3.6.1 Hotfix 2

Maps still aren't dropping for me. Usually I get heaps of maps when doing 6's but I can't even get one 7 to drop.
Last edited by tUrNiTuP83 on Mar 18, 2019, 11:22:42 PM
Doesn't seem like enough maps still here.
I really have to buy 70% of my maps in order to run them. And 80% of the persons I messaged where afk or not answering. Really would be great, if you can self sustain your low t6 maps again with a atlas strategy like old POE times.
1 map max good "FIX" thanks ^_^
I did not have problem sustaining maps so far during the first week and half of the league, but i noticed that synthesis area mobs, did not drop maps very often, so i guess the hotfix is related to synthesis areas/mobs, the rest looks fine to me, sustaining t15/t16 easy.
Confirming we've been gaslit, as this "fix" has apparently upped the drop rate of maps by approximately 0.5%. Classic GGG!
No fun allowed.™
Someone at GGG hit the gas peddle a little harder and up them again please...
People still complaining about map drops, but it seems fixed for me. Right now im able to sustain red maps.
i cant reach red maps as nothing drops and im stuck at tier 7s so i dont know how much of a fixed that is, Zana's not selling new maps either, shes had the same stock for over a week
oh well, rectifying what i was saying before, did 15x t15, dropped 2x t15 0xt16... thats weird.

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