

June 5, 2019: Updated for 3.7 patch notes, PoB pastebin to follow soon...

June 4, 2019: Added gameplay videos

May 26, 2019: Added leveling tree to PoB

May 1, 2019: PoB Updated

March 17, 2019: Build Created

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Just some suggestions

Infused Channeling is a flat 39% more damage, I would replace elemental focus with it.
I do not like Elemental focus in general because it means you can't shock, freeze or ignite etc
I would also take Controlled Destruction over lightning penetration

I would put Phase run into your survival and make it a 4slot, I find this adds to my survivability . Just my personal preference.

as far as leveling, I used Arc totem while also casting Storm Brand until I had 3 totems.

I am no expert, just trying to add to the conversation and help.
In the past leagues I have always done the totem arc, in this I decided to focus on divine ire, always following as a basis for the tree of skills the excellent build of arc totems,

the main differences of gameplay, between the two builds is the immediacy in the casting of magic, divine ire is much slower and therefore it is easier to be hit by neimic dani first, in this case I opted for the three drangos helmet , which allows me to block or slow down the enemies, for now at this level it seems to work well, in late game it is likely that it will have to be replaced.

Having purchased a 6 link armor at a low price, to make some gem experiments and more, what I can say for now is surely the multitotem is almost mandatory, it helps a lot against the multitarget and it seems effective even on the individual.

In order to have a greater boost, in some parts of the game I decided to make some variations on the tree by taking a cue from another discussion always on totem ire.

I apologize for the very bad English

the suggestions made by zaniix, however, are interesting....
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Updated, going to give it an honest effort in 3.7 now that I'm done university.
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Seems interesting. Would like to try this out while waiting for Legion. What kind of Skill tree pathing would you recommend while leveling?
b3nque wrote:
Seems interesting. Would like to try this out while waiting for Legion. What kind of Skill tree pathing would you recommend while leveling?

Never thought of it! I'll make that my homework for the night and get back to you with an updated PoB with a leveling breakdown
Check out www.RavenousEternalHunger.com for PoE inspired metal!
b3nque wrote:
Seems interesting. Would like to try this out while waiting for Legion. What kind of Skill tree pathing would you recommend while leveling?

PoB pastebin has been updated with an optimized leveling tree! let me know how it works for you
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removed. wrong PoB lol
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Soulreaper911 wrote:
removed. wrong PoB lol

Strange! Just updated it again. Try it now and please let me know!
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