3.6.1 Hotfix

We have deployed a serverside hotfix that should prevent clientside stuttering during Betrayal encounters. It will take effect in any new instances created from this point on.

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Now just up the amount of intelligence you get
this will fix the "An unexpected disconnection occurred" and "Failed to Instance Connect" aswell??
Even in hideout doing nothing the game freeze/lag then disconnect -.-
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Thank Kitava!
does not work even in new instances.
If we completely get rid of the betrayal system, we wont have to worry about the 3 second lock ups at all anymore. Please god, lord, Chris, remove betrayal.

P.S. When do we get the autoloot pets the chineese got?
I have three phones, Blizzard. Three f***ing phones.
Is this the fix to the betrayal intervention game freeze/lag stuff, or is this some fix to something that the 3.6.1 patch introduced?
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This did not fix the betrayal intervention game freezing issue. I just booted up a map and was immediately playing PoE slideshow and died to intervention.

The laboratory was giving me a little bit of stuttering before and did not in this map. So I think that is what they fixed. Not really the big issue here though...
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