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Great thread! I am taking notes!

Thanks :)


Well just levelled up again a little, I really couldn't get a tabula in an acceptable timeframe in blood aquducts and tried to do it with a 5 link that I got dropped ... was not good, attack speed and damage was too bad and i didnt want to craft the ele damage stuff on all the shitty jewellry that I probably gonna exchance in 5 levels anyway. Would be a deadly waste of currency in SSF.

I gonna try out some bleed/poison double striker that utilizes the marauder/duellist skilltree (Axe wheel is the best way to level fast as melee marauder) for a lot more attack speed to find a smooth league starter that doesn't even need tabula farm and then later when I got the gear that is worth the ele damage crafts/attack speed crafts reskilling completely at red maps to ele damage, crit and smite or whatever, lets see. If the big reskill is bearable and better in SSF at a league start then I gonna rewrite the levelling section.
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Great stuff. Been playing this build for the last few weeks. Up to level 76 now. Liking it a lot.
I was wondering how well you think Cloaked in Savagery works here? Because of the MoM. Does it ever proc?
Great stuff. Been playing this build for the last few weeks. Up to level 76 now. Liking it a lot.
I was wondering how well you think Cloaked in Savagery works here? Because of the MoM. Does it ever proc?


It will proc just exactly as often it will with pure life builds IF you keep your MoM ratio (70 life:30 mana) for example. If you dont have a perfect ratio by having too much life proportionally to mana then you are less likely to take a savage hit but it really doesnt matter all that much with little violations of the ratio.

Lets say you got full 8500 hp and receive a blow that makes you take 1500 damage. so 7000/8500 = 0.823 => savage hit cause 17.7% of life lost.

Now you got full 6000 hp and 2500 mana and take the same amount of damage. That blow will make you lose 1500*0.7 = 1050 life and 1500*0.3 = 450 mana. So 4950/6000 = 0.825 => 17.5% of life lost, so it also counts as savage hit.

The little difference of 17.7% life lost and 17.5% of max life lost is explaind by 6000 life 2500 mana not being a perfect MoM ratio, it has a little bit too much life, it should have 6000 life and 2580 mana to be perfect. But yea dont 0.2% are completely irrelevant so having a little too much life doesn't matter much here.


Just levelled a char with dual wield pure phys Sunder, that was a dream. Playing pure phys until yellow maps is the best choice I think, thanks to banners, Vulnerability curse and the strong Brutality skillgem. Absolutely shredding the act bosses, Syndicate and everything before they can do anything and not needing an onslaught gem due to the axe wheel.

At yellow maps and after it isnt that easy anymore though cause the game expects you to have a good weapon, when alching maps they often roll the bullshit combo 40% phys reduction and endurance charge on hit and a pure phys player is in hell.

But there is no doubt for me anymore, best choice for levelling is pure phys Sunder until yellow or even late yellow maps and then reskilling completely to ele once you got some OK abyss jewels and a tabula or even 6 link. So I gotta level differently in Flashback than I did in HC SSF Synthesis.

Gonna try out farming Pen for dem 6link cards to see how it works for getting a 6link in ssf.

Time to update the levelling section, no stupid blood aquaduct farm till 75 anymore, 70 is enough, there are better ways to play.

Edit: God fucking damnit the map drops are so bad I always bought and alched the highest level maps from zana and still got nothing I am literally running tier 4 maps at lvl 85 with that new char like am I supposed to alc chisel sextanting vaal orb white maps or what? I only endured this bullshit before due to ladderpushing mania but without that motivation I am done with this. See ya at flashback.
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Question. Why does the early skill tree not match up for the most part with the PoB? You're spending 60 odd points in the early skill tree and a lot of them need to be refunded if you want to start to follow the PoB. You said you need to do a lot of reskilling as a con but what's the point of this? Couldn't you just start following the PoB? I feel like I've wasted points and now I'll need to farm reskill currency.

I'm still a relatively new player when it comes to Path of Exile so this threw me through a loop.
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Sorry for the inconvenvience, I gonna add the old way again and give the player a choice if he either wants to level super fast with complete reskill or the original way that I did with the 100 char: slower but with less reskilling. Give me a sec I gonna edit that.

Nothing is written in stone, I try out a lot of stuff and change my opinion all the time and wanna share my insights here. I aint gonna delete the old stuff again, that was a mistake.

It really isnt that easy to figure out whats ultimately the best way is to get over the acts and farm the basic Smite gear (tabula rasa or 6link, a fast foil with penetration craft, rings/amulets and belt with "increased elemental damage with attacks craft")

Because at early levelling we got this dilemma of either levelling super fast and easy with pure phys resolute technique Sunder, Axe wheel and all the attack speed from duellist and dual wield nodes. But then we have to reskill completely once we transition into Smite.

Or we go Templar tree first, level slower but safer with more hp and regen and need less points to reskill and get the Smite earlier started.

Both ways are viable and good but I suspect the fast one to be better overall. It gives the best of both worlds, pure phys RT dual wield axe wheel sunder is better than smite just with vendor recipe weapons for doing the acts and white maps until early yellow maps, then it turns into shit because it starts to require good phys damage gear. Getting good phys gear is much harder than getting good ele gear (2x400 pdps weapons and a 6link with red sockets only is ridiculously demanding for SSF, thats the main reason why I came up with this Smite flat elemental damage scaling instead of pure phys or phys conversion build) so thats the perfect point to give up on pure phys sunder and transition into Smite once we got the basic ele gear.

I used the slow way with my previous chars but next time I will use the fast way.

And in 3.7 physical damage will be buffed so then the fast way is going to be even better than it already is.

Edit: Alright, updated the levelling section. It now has the old guide and the new guide. Also added new skilltrees to the new guide in order to visualize and explain the reskill.

And dont be too strict with PoB, cause how your skilltree should look at the end depends on the gear that you get. We want a well balanced character. If we get loads of attack speed on good mana/life gloves then we dont need the berserking wheel and go Dynamo instead.

But if we dont have such gloves then we gonna need the berserking wheel to have proper attack speed. Similar with ele and chaos resistances and life mana. The gear decides how an optimal skilltree should look like in the end and because I dont know what gear you guys get from your drops and crafts its really hard for me to tell you guys the optimal skilltree in advance. I can just give a rough estimation that worked for me seems for me to be and well rounded for most cases.

My skilltree on cuddling_with_hyenas looked rather different to the PoB because I had the 60:40 MoM instead of the 70:30 and that changed everything. Its complicated, like really but such is life in SSF amd PoE and its fun to be honest.

The final result aka the character after the reskill and after having the basic smite gear stays the some, nothing changed and will change there because obviously it was a success, rank 10 in HC SSF Synthesis, better than I expected. (except that I might add a way one day to turn this into a bosskiller for standard ssf players). But that still does not change the fact that I would have got more ehp (11500ish) with same effort by not having that 60:40 MoM from Chest and better boots and jewellry and this and that. It was better than good enough but still not optimal, thats the point.

And the same goes for the levelling section, I am just reflecting about more efficient and comfortable ways to do the acts and get the basic gear because eventhough the char is not demanding much it still takes some effort and grind to get this started.

Also for veteran players the tabula in blood aquaduct farm is such a tiresome and lackluster thing and if you got bad rng you might be even with 76 still there without a tabula like I did with my last char. Thats why I try hard to rethink the levelling process because it should not be lackluster and tiresome and rng dependant, even if that works most well most of the times.
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If I go as a Templar, what would be the best ascendencies ?
My guess would be Inquisitor with Instrument of Virtue - Augury of Penitence - Piouth Path.

But I'm by no mean an HC player so I could be wrong.
Yes Inquisitor absolutely.

You can play exactly the same build with inquisitor but will be required to go crit and you will have some problems with MoM sustain due to not having the life/mana leech and warbringer heal.

Getting proper ele life/mana leech as inquisitor in SSF might have some difficulties.

edit: Actually thanks to the recent consecrated ground buffs it can be played non crit too for clearing T15 red maps fast but it will never get the endgame bosskiller damage without crit just like the Berserker doesn't have it without crit.

I would go for a skilltree like that with inquisitor, huge ehp, a lot of ele damage, accuracy (that will be a pain here), attack speed and 5 jewel slots:


Inquisitor will have more problems with physical damage mitigation due to having a hard time generating endurance charges and having less armour and even worse than that, he will need life/mana flasks for instant heal.

But its for sure worth a try could be even better than the Berserker. I am too much of a warcry junky to play anything except zerker though lol.
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Didn't expected you to give me such detailed informations, many thanks !
Started as beserker, so I may try it later in the league or on a death :p

Edit: I guess it's a absolute no-go to grab an herald of thunder since it took away a chunk of our ehp pool. And it would be hard to compensate this loose in mana ?
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Yea 25% reserved mana is too much if you really wanna go for the 10k ehp.

Lets see, we want 10k, 7000 life and 3000 mana. 25% reserved mana means that we need 3000/0.75 = 4000 mana instead of 3000. Getting that additional 1000 mana is a lot of work even more because we gonna run out of good mana nodes at the skilltree at around 3000 mana and once the good mana nodes are gone on the skilltree, scaling up mana becomes less efficient than scaling up life.

Rough estimation would be 10 skillpoints cost for doing that and you can get like 2-3 additional abyss jewels with such a cost that give you way more flat damage and other stuff.

Even the 10% of the banner are already a pain in the ass but worth it for phys builds cause they are so useful and strong.
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Hum I understand.

I did my own maths on it (was just curious) and figured out some things.

Starting from the normal build, so 10k ehp with 7000/3000:

- With an herald, I need 5250/2250 to keep the 70%/30% ratio.
So I lose 25% flat ehp.

- Without touching life + herald, I got 7000/2250
So 9.3k ehp with a ratio of 75%/25%. Still less ehp than the original one.

At the end, the herald can be possible but I would lack mana on huge hit. And it need a gem slot. Better damage but could be dangerous if I take a crit that left me with 0 mana.

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