The Glimmerwood Mystery Box

Cordyceps goodness.

Edit: It's loathsome hat it's possible to get doubles, otherwise I would consider buying all of it via boxes.

You guys brutally overcharge for this stuff.

As if you're even reading this, let alone have any shred of opportunity to care.
If you like anything I've said in a passionate tone or via a wall of text, please find me in game. I could use some like minded people on my friend list, if not in my guild. Thanks. Edit: I turned off reply notifications. My sanity demands it.
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HA! (offline)
Been waiting for this and was really hoping the teased armor set wasn't a combination set. Most of the MTXs looks amazing though regardless.
This game hates me!!! I'm sure it does!
Holy psilocybin Batman!
Oh my god these are amazing! Seriously congratulations to both the concept artists and the artists who made them.
GGG took drugs, I see. Awesome MTX, guys. :D
That's so freakin awesome -.-
Wish i had enough money to just throw couple hundred $ every league and buy like 80 of those boxes to get everything.
Dayum that ending
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