[3.8] Mai Cedere's MF windripper money maker: 187% IIQ 218% IIR speed mapper (ALL Content EASILY)

Note: This build is designed to utilize legacy items and therefore cannot be played on temporary leagues.

This guide is not a general MF guide, there are hundreds of those posted on the forums. The goal of this guide is to provide people who want the strongest possible magic find character a blueprint to follow. This is not a T6 burial farming bot but a character capable of cutting through T16 maps quickly, safely and with as much loot as possible. It is damn expensive but well worth it!

Please do not PM on the forums for build related questions, if I am online and you are respectful I will try to help you out quickly, but I can't be spending an exuberant amount of time helping people.

I've been asked dozens of times to write a formal magic find guide for my windripper character. Most of you know me for my mirror service shop as well as my crafts, whenever I need currency to continue crafting, or just want to grow the pile higher, this is the build I am playing!

I have looked through many of the popular "Best" MF builds and have found that they lag in one or multiple areas. No other MF build has had the holy trifecta of MFing: Speed, IIQ/IIR, and Damage optimized as much as they can or should be.

3.8 Updates
New precision watcher's eye modifiers are a huge buff to MF builds, by running a level 1 precision we get some extra crit and accuracy for very little cost and a bunch of new extremely powerful watcher's eye modifiers open up for us. I now dropped the leech during wrath modifier for this watchers:

I now grab a .4% leech node right above primeval force incase vinktar is down for some reason. Flask effect also got added to ranger area so I believe grabbing all 3 primeval spirit nodes is worthwhile. I am also not running inspired learning this three month due to beyond not being a selectable zana mod. I have been running harbinger instead which seems to be quite profitable.
Chain got massive buffs making deadeye that much stronger, while fork got a significant nerf. I have been experimenting with using my synthesis quiver rather than a chain rigwalds and really have not missed the extra projectiles from rigwalds. It also makes fire resistance a little easier to cap efficiently.
Updated PoB can be found here or under PoB link spoiler drop down.

Acronyms used in this guide:
IIQ: Increased Quantity of item found
IIR: Increased Rarity of items found
QoTF: Queen of the forest
MF: Magic Find
DPS: Damage per second
APS: Attacks per second
BIS: Best in slot


Bit laggy recording since my computer is garbage but atleast its some visual representation of the build. Can compare this clear speed (Usually a bit faster without the lag) to the 2.5-3 minute runs done by many other popular MF builds.

The loot filter used in the T16 Lair video is Neversink's strict filter. Its not what I normally use (mines a lot stricter) but I think a baseline filter is important so people can compare the builds loot to their own experiences.

Path of building links
Bare in mind that the culling strike windripper implicit means DPS numbers are actually 11.1% higher on my specific character, culling strike is not required by any means as it is complete overkill.

Build Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/K6yV52fi
This is realistic damage numbers, with no damage inflation trash that you see included in every build guide that is trying to sell you on how OP it is when in reality it is garbage.

Ascendancy and notables choice
Deadeye Ascendancy!

Notable Priority:
Tailwind-> Fast and Deadly-> Far Short-> Ricochet

Deadeye is inarguably the best ranger ascendancy for MF (just make sure you grab freeze/shock immune on gear/flasks), it gives us literally everything we want:

More movement speed: Tailwind makes us faster than both raider and pathfinder due to it multiplying all our movement speed bonuses as well as any we get from headhunter and inspired learning, it also provides us with flat evasion to help scale our QoTF movement speed bonus! 100% cooldown recovery on blink arrow from fast and deadly means we always have blink arrow whenever we need it!
More damage: Every single notable gives up damage in some form
More coverage: +1 chain from Ricochet contributes to our ridiculous tornado shot clear, the more chains we have per arrow the smoother our clear speed.

Bandit reward
Alira is worth like 4 points, take it on every crit build, especially this MF build.

Major and minor pantheon gods

Major God: Soul of the Brine King

Brine King prevents stun locks which can often be the cause of death for squishier builds such as MF windripper.

Note: Make sure you pick up Nassar, Lion of the seas divine vessel for the 50% reduced effect of chill, this is important since we do not have chill immunity as a deadeye.

Minor God: Soul of Ralakesh (only if you have drek, apex hunter divine vessel) or Soul of Yugul

Note:If you plan on sometimes running elemental reflect maps without reflect immunity sextant you will need sybils + soul of yugul, attempt at your own risk. Soul of Ralakesh is nice due to reducing bleed issues not covered by the corrupting blood immunity, as well as granting us blind and maim immunity, nice!

Gem links

6L Tornado Shot - General Clear

Tornado Shot-> Greater Multiple Projectiles-> Elemental Damage With Attacks-> Chain-> Mirage Archer-> Item Quantity

Our main skill, this will be used 99% of the time, with our incredible number of chain and fork projectiles a single shot can clear as much as 3 screens, with mirage archer we can fly through maps ridiculously quickly.

6L Barrage - Single Target: (This isn't 100% necessary but it gives your build the power to do any content, even uber elder!
Barrage-> Elemental Damage with Attacks-> Elemental Focus-> Damage on Full Life-> Slower Projectiles-> Lightning Penetration

Our bread and butter single target skill, can melt throw any boss with or without headhunter buffs, allowing us to clear maps safer and quicker.

Blink Arrow - Movement Enhancement:
Blink Arrow-> Faster Projectiles-> Faster Attacks -> Enhance

Blink Arrow is invaluable in maps when we have obstacles in our way or are out low flasks, with faster proj and faster attacks blink arrow moves us extremely quickly.
If 4th socket available use enhance, I personally don't have room for enhance and that is totally fine!

Herald of Ice - DPS Buff & Charge Generator
Herald of Ice-> Curse on Hit-> Assassin's Mark-> Ice Bite OR Item Quantity

Assassins mark allows us to get another damage multiplier and provides us power charges. I personally use ice bite to generate frenzy charges, due to item quantity diminishing returns the occasional mod not having an extra 44% iiq makes less than a percent difference in loot, I would much rather than extra 14% DPS from frenzies

Cast when Damage Taken - Damage Mitigation
CWDT (Level 1!)-> Immortal Call (Level 1!)-> Increased Duration-> Vaal Haste (Levelled)

CWDT immortal call reduces physical spike damage a significant amount, this helps us survive any dangerous situations related to lots of physical damage hits. We also socket Vaal haste here to get the effect of increased duration, we do NOT run the haste aura! The vaal haste has no cast time, allowing us a free movement speed buff and attack speed to make mirage archer even smoother.

Wrath - Damage Amplification
Wrath (can link enlighten if you have room, but with legacy vinktars I have found that it is not necessary)

Wrath provides us with a lot of flat damage, the intelligence requirement is a pain but fortunately, vengeance collar solves that. Wrath paired with a multiple wrath mod watcher's eye means that for 50% of our mana we get around 30% more damage.

Passive Tree:

All the nodes should be pretty self-explanatory, abyss jewels are priority one due to how much flat elemental damage they give, prioritize flat lightning first, flat cold second, and flat fire third. Make sure you have enough cold to proc the 25% item quantity and lightning to proc the 50% item rarity from our windripper, fire is good for pure DPS purposes.

You're welcome to drop Quickstep (APS + MS) for Druidic Rite if you would like longer flask duration, I've used both and they both have their merits.

Note: These are from 3.6, they are about 40% higher now. Will update at some point.

I personally don't think tooltips are a good indicator and prefer to go by PoB numbers, but I am including them so people can compare this build to other builds and see how much stronger it is.

Hideout, zero buffs with chain on links (I suggest you use chain, but you don't have to)

Hideout, zero buffs with no chain on links (Less coverage more DPS)

Hideout, Flasks up Tailwind up no chain on links

Fully Buffed tooltip without any headhunter/inspired learning buffs in map.

My gear:

My gear is available for mirror service here:


Note: You NEED Freeze immunity, Shock immunity, and bleed immunity!
I personally get corrupting blood immunity as an implicit corruption on my inspired learning, freeze immunity on damnation march, and shock immunity on my jade flask. You can get these immunities any way you want, but this is the best way I have found. Getting these immunities manually allows us to skip Raider/Pathfinder ascendancies and become vastly more powerful.


Note: For abyss jewels, prioritize Life -> Flat lightning -> Flat cold -> 8% attack speed if you have crit recently -> Flat fire also make sure to get one abyss jewel with "Chance to gain onslaught on kill" it will always be up because we are always killing stuff.

Jewels are very important as this is where we get the majority of our flat damage, our other slots mostly grow it further.

Do not ignore watchers eyes, a good two property precision or wrath watchers eye can add as much as 20% more damage to your build, this is almost an additional link on both your tornado shot and barrage!

Note: This is pretty much the best gearset currency can buy and the best that currently exists. Do not feel like you need this gear to start clearing T16s and other challenging content, for rare IIQ slots feel free to buy 1 mod IIQ gear and multimod it. The performance should be fine for t16s until you want to push your character to the next level.

Required gear
Legacy Windripper

Double Legacy is a huge power spike, but single legacy is fine until you can afford to upgrade. Implicit corruption is absolutely not required, so don't focus on that!

Rigwald's Quills

Rigwald's "projectiles fork" modifier is extremely useful for augmenting our clear speed to the point where we can clear entire screens with a single tornado shot. Implicit corruption here is EXTREMELY powerful but not necessary, but if you get any implicit corruption, I recommend this one. +1 Chain Rigwalds are not cheap, be prepared to spend a lot if you want to upgrade to one.

Queen of the Forest

QoTF gives us amount of MS which gets augmented further by our tailwind ascendancy node, making this chest incredibly strong. Bare minimum you need a single legacy QoTF, with double legacy being ideal. If you are trying to get a implicit corruption you may need to go with single legacy like I did just due to availability. As long as you can get around 33,750 evasion either legacy version works!

Vessel of Vinktar

This item is incredibly, incredibly overpowered and extremely important to the build. Vinktar grants us instant leech meaning that we almost never need to worry about mana, and are far more difficult to kill due to instantly healing to full health several times a second. It even provides a shock debuff to enemies around us and a lot of flat damage to boot. I do not recommend you attempt this build without a legacy vinktars. The flat damage ones are extremely expensive, start with a spells or penetration legacy vinktar if necessary, the main draw is the instant leech.

Order of best to worst vinktar for this build: Attack > Pen > Convert > Spells


This may very well be the strongest unique item in the game, it gives us everything: Damage, movement speed, HP, resistances. Provided you get the associated buffs of course! This belt has a high degree of synergy with our build, our tailwind increases the potency of all our attack and movement speed head hunter buffs and that allows us to clear even faster, getting even more buffs!

You can play without headhunter in theory, but its really important for general mapping. For bossing I recommend a DPS stygian like:

Important Note: Make sure you are resistance capped without flasks! Nullifier mobs or just running out of flask charges will be the death of you! I pick up some on the tree granting me the last notable for inspired learning, this may or may not work for you. Figure out what you want changes you want to make and sure you fill in that last little resistance if you are missing any.

Why do we use these other items?

You serious? IIQ/IIR is the whole point of the build! Bring on those BIS MF rare items!

Unnatural Instinct is key to rounding out the 159 intelligence (the last 30 we get from vengeance choker) we need. In addition to this, the jewel is extremely efficient node-wise granting us approximately 16% DPS, 3% life, and 9% MS in the spell dmg/aps scion jewel slot. If you can get a corrupted one with corrupting blood immunity even better. However, it is way cheaper to get bleed immunity on inspired learning or an abyss jewel.

Inspired Learning is great as it offers even more headhunter modifiers (yes they stack!), the main purpose is to gain more movement speed/attack speed so we reach that escape velocity where we run through the map with mirage archer firing like a machine gun clearing everything. This is also the cheapest place for us to get bleed immunity, something to keep in mind.

Wrath watcher's eyes are extremely efficient for a jewel socket. I recommend at least a 2 wrath modifier watchers eye, with one of the mods being "increased critical strike chance while affected by wrath", the other mod can be whatever other wrath modifier you can afford, preferably another damage modifier.

Dying sun offers us additional arrows for better tornado shot coverage and fire damage reduction. This is extremely useful and should always be included in your flask bar.

Jade Flask is necessary for reaching the 33,750 evasion cap for QoTF, if you have shock immunity on your diamond get either curse immunity or 80% crit chance on it on this flask. You can remove this flask for a different one if you run grace, but I do not recommend doing this.



Also, get shock immunity either here or on your jade flask, if you have it on your jade flask get either curse immunity or 80% crit chance on it on this flask.

If you want to get even more power out of the build, you can pick up a tempest thunder and hypnotic impaler for your weapon swap.

Swapping to this setup provides barrage 41% more dps!!! This may be overkill, but for the real min-maxers who want to brag about how powerful their MFer is and how it can do deathless uber elder runs, here you are.

Helmets: The +2 sub projectile Tornado shot enchant is incredible. It is the equivalent to another support gem on our tornado shot. It is extremely important to the build, but not necessary to start out, get it asap.

Boots: I recommend either 16% APS/Cast speed if killed recently or 10% penetration if you haven't killed recently (Odd since they have opposite conditions).

The first enchant (APS) is extremely powerful since its essentially always up and makes our gameplay more smooth due to the additional attack speed, especially considering how mirage archer has an embedded 60% less attack speed modifier.

The second enchant (Pen) is good for bossing, I.E. Uber elder, this is very rare as I hardly find myself farming boss content enough to justify picking this enchant over APS. You should never have trouble with T16 bosses with this build, and therefore pen is not at all needed for general mapping.

Gloves: Honestly all the glove enchants are kind of irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, but "fury" is quite good in sometimes aiding mirage archer in clearing.

Note: This advice is specific to T15/T16 maps, chisel, alch and go is fine for lower tier maps!

Chisel and Vaal every map (Make sure you are not vaaling maps with cannot leech or reflect elemental damage) vaaling the maps allows us to get extremely high quantity/pack size on maps giving us ridiculous returns.

Always use Zana mods, right now during patch 3.6 I recommend beyond. If you're really hurting for map sustain, bloodlines can be a temporary fix.

Use sacrifice fragments if you have them, the extra quantity helps a lot when we get abnormally high returns due to our IIQ/IIR.

Use prophecies as well, my favorites are tempest prophecies, plague of rats/frogs, bountiful traps, and dreamers dream.

If your vaaled map rolls Elemental reflect or cannot leech, wait until you get the sextant giving you reflect immunity. Or if you're crazy like me, throw on a sibyl and soul of yugul and do the ele reflect map anyway! Do not try this with cannot leech + elemental reflect, you will die.

Frequently asked questions (Will add more as needed)
Question: Why tornado shot instead of Lightning Arrow or some other AoE bow skill?
Answer: Tornado shot has 360 degree coverage and when paired with the +2 sub projectile helmet enchant has the most arrows per shot. This means that tornado shot maximizes our coverage, paired with high damage we can clear multiple screens in a single shot, you cannot do this with any other skill.

Question: Why is my life so low?
Answer: Get life on every single one of your abyss jewels, this is super important! Get life on each of your gear pieces if you can. Lastly, your HP is directly correlated with your level, so if you are a lower level your life might feel like its way lower than it should be, but thats fine! It will rise as you level more.

Question: How important is X item for the build?
Answer: If the item is not in the required items section then its not 100% necessary for the build, but because of how items interact in PoE every upgrade is extremely valuable.

Question: Why don't you use Divination Distillate
Answer: Great question, I have found that incorporating divination distillate causes far more trouble than the benefit you gain from the additional 25 quantity and 60 rarity. The cleanest incorporation is to give up three flask slots, this means we either lose AoE from dying, dmg from diamond, MS from jade, or instant leech from vinktars. This is not worth it, especially when there is diminishing returns on IIQ/IIR (Thats right!) this is also why I don't really care about missing 1-2% IIQ here or there for more survivability/damage.

Question: Aspect of the Caaaaatttttttt??!??!??!??
Answer: No, we get all our charges from herald of ice. Plus we would need to drop QoTF to wear farruls which means we lose a lot of movement speed. Definitely not worth it!

Question: All the rare items are yours and they're up for mirror service! Is this just item advertisement?
Answer: Not at all, each item was built from the ground up to be the best possible item in each slot for the strongest possible MF build. If I am trying to make a build guide for the best possible MF build, it should use the best possible MF gear available, regardless of whether its for service or not.

Question: I ran 4 maps and didn't get an exalt drop yet, this build sucks! Why am I not getting tons of drops!?
Answer: There are a ton of possibilities, most likely the reason why you aren't getting a ton of currency is because in a small sample set the variance is very high, if you've run hundreds of maps and you still feel like your returns are not what you expected perhaps you need to incorporate various ways to increase the mobs in the map/quantity on the map.
I personally use full sextants, prophecies, three sacrifice fragments, zana modifiers, and vaal every map for maximum returns. It makes a huge difference as we are stacking multipliers together.

Question: Is barrage necessary? I wanna run other stuff.
Answer: Absolutely not, tornado shot can cut through everything just fine, barrage just speeds up boss encounters, if you have a better idea for those sockets you absolutely can!

Question: Is IIR necessary? I always thought it sucks on items!
Answer: It absolutely normally sucks on items, however, as an MF build with nearly 200% IIQ we are getting approximately 3 times normal drops. That means that item rarity is 3 times as effective for us as it would be for a build with 0 item quantity I.E. 100% rarity acts as 300% rarity for us. As a result, IIR becomes WAY better on an MF build than on regular 0 IIQ build.
This is also contingent on whether you're farming T16s, rare items in T16s tend to be way more valuable than lower tier maps. There is also the possibility of unique drops such as Skyforths that are a nice profit bump.

Crafter of many items.
All items for sale. Can contact me on forums or in game.

IGN: MaiCedere
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Crafter of many items.
All items for sale. Can contact me on forums or in game.

IGN: MaiCedere
Missing out on a frenzy charge, for maybe a drop in 4% health, I think maybe 10% projectile speed and 4% projectile speed. Not looking at a tree but I think you could do it with this set up and keeping all of your major key points in the tree. I think the extra frenzy eqautes to more damage. Might be worth trying out :)
Thats not a bad suggestion at all, I've just found that right now the setup has excessive damage, so more life is desirable. I would love to push over 6k life (5700ish right now) if i could in exchange for a minor amount of damage, but its a bit hard.
Crafter of many items.
All items for sale. Can contact me on forums or in game.

IGN: MaiCedere
Nice guide, when will you start pushing delves? I feel like that's lowkey mandatory if you want to prove the point of having the "strongest possible magic find character" since unfortunately the difference between a tier 6 and a tier 16 map is pretty miniscule.

𝕹𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖙𝖊𝖊𝖓 𝕺𝖍 𝕿𝖍𝖗𝖊𝖊
Last edited by Kaoms_Heart on Mar 18, 2019, 9:34:17 AM
You definitely have a point, although I will say the difference between T6 maps and juiced double beyond t16s is not miniscule.

I have just found that delve is not as profitable as fully juiced t16s and profit/h is kind of the supreme goal of MF builds, at least in my view.

Maybe at some point! I'd love to delve if they rebalanced it to be more clear speed/damage focused rather than mitigation stacking.
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IGN: MaiCedere
Mai_Cedere wrote:
You definitely have a point, although I will say the difference between T6 maps and juiced double beyond t16s is not miniscule.

I have just found that delve is not as profitable as fully juiced t16s and profit/h is kind of the supreme goal of MF builds, at least in my view.

Maybe at some point! I'd love to delve if they rebalanced it to be more clear speed/damage focused rather than mitigation stacking.

Fair, delving is pretty solid, though mf does not amplify it too much. Perheaps if sulphite gets more easily obtainable it will change. Would love to see you push abit regardless (for science) :D

𝕹𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖙𝖊𝖊𝖓 𝕺𝖍 𝕿𝖍𝖗𝖊𝖊
I really hope they rework it a bit to be more dps focused, pushing with my phys bowyer would be a blast, 40 million+ dps for no reason lol. Who cares how many shapers you can kill a second we want harder content!
Crafter of many items.
All items for sale. Can contact me on forums or in game.

IGN: MaiCedere

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