ExileCon Tickets Available This Week

I hope some streamers will stream the event in some sort of IRL stream. I know Empyrean has done them before, so I'm hoping he will. I wish I had a few thousand dollars to blow on a trip to NZ, but unfortunately I spent most of that on MTX...
Hope all that intend to go gets a ticket :) I'll be anjoying the streams I guess. GL on the event!
D3izhistory wrote:
you are selling tickets for money lol

... obviously?
Hey Guys ! Greetings from Germany:)

Will there be a Livestream moderated by a Community Manager?

I really would like to follow the ExileCon on a paid stream.
I would but, you know, its an ocean away.....
I was going to go, but then i spent all the money on microtransactions in-game....
lucky I live just down the road
Is there a limit on the total number of tickets you will be selling? If so, what will it be?

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Man. I would give my left leg to be able to go. Seeing as how no one would buy it, any chance we can get a live stream package of sorts? :)
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