The Glimmerwood Mystery Box

So many negative comments, understandable if you like retro graphics, but i actually love this theme alot. Great job GGG.
Schmockla wrote:
When can we buy the ones we want ? When are theese mtx hitting the shop ?


As written in the post, these MTX will be available in the store after one month that the Synthesis league is over
I'm so happy they are ugly. I spent way too much money on the last box :D
nefarious wrote:
Is this an out-of-season April Fools joke?

Wallet = safe this league.

Shots fired!

I agree though, this isn't a Louisiana French Quarter themed league... it looks bad. I'd mess with the hand portal, but not for $30. I could buy stash tabs I desperately need for this stupid stash-clutter league.
Sting? Is that you?
Too far off the mark for this dark fantasy world - it belongs to a different game.

While there are some cool/trippy/psychedelic items....not in my wraeclast.

First mystery box that doesn't get a buy from me - and the apocalypse set was pretty bad.

The Crow with a top hat?
No money from me

fix the premium-map-stash-tab issue in standard, where you basically degraded it to a remove-only-tab. Until then I won't get tired to be annoying about this. For the first time in almost 7 years of PoE I'm feeling ripped off.
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combined portal is sick
Epic Nice
The combined portal is god tier! - accidental double post
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