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We're excited to announce that tickets to our November ExileCon convention in New Zealand will be available later this week! This convention will be a great opportunity to meet devs, other Path of Exile fans, hear our December expansion announcement, our 4.0.0 mega expansion announcement and much more!

We plan to open up ticket sales at 1pm PDT on Wednesday this week (9am New Zealand time on Thursday). We don't expect to sell out quickly, because we wanted to give at least a day of advance notice so that players who want to purchase them the second they go on sale can do so. We'll post the link to the ticket purchase page on the news as soon as it's ready.
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I'm in!
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His force is powerful against you.
She devours you, she punishes you
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-Anubis Hotep
you are selling tickets for money lol
I got a fever and the only prescription, is more cowbell!
And I'm sure I haven't saved enough money yet :(
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Hope you all have fun. Will be watching from home :)
rip my bank.
And I was wondering when this would be announced! :D

Edit: what does advance notice of when the tix are up for sales have to do with expectations on whether tix would sell out quickly or not? On that note, can we also get some details in advance on the perks that comes with different ticket types so we can consider which ticket to get before the ticketing goes live?

Edit2: ticket goes live 4am my time :( hope VIP tix are not already sold out by the time I’m up.
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
How will POE2 and POE coexist?
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Buy Buy Buy
Wait I am poor
Right, just fire.

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