Massive internet accelerator ban in China

so, exalt price > player rights I guess, for ggg and dear chris.
That's just the nature of gaming around here. Playing/accessing some non-local shit can be a real headache. Something working perfectly fine one day can be inaccessible the next, and something inaccessible can suddenly be accessible. Sometimes permanently, sometimes temporarily. Not much we can do when it happens besides try other things.

That's what happens to TwitchTV on mainland China, and I don't even know why. Now I watch it through VPN at shitty speeds.

Anyway, however many bots GGG did manage to block in this situation probably didn't even make a big enough dent in botting to be worth it. You can still sit it nearly any of the Act towns at any time of day/night and watch a dozen or more Templars with gibberish names pathing back and forth from the wp to stashes/vendors and back to the wp. It's not hard at all to figure out what those Templars are and what they're doing...

This. All it does is hurt real players (and supposedly help Tencent grab cash). Guess I'll go inactive in PoE and play something else.

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