The Glimmerwood Mystery Box

If you guys are just blatantly borrowing from Grim Dawn now, you should probably know they have a built-in loot filter without having to fiddle with third party websites. #ThumbsUpLetsGo
Ok now this is the kind of off-the-wall bonkers shit i've been waiting for. Well fucking done
Having flashbacks of George Clooney as Nipple Batman.
When can we buy the ones we want ? When are theese mtx hitting the shop ?

...mirror mirror on the wall...drop down on the ground and lol...
looks like PTW china mobile game stuff, not like PoE MTX.
Ill by this only if its give me "Turn off bytr encounters" option.
Cancer Boxes to target society's week, no thanks.

When are you going to actually fix the STANDARD MAP TAB!!!!
Absolutely stunning. Jeez I need the Madcap and Transcendant sets right this instant.
Transcendence ? It's the name of my character in Synthesis !

It's a sign...
that portal is sick!
Holy crap this is one of the best looking sets so far!
I wish I had the money to buy them, but I'm broke. ^^

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