3.6.1 Hotfix 2

Zanamoded to t16 underground seas feels even worse, got no t15-16 in 9 maps with 4 additional monsters sextants. idk seems very suspicious, looks like some kind of bug with that patch.
Set sail for epic fail
The cry babies win again. Of course.
I don't see any improvement, if anything, it's way worse. Had one red map drop in the last 10-ish red maps or so I ran (chisel/alc/vaal)

Something is off. What is your guys experience about it so far ?
How on earth did you manage to make it worse?

Returns were already frustrating, now they're nonexistent.
Last edited by Raxed on Mar 18, 2019, 1:04:51 AM
Adjusted map drop rates... Up ?
Только вкачал - уже понерфили.
Almost as a new player (I'm), can someone clarify what "map drop rates" mean? Is it "Map item" of War of Atlas? or general drop rates for all items of any map areas on the atlas? or included whole game map areas? Im a bit confused.

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