ExileCon Tickets Available This Week

Man. I would give my left leg to be able to go. Seeing as how no one would buy it, any chance we can get a live stream package of sorts? :)
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Ixo wrote:
Chris mentioned in Baeclast that GGG had prepared some deals with hotels in Auckland. Any information about that would be helpful.

Flight tickets are already pricey but a quick look at hotels in Auckland is shocking. Low volume available to NYC or Paris prices. Ridiculous.

Also information on the event location in Auckland is crucial. I would like to avoid having to rent a car on top of flights and accommodation.

Don't worry about transportation... rumor has it that Bex is a part time Uber driver... so that's covered!!! :D
Kinda hard to decide on whether or not to consider buying tickets if we don't know the dates or even how many days it will last. Based on that people could estimate the cost of plane tickets, accommodation, local transport, etc.

Just to give you an example, for certain dates in November a plane ticket from my location is either 2200 $ or 900 $. With such a huge difference I cannot decide whether or not I would be willing to buy the convention ticket which will likely be the smallest cost of the trip.

I understand you guys are completely new to organizing a convention, but use a bit of common sense and release at least some basic information. Secrecy doesn't build hype if people have literally zero clue what to expect.
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As a New Zealand citizen and a huge Path of Exile fan I cannot tell you enough how proud I am to be able to attend Exilecon. Finally an event held in New Zealand that garners this much international attention. Coming from New Zealand every major event/convention is held overseas and costs thousands of dollars to attend. I am so happy that I will be able be apart of history. And for all the international fans which I can only assume is most of you I feel your pain, I really do. But we New Zealander's finally get a win and i'm excited. 1hr 40mins until tickets go on sale. ooh yeah.
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